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Know Who Blocked On iMessage- Alternate ways To Contact

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Just broke up with your girlfriend or got friend-zoned from your lover? Not receiving their replies on iMessages, there are possibilities that you might have got blocked by them on iMessage. But how to make sure that you are blocked on iMessage or being ignored?

We have tried to answer this question in the article below. We at deasilex have done research on finding out how to know if we are blocked on iMessage and listed the points to be followed for the process. But before proceeding further you need to know the basic difference between the normal SMS carriers and iMessage. iMessages are supported by the iPhone and SMS carriers are supported by the network provider.

Well, there is no specific tool to find out whether you are blocked on iMessage or not but a procedure to follow and the proper observation. This includes sending messages and noticing the delivery reports.

Just noticing the delivery reports won’t be enough, you need to be doubly sure before jumping to the conclusion that you are blocked.

How To Know That You Are Blocked On iMessage 

As we know that we won’t be receiving any notification for we are blocked by someone on iMessage. You need to perform a series of tasks to jump to the final conclusion of getting blocked by someone.

No Response

If you are not getting the replies on iMessages, there are possibilities that you might be blocked. I repeat only the possibility, this is just the first indication that you might have got blocked by the person. You won’t receive any notification of the delivered text or you won’t be receiving the notification of getting blocked either. If you arent getting responses there is the chance that the person is ignoring you and have not blocked you. We suggest you call them and clear the misunderstandings.

Send Message on iMessage

To confirm send the person a message who you think might have blocked you. If the delivered text appears under the messages then be assured you aren’t blocked yet. But if the delivered cannot be seen under the recent texts then there are possibilities that you are blocked. We said only the possibilities, you need to do more to confirm this as well. But what may be the reasons for not getting the delivered messages this includes the network error or the iMessage system crash which is next to impossible. Well, move further and follow the next step.

Send SMS To Know if You Are Blocked On iMessage

If your messages are not delivering on iMessages move to the normal SMS carriers and text them through SMS service and wait for the messages to get delivered. If the same thing happens as above there is a chance that they might have blocked you but I said only the chances of getting blocked. 

Don’t lose hope my friend there is a chance that your network signal is slow. To check this try sending a message to someone else. If the messages are delivered then you might have been blocked but we know that hope is always there.

There is a chance that they have enabled the do not disturb mode on the iPhone that why they aren’t able to receive your messages.

Message from Other Phone

Okay, if you have tried all the above procedures and nothing happened. Try to message them from other iPhones on iMessage. Remember they shouldn’t have your number because there will be chances that they have blocked all your numbers, so be assured of this before messaging. 

If the same thing happens then definitely they have toggled on the Do Not Disturb mode, that’s why they aren’t able to receive your messages. But if the messages are delivered then you need to hold your heart, you might have got blocked.

Call Them

Don’t feel helpless, call them but what if they have blocked your number as well. There are various ways to know if they have blocked your number or not. The most common is if you are directed to the voice mail after one or a half call which redirection is usually after the full call. This is an indication that your number might be blocked by them but this can also happen if the other person’s phone is dead or on Do Not Disturb mode. We suggest you call them with some other number that they don’t have. Well if you know that you are blocked there are various methods to contact through the blocked number. If you are interested in knowing those tricks then click on the underlined text.

Other Ways To Contact Them

We suggest you not contact them, have some self-respect but if you still want to reach them then you can text them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. But have patience, let their anger cool down, otherwise, they can block you from there as well.

YouTube Video To Know Who Blocked On iMessage


Now you must be clear in the head whether you are Blocked On iMessage or ignored. In both the situations we suggest you must have a clear talk with the person and clear all the doubts. If the scenario continues we suggest you move on and enjoy your life. Watch Netflix and listen to songs. Stay connected to deasilex for more such updates. 

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