Lamborghini About To Release Its First-Ever NFT Collection!!

Lamborghini NFT

The craze of NFTs is slowly taking over the world. Turn to the news segment on any social media either it is some celebrity buying the CryptoPunks NFT or some big company making and selling the NFTs of its products. Recently Lamborghini announced that they will soon be launching their first NFT.

Yes, the Automobile giant known for super-fast cars has decided to try its hands and luck in the NFT market. We know as the consumer there might be several questions running around your head like what will the NFT be about? Obviously, it won’t be like Jack Dorsey’s first tweet but, it has to be digital. So, what could it be and how much would it cost?

So, we decided to research the Lamborghini NFT and bring you all the latest updates about the matter. So, let us not waste much of your time and start with the analysis of the news.

What is The News About The Lamborghini NFT

Well, to start with the news, let us start from the very beginning. All this started with the tweet that the official Twitter account of Lamborghini made on 4th Jan 2021. The handle shared a teaser that clearly indicates that the company is about to launch something big and very soon.

Lamborghini announced the teaser in a very dramatic way as they are about to launch something into space. The teaser video was posted on the account with the caption, “Do you copy? We’re about to launch.”

If we talk about the video then it is an animated video that starts in the Lamborghini’s headquarters that are located in “Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy”. The people in the headquarters are facing a giant screen that is displaying the surface of the moon.

Just after this scene is over a message is displayed on the screen that says “The Launch Is Close. But, This Time It’s Not A Car”.

We know what you might be thinking right now. How can we assume that it is a Lambhirgini NFT that is about to be launched as it clearly indicates that they might be planning to move to the moon?

So, you think that Lambhirgini is planning to launch the Rocket as they say it’s not a car? Well, if so, then let us tell you that towards the closing of the title a name was displayed on the screen that said, “NFTPro”.

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What Is NFTPro And Is It Related To Lamborghini NFT Collection 

After doing a little research on the NFTPro the logo appeared on the Lamborghini NFT teaser. We found out that NFTPro is a company that deals with the big brands and helps them in creating the NFTs. NFTPro is nothing but a service-providing company that helps big brands such as Lamborghini to release the NFTs and launch it on their websites for the customers.

NFTPro defines itself as “NFT PRO is a technology that simplifies creating, minting, and launching NFTs for enterprise brands. We offer a full range of services from start to finish and beyond. Our proprietary methodology ensures each launch is consistent and sustainable.

So, with this, we are confirmed that Lamborghini has partnered with NFT pro to launch the Lamborghini NFT.

What Will Lamborghini NFT Look Like

Well, we are not sure about the looks of the first Lamborghini NFT. But, we can speculate it with the teaser that was launched. Maybe the digital asset has something to do with the Moon’s surface. As it was clearly seen in the teaser that the company is planning to launch something on the moon.

The truth is that we could only make the speculations and guesses until the original NFT is launched. By the way, launching the teaser was a great technique used by the company to create hype about its first NFT before launching.

How Much Will Lamborghini NFT Cost

Coming to the cost of the Lamborghini NFT then nothing could be said with conviction. But, if the company launches a limited number of NFTs that would also have real-world utility then you can expect the price to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

Well, it can prove to provide a good profit to the company.

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Where Can You Buy The First-Ever Lamborghini NFT?

As we said that Lamborghini has collaborated with NFTPro for launching its first-ever NFT collection. It has been observed that NFTPro lets the brands sell and display the NFT on their Websites. 

So, you can expect the Lamborghini NFT to be available on Lamborghini’s official website.

What Blockchain Will Lamborghini NFT Work On

Looking at the Lamborghini brand power one can make the assumption that they might use the Ethereum blockchain. So, if you are planning to buy the Lambhorgini first-ever NFT then get ready with a lot of ether to buy the NFT.

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Wrapping Up

Well, the information provided above is just based on the 21-second teaser that Lamborghini launched on its official Twitter account. We have researched the topic and finally made this post. The information provided in the post is likely to change as no official statement about the release of the Lamborghini NFT collection has been given. We will be updating the post as soon as the data is available.

If you have any queries in your head then feel free to ask us in the comments section. If you found this post interesting and informative then do share it with your friends.

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