What Are CryptoPunks? How They Started And Where To Buy?

What Are CryptoPunks

The NFTs are ruling the digital world like a boss. There are several people creating and selling the NFTs in the NFT marketplaces. While there are others who are investing in the NFTs and buying it from the marketplaces. Recently, CryptoPunks a type of NFT is in news. Celebrities such as Sareena Williams and Snoop Dogg have been buying these. So, what are the CryptoPunks? In this post, we will come across everything related to them.

The famous personalities are going crazy after these CryptoPunk NFTs. They are spending millions to purchase them and showcase them on their Twitter Handle. These Punks were first made by Larva Labs a company owned by two people John Watkinson & Matt Hall. The founders developed an application that creates more than a thousand unique characters.

The specialty of these NFTs is that they are machine-generated and unique. The company only produced 10,000 NFT characters out of which only 9,000 are sold. Let’s not waste much of the time talking and start with the article.

What Is A CryptoPunk?

CryptoPunks are the small pixel art frame characters that are generated using the algorithms. The pixel dimensions of the CryptoPunks generated via algorithm is 24 X 24 that is the 8-bit style avatar that is unique.

The Cryptopubks were first created in the year 2017 and as we said that they are unique pieces of digital art. So, they were among the first NFTs that were sold on the Ethereum Blockchain. In the beginning, these characters were sold for $1- $ 34. But, now even one CryptoPunk carries the value of a million dollars.

Talking about how these CryptoPunks look, these NFTs are pixelated characters. Many of these resemble humans while some resemble apes, zombies, and aliens. We know what you might be thinking, why are these Punks so famous? The only reason one could give is that these non-human digitizations are fewer in number.

There were a total of 10,000 CryptoPunks created, 9,000 of which were sold, and 1,000 were kept by the developers. This strategy made the developers millionaires. 

How CryptoPunks Started?

What Are CryptoPunks

As we already told you that CryptoPunks was created by Larva Labs. The company was started by a team of two people that developed the application to make games and mobile utility applications for the web infrastructure that will help the artists to design.

The team also developed a pixelate character generator that can develop thousands of CryptoPunks at a time. As we mentioned the company generated around 10,000 pixelated characters and sold them as NFTs.

What Makes CryptoPunks So Special?

Several reasons can be listed that make CryptoPunks one of kind. We have mentioned many of them below. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  1. CryotoPunks began as an experiment. Yeah, you got it correct the team thought that they are developing a game or application for the smartphone that can generate thousands of different pixelated characters.
  2. There are only a total of 10,000 CryptoPunks created. Out of which only 9,000 were sold and 1,000 are left with the company. Out of the 10,000 CryptoPunk created, 6,039 are males while 3,840 are females. 
  3. It is one of the first NFTs arts that works on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  4. Celebrities are spending millions of dollars to purchase these NFTs.
  5. Almost everyone can view these CryptoPunks but, only one can have ownership.
  6. Rarity is the factor that is making CryptoPunks so special.

Where To Buy CryptoPunks?

Well, you can directly purchase the CryptoPunks from the official Larva Labs website. The website has got its own marketplace where it sells CryptoPunk to the users. You can also buy these CryptoPunks in some of the best NFT marketplaces.

But, the sellers can charge you according to their wish if you buy it from some other NFT marketplace than Larva Labs.

Wrapping Up

We know what you might be thinking right now. We all have the same question, is buying CryptoPunks worth it? Well, if you look at the present sats of the CryptoPunk NFTs then you can say that they are a good choice if you want to invest in NFTs. But, we would also like to state that we are not a tech site. So, we don’t recommend you purchase the NFTs. Do your study and groundwork before you make any move. 

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