Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold In NFT Marketplaces And Auction Houses!

most expensive nfts ever sold

History is made by resolve and today, the same history is being created by notable digital artists like Beeple, Xcopy, and Pak. With unrelenting hard work and a unique mindset, these artists have managed to sell the most expensive NFTs in this whole world. Their distinctive NFTs have awed the world and many are following suit. Today, we have brought you the list of the most expensive NFTs ever sold and the artists behind the magnum opuses.

CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club are the exemplary NFT collections that have swept the interest of the masses. Many notable artists are now hoarding these NFTs too. So what’s making you so shy to join this buzz created by NFTs?

Digital artists who could never monetize their efforts and used to stay behind the line as their arts weren’t valuable enough in the physical world have now left the world awe-struck. The NFTs of these creators are now worth millions and investors are eyeing every opportunity to get their hands on these masterpieces. 

Every day, an NFT is being created and sold where we never know who is going to outshine who in this digital race. But one thing we sure know is that the bars are set extremely high. Without further ado, let’s jump to the list of most expensive NFTs ever sold and what’s the reason behind their astronomical prices!

Most Expensive NFTs Sold Till Date

NFT is an old concept but the hype is surely new! The buzz that started in 2020 made way into 2021 making digital artists millionaires in a matter of seconds. Beeple and Pak are good examples of how digital artists have found the space they’ve been lacking so far.

Punks are winning the race but there’s a surprise waiting for you till the very end. Look at this carefully elaborated and updated list of the most expensive NFTs sold to date and get inspired to create your own Magnum Opus. 

10. CryptoPunk #5217

most expensive nfts ever sold
Cryptopunk #5217 is an expensive Crypto Art NFT sold at US$5.59 Million

Creator: Larva Labs

Sold For: US$5.59 Million

Unsurprisingly, CryptoPunk #5217 stands to be one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold in the world. Larva Labs created 10,000 unique collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain which started the trend of CryptoArt. Today, these pixelated digital characters are the most coveted NFTs by collectors due to their limited availability.

Now, what’s so special about CryptoPunk #5217 that sold at a whopping price of US$5.59 Million? Well! This is one of the 24 Ape punks with a knitted cap and a gold chain. 


most expensive nfts ever sold
Beeple’s Ocean Front is a digital art NFT sold for US$6.0 Million

Creator: Beeple

Sold For: US$6.0 Million

Beeple aka Mike Winkelmann’s Ocen Front NFT is yet another NFT masterpiece that fetched a hefty amount of US$6.0 Million. Ocean Front stands to be one of the most expensive NFTs created by Beeple, but not the only one!

Beeple is a renowned digital artist who has created a brand of himself in the world of NFTs. His exemplary art is known to catch the interest of numerous collectors and as such, it isn’t surprising that his NFTs are sold at such incredulous prices.

8. A Coin for the Ferryman

Creator: Xcopy

Sold For: US$6.034 Million

Xcopy, along with Beeple, reached new heights in 2021 with his creations catching the eye of various NFT enthusiasts. A Coin for the Ferryman is the eighth-most expensive NFT ever sold in the digital world at an astonishing price of US$6.034 Million.

This NFT by Xcopy holds the record of being the most expensive NFT ever sold at SuperRare. Now, what’s so rare about this Gif face NFT? Well, the colorful background and the amalgamation of faces for sure!


Creator: Beeple

Sold For: US$6.60 Million

Another magnum opus of Beeple, CROSSROAD, has snatched the place to become one of the most expensive NFT art ever sold and it was just a 10-second video. CROSSROADS was sold at a price of US$6.60 Million! Oh wait, it was resold! The first sale of CROSSROADS was for $66666.60 and the prices went astronomically high the second time around.

Now, what’s so special about CROSSROAD? This NFT art resembles Trump with a number of Graffitis drawn on his skin. Crossroads unabashedly depicts the results of the 2020 presidential election whereby Trump lost his cherished seat in the house. 

6. CryptoPunk #7804

most expensive nfts ever sold
CryptoPunk #7804 is one of the most expensive alien punk sold for US$7.6 Million

Creator: Larva Labs

Sold For: US$7.6 Million

Punks are on the loose! They keep sliding into the list of most expensive NFTs ever sold and rightfully so! CryptoPunk #7804 sold at US$7.6 Million is one of the 9 alien CryptoPunk which speaks of its rarity and high prices.

This Alien punk has three attributes namely, forward cap, pipe, and small shades. Well, look at him smoking that pipe! Cool, right? Figures why anyone would want to spend millions to get this one.

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5. CryptoPunk #3100

most expensive nfts ever sold
CryptoPunk #3100 is an alien punk with a headband that sold for US$7.67 Million

Creator: Larva Labs

Sold For: US$7.67 Million

Another Punk on the list, and one of the most expensive ones at that, is CryptoPunk #3100. This CryptoPunk sold at US$7.67 Million and is another Alien punk to be sold at an astronomical price. 

