How To Like Instagram Stories Without DM? Like Private Story Feature!

Like Instagram Stories Without DM

Who likes flooded Instagram DMs? Huh! Such a heck replying to all the DMs. Thanks to Instagram’s new ‘Private Story Likes feature‘ allows you to send quick likes rather than replying to a story with a comment. Now you can easily respond to a story without having to type a full-fledged written text. Wondering how to like Instagram stories without DM? Stick with us till last and know it all.

Adam Mosseri, the head manager of Instagram, shared a video revealing that Instagram will soon be rolling out a Private Story Likes function. Earlier when the users were limited to re-sharing Instagram stories, now you can simply tap the heart icon and the user will be notified that you liked their story. It’s much like quick reactions that we share on a story.

The question is “How to like Instagram Stories Without DM?” The eager you are to use this feature, the same we feel excited to share every bit of information about this newly added Instagram feature! The best part is that it frees the flooded DMs, as the notification will only be displayed in the viewer’s tab.

Such relief! Watching the good pace with which Instagram stepped into New Year with new updates to the platform, a feature like this is the cherry on the cake for both sender and receiver. Let’s look at how you can like Instagram stories without sending a DM and much more about the feature below!

What’s Instagram Private Story Like Feature?

As shared by Instagram head earlier this Tuesday, Instagram is planning to roll out a new feature for its users, which will allow them to reply to a story with a heart. This will save the heck of typing a reply to send to an Instagram story.

At present, if you wish to reply to a story, you get a quick reaction feature for the Instagram story. This lets you send quick replies like sad emoji, 100 sign, laughing, fire, heart eyes, shocked, clapping, and a celebration emoji.

But with the availability of this new private story like feature on Instagram, you can simply drop a heart to the stories you like.

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Can You Like Instagram Story Without DM?

Can You Like Instagram Story Without DM

As of now, there’s no such Instagram future that allows liking a story as a reply to that story. You get quick reaction emojis to reply to a story. Or you can type a comment and send it as a reply to that story.

With the video shared by Instagram head Adam Mosseri on Twitter, it is clear that the platform is all set to introduce this new feature for its users. Now you don’t have to scroll in the emoji section to find the heart and send it as a story reply. You can simply tap the heart icon available at the side of the ‘send message‘ bar.

How Liking Instagram Story Without DM Works?

It’s pretty evident reading the above data that you can now like Instagram stories without DM. If you are wondering how liking Instagram story without DM works, then here is a quick overview about it’s working.

You must have noticed that when you try to like an Instagram Story, you can either send them a quick reaction as a reply or you can type a reply in the ‘send message’ box present at the bottom of the page.

Instagram ‘like the story‘ option will be made available just next to the ‘send message‘ box. You’ll find the “like” option between the ‘send message‘ and ‘paper plane‘ icon. Tapping the like button doesn’t send a DM notification to the user. In fact, it will be displayed in the “who viewed your story” section.

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How To Like Instagram Stories Without Sending DM?

Now, that you have got a clearer picture of what is liking the Instagram stories without sending a DM feature, let’s have a look at how to like Instagram Stories without sending DM?

  1. Open your Instagram Account.
  2. Click on the story to which you want to reply.
  3. Now at the bottom of the story, you’ll the heart icon (in between ‘send message’ and ‘paper airplane’ option). Click on it.
  4. As soon as you hit the like button, the user will receive your story reply.
  5. The reply will be show the viewer sheet, and not in the DM thread.

Note: Unlike likes on Instagram posts, the direct liking responses will not have a count.

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Wrapping Up:

Earlier at the beginning of this year where Instagram surprised its users with exciting features like bulk deleting Instagram posts and comments. Also, a paid subscription feature was introduced for the creators on Instagram.

Adding this private story reply without DM feature seems like an addition to some good features on Instagram this month. Now you can easily like the stories without sending them DMs.

Enjoy a better and decluttered messaging experience!


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