Let’s Talk About New World

Since its announcement, New World has been one of the most anticipated games of 2021. It is an MMORPG, and gamers all over the world have created big expectations for the game. The game was released an open alpha, and later on, an open beta so that players could try out the game, and get feedback from the community. The overall reception was great, and the players were happy with the game. But was the game everything we expected? Or was it lacking in some aspects?

The Good

Let’s talk about New World, and make a small list of good things about the game, and what seemed to be not so great about it. We will start pointing out some of the strong points of the game. 

There is no way to go ahead without mentioning just how big the map in New World is, and it is filled with resources, enemies, and all types of unique constructions and areas. One of the most important things about an MMORPG game is the fact that the game needs to be able to immerse you into its world. And that is something New World was able to do, and even in the beta, players found themselves feeling like they’re part of the world. From the very start, players started to grind New World, to earn New World Gold currency, to be able, to progress faster than other players. You can buy New World Gold from other players through online marketplaces.

The combat in the game is easy to control, and it feels extremely satisfying. Combat is fluid, and you can pick it up quickly. The PVE aspect of the game can be easy at some points, but if you’re looking for challenges, New World offers plenty of them. The game will be filled with difficult dungeons, that will be full of strong enemies, and powerful bosses.

Every MMORPG needs to have an interesting class system, and New World has something fun and unique. Instead of choosing a class when creating a character, the player himself chooses his class while playing the game. You can choose to wield any weapon in the game, and as you use them, you will level it up, and unlock ability points to unlock skills for that specific weapon. And as your character levels up, you will also gain status points, so that you can upgrade certain stats, that are better for each type of weapon. This gives players a feeling of freedom, as they are fully in control of their character.

Another big aspect of the game is how factions and guild works. There are three main factions that you can choose to align with, and when joining one of them, you will get access to a faction store, and you will also be able to join other members as you try to expand the influence of your faction. You do that by controlling cities and domains, and you will even go to war against other factions. If you wish to take part in these conflicts is completely up to you, as you are free to just focus on completing quests, and focusing on dungeons. But it can prove to be of importance to help your faction grow, as you will earn benefits for doing so.

In New World, it is of extreme importance to gather as many resources as you can. And the game has a job system, that allows you to level up the more you collect certain types of resources. As an example, you can mine different kinds of minerals and stones, and the more you do it, the more experience you will gain in mining. As your level gets higher, you will be able to mine even more rare and unique minerals. You can use them to craft your equipment or sell them to make some money. This is something that you must focus on, and you can even strategize with your friends, and have each one focus on a certain type of job. Because every resource is important, as they will help you craft better weapons, armor, make potions, among many other things.

The Bad

But of course, not everything can be one hundred percent perfect. To be clear, the final version of the game has not yet been released, so these statements will be based on what was presented on the alpha, and the latest open beta of the game. This means that some of the things mentioned here can be improved.

Like previously mentioned, New World has a huge map, and it is filled with towns and all types of spots. And yes, you can fast travel to every town after you visit them at least once, and there are also some spots where you can fast travel to. But the problem lies in visiting these places for the first time, as they are extremely far. Sometimes, players would find themselves running for ten or more minutes to arrive at the quest location. The game does not have a sprinting option, and the running speed of the characters isn’t exactly fast. There aren’t any mounts either, so be ready to spend some time just running up and down.

Gathering resources is something that will require a lot of patience, as in the beginning, you will have low-level tools, and it will take a good amount of time for you to get your job to a high level. Every game has a certain grinding aspect to it, but right at the start, you will find yourself putting lots of hours into chopping down trees, and mining. Some people might find that relaxing, but spending days just to level up a few levels can be a little frustrating.

New World has a lot of quests that you can accept, and a handful of them focus on going to a certain place and gathering something. The map, will show the overall location of what you need to get, but there is no clear sign of where exactly it is. So you will wander off looking for a plant or something like that, without any clear indication it exactly is. 

In the beta, the game serves were constantly crashing and going under maintenance. That shows that the game had a lot more players than Amazon anticipated, and sometimes you would have to wait hours to be able to log in to the game. If this is something that continues to happen in the final version of the game, we can expect players to get mad, because, at the end of the day, New World is a paid game.

So let’s hope that some of these problems are solved when the game is officially released because New World can prove to be the next big MMORPG. But while you wait for it to come out, you can play other games of the genre, and a big one is Final Fantasy XIV. The game is getting more and more popular, and you can visit our site at to buy in-game currency at the best prices possible, and if you want to skip the grinding, there are also accounts that you can buy.

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