What’s so special about CryptoPunk #3100? It has only one attribute and that is – Headband. This minimalistic punk isn’t up for sale now. But if you want it, then keep checking Opensea if the owner ever wishes to resell it.

4. CryptoPunk #7523

most expensive nfts ever sold
CryptoPunk #7523 is an alien punk that sold for US$11.75 Million

Creator: Larva Labs

Sold For: US$11.75 Million

HAH! We’re never getting tired of CryptoPunks who are oft-repeated in this list of most expensive NFTs ever sold. The reason? Well, as you know, there are only 10,000 of them that were created by Larva Labs back in 2017. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are putting these pixelated NFTs as their profile pictures on their social media platforms, and this is expanding the demand for Crypto art.

Again, what makes CryptoPunk #7523 special for it to be sold for US$11.75 Million? It is one of the rarest nine Alien punks with three attributes, namely, a knitted cap, a medical mask, and an earring. 

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most expensive nfts ever sold
Human One NFT is a hybrid art by Beeple that sold for US$28.985 Million

Creator: Beeple

Sold For: US$28.985 Million

Beeple’s Human One NFT stands to be the third most expensive NFT art ever sold in the world. However, it isn’t the artist’s most expensive one! Human One fetched an incredulous amount of US$28.985 Million when it was auctioned at Christie’s, one of the largest and most famous auction houses in the whole world. 

Now, what’s special about Human One? Well! Human One is a hybrid of digital and physical artwork, a kinetic video sculpture that is made of mahogany wood, 4 16k video screens, and aluminum. But that’s not all! Beeple will have lifetime access to this creative art and the right to modify it as long as he lives.

2. Everydays: The First 5000 Days

most expensive nfts ever sold
Everydays: The First 5000 Days NFT depicts the journey of Beeple as an artist from 2017 to 2021.

Creator: Beeple

Sold For: US$69.3 Million

What if you liked drawing and never stopped for a day doing what you love? Taking a pen in hand and etching your art without a day’s rest, even if you were cold or maybe, sick? Would you do that? Well, we are not sure about you but one digital artist surely achieved this feat and continued to make art for 5000 days straight, starting from 2017. Do you know who the crazy artist is? Well, who other than BEEPLE!!

Beeple never ceases to surprise us and he didn’t when he brought out his masterpiece of Everydays: The First 5000 Days, a collection of his digital art starting from day 1 (1 May 2007) to day 5,000 (7 January 2021),  depicting his evolution as an artist. Everydays: The First 5000 Days depicts the journey of Beeple and it is unsurprisingly the second most expensive NFT ever sold. 

1. The Merge

most expensive nfts ever sold
The Merge is the most expensive NFT ever sold

Creator: Pak

Sold For: US$91.8 Million

Standing on the top of the list is Pak’s The Merge, the most expensive and unique NFT ever sold in the NFT marketplace or any auction house. Pak is a big name in the world of digital artists and has created a number of spectacular masterpieces, and you would surely not hope for anything less from this anonymous artist.

The most unique element of Paks’ The Merge is that this artwork is a collection of masses. Within a period of 48-hours, you could buy an end number of masses which would accumulate to become one whole, an amalgamation of small masses. This way, the more you bought, the bigger the mass would become. After the sale period was over, The Merge broke all records and stood to be the most expensive NFT art ever sold at a price of US$91.8 Million.

The List Of Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

NFT Sold ForCreatorBuyer
1The MergeUS$91.8 MillionPak28,983 collectors
2Everydays: the First 5000 DaysUS$69.3 MillionBeepleMetakovan (Vignesh Sundaresan)
3HUMAN ONEUS$28.985 MillionBeepleRyan Zurrer
4CryptoPunk #7523US$11.75 MillionLarva LabsUnknown
5CryptoPunk #3100US$7.67 MillionLarva LabsUnknown
6CryptoPunk #7804US$7.6 MillionLarva LabsUnknown
7CROSSROADUS$6.60 MillionBeepleDelphina Leucas
8A Coin for the FerrymanUS$6.034 MillionXCopyjpeggy
9OCEAN FRONTUS$6.0 MillionBeepleJustin Sun
10CryptoPunk #5217US$5.59 MillionLarva LabsUnknown
11Stay FreeUS$5.40 MillionEdward SnowdenPleasrDAO
12Save Thousands of LivesUS$5.23 MillionNoora HealthPaul Graham
13DogeUS$4.40 MillionAtsuko SatoPleasrDAO
14CryptoPunk #2338US$4.37 MillionLarva LabsUnknown
15REPLICATORUS$4.14 MillionMad Dog JonesUnknown

Wrapping Up

This list of the most expensive NFTs ever sold is surely an eye-opener when it comes to the expanding world of NFTs and the interest of people in them. Digital artists are earning millions by creating unique NFTs and auctioning them to receive what their efforts are worth. 

Did you think this all was possible in a day alone? Artists like Beeple have been rigorously working day and night and that’s how they are reaping the benefits that today has to offer. If you’re one such digital artist, then you should never lose hope! Keep working hard and maybe the next time we update this list, we might be adding your name here!

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