List of 10 Most Followed Users On Pinterest Right Now!

Most Followed Users On Pinterest

Pinterest!! Our one-stop destination for all the creative ideas, HD pictures, party ideas, graphic designs, and much more! Ever wondered who are the most followed users on Pinterest? Yeah, I know you were too busy exploring the content ideas that you never really got time to find out this. Like YouTube channels, Twitch channels, and Instagram, Pinterest has accounts that are followed by millions of people for creative ideas and fun!

Who has the most Followers on Pinterest remains a mystery!! If you’re reading this post, then let me assure you that here you’ll get all your queries answered. Whether you wish to promote your brand or want to get business ideas, Pinterest provides every solution. And most followers on Pinterest are associated with an account for the same reason.

In this post we have made a table categorization of 10 most followed users on Pinterest and after that described the top 5 Users closely. The most followed user on Pinterest is Joy Cho with her popular site Oh Joy with an alluring 12.7 M followers. Number two is Maryann Rizzo, an interior designer with 9.0 Million followers. Find out the rest right here.

I remember spending hours scrolling random pages on Pinterest as most of them are so eye-catchy. Ever happened to you? If not yet, this will happen for sure as you will explore these users and their pages.

Most Followed Users On Pinterest

Here have a look at the list of most followed users on Pinterest with their followers and rankings.

1.Joy Cho12.7 Million
2.Maryann Rizzo9.0 Million
3.Bekka Palme8.5 Million
4.Poppytalk8.1 Million
5.Jane Wang7.8 Million
6.Bonnie Tsang7.1 Million
7.Evelyn6.8 Million
8.Molly Pickering6.8 Million
9.Pejper6.8 Million
10.HonestlyWTF6.0 Million

Most Followed Users On Pinterest

Have a closer look at the top 5 Pinterest users who have earned millions of followers through their unique and creative content ideas

Joy Cho

Most Followed Users On Pinterest: Joy Cho
Source: Lifewire

Joy Cho is a female blogger from Philadelphia. She is the no. 1 user on Pinterest right now with a flickering 5.2 million-plus followers. Joy Cho started with a small site on Pinterest and look where she has reached now. 

Oh, Joy! Is the name of her popular site that provides you with graphics solutions for design, fashion, art and crafts, packaging, and much more. Joy was initially a graphic designer who turned into a blogger following her passion and love for art and creation.

Followers: 12.7 M

Monthly Views: 5M

Maryann Rizzo

Most Followed Users On Pinterest: Maryann Rizzo
Source: IZEA

An interior designer for all your housing needs!! Maryann Rizzo is the second most followed user on Pinterest for her creative and appealing content ideas. Maryann has a specialty where she has created specialist boards where she posts pictures from “Everything”.

From gardening landscapes to architect details, you’ll find everything on her page. 

Followers: 9.0M

Monthly Views: 8M

Bekka Palmer

Most Followed Users On Pinterest: Bekka Palmer
Source: Friends Impact

Bekka Palmer hails from Brooklyn. She loves photography and created her own page on Pinterest to showcase her photography skills. You’ll see so many pictures reflecting nature on her feed. Like other Pinterest users, she has popular boards. Her most-followed board is “Things to Make”. 

She is currently having 63 boards earning a good number of followers each. She has covered almost everything through her site from love letters to portraits and much more.

Followers: 8.5M

Monthly Views: 1M


Most Followed Users On Pinterest: Poppytalk
Source: Nick Chou

For entertainment and designs do follow Poppytalk. This lifestyle blog has all the solutions for your health, wellness, nutrition, and designing needs. 

Currently, this site has 133 boards. The most loved boards by far are Entertaining + Fun, At the lake, DIY, and  Tutorials, Kitchens, Fashion, Jewelry + Accessories, etc. Do check this colorful blog!

Followers: 8.1M

Monthly Views: 7M

Jane Wang

Most Followed Users On Pinterest: Jane Wang

You’ll have a nice nature tour via Jane Wang’s blog as it showcases images depicting nature and landscapes. And the Display picture of that Chainstop penguin is so cute! 

Among many of her famous boards, the most popular ones are Delicious, Planet Pathology, The Arctic, House to Home, Urban Jungle, etc. Till now she’s having 98 amazing boards all filled up with beautiful pictures.

Followers: 7.8M

Monthly Views: Unavailable

So, these were the top five Most Followed Users on Pinterest with amazing blog feeds. I personally love Joy Cho’s Oh Joy page a lot as she has everything covered in her blog from minimalistic pictures to HD pictures.

What are the most popular pins on Pinterest?

  1. 29.5 percent of the most popular pins come from the food and drink category
  2. The category of DIY Crafts receives the next-highest amount of pins at 13.4 percent of the total.
  3. Indeed, Repinly shows that the most-repinned posts usually feature attractive photos of edibles that link to or are captioned with the items’ recipes.

Where is Pinterest Most Popular?

According to the recent stats collected from our sources, Pinterest is most popular in the following countries:

CountryAudience Size in Million
United States95.4
Brazil 18.6
United Kingdom12.82

Do people still use Pinterest actively?

Yes, people are using Pinterest actively worldwide. Recent data revealed that there are 460 monthly million active users on Pinterest.

Who has the most followers on Pinterest right now?

Joy Cho is the most followed Pinterest account right now with over 12 million followers. She has a background in blogging and designing which makes her extravagant.

It feels great to watch such alluring creativity online that you just can’t get your eyes off them. Got a school project? Or Searching ideas for interior design? Do check out these user’s sites and share them with your friends and family to enjoy the same. Keep exploring!!

Featured Image Credits: She The Power

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