10 Most Viewed Twitch Channels Right Now in 2021!!

Most Viewed Twitch Channels

Ninja is the most followed Twitch account But in spite of 16.8 M followers to his streaming channel, his channel is not among the most viewed Twitch channels. Surprising? Which is the most viewed Twitch Channel then? How many followers does that channel have? And most importantly, what is that channel famous for? All your queries are carefully answered right here in this post.

As we all know, Twitch has become the most popular streaming platform for millions of users out there, especially gamers. If you know how to make a Twitch overlay and alerts, you can run a fancy streaming channel. If you haven’t seen the crazy banters among the gamers God! You have missed a lot I tell you. But don’t worry, you still can enjoy the fun mania after knowing the most viewed Twitch channels and watching content from those channels. So, are you ready to take a dive into the streaming world? If yes, go ahead and read it till the end.

I was surprised to find out that the most viewed Twitch channel had thousands of followers in thousands and has beaten the streamers with over a million followers. What was so special about his channel? Dota2mc_ru is the most viewed Twitch channel of all time, having 639K followers recently. This channel is highly popular for a single gaming broadcast, Dota 2. So much popularity for a single game!! Find out the top 10 below.

Fortnite, Minecraft, and GTA are few big titles that are played by popular streamers. Some channels are Russian, some are English, and a mix of Spanish too. Do you know there are many sites to buy twitch followers? Do these streamers use those sites to grow their community? Take a look at the most viewed channels here.

10 Most Viewed Twitch Channels

Check the table for an overview of the most viewed Twitch channels, their followers, and their language.

2.xQcOW5.9 MEnglish
4.loud_coringa2 MPortuguese
5.LCK_Korea952 KKorean
6.Trainwreckstv1.4 MEnglish
7.HasanAbi1.3 MSpanish
8.ibai6.5 MEnglish 
9. RanboolLive3.2 MEnglish
10.AdinRoss4.3 MEnglish

Briefing of Top 5 Most Viewed Twitch channels

Here get to know the top channels more closely. What are they famous for? What are their gameplays and much more?

1. Dota2mc_ru

Do you know the best part about MOBA Games? They never leave you bored. Dota2mc_ru is the most viewed Twitch Channel known for Dota 2, a MOBA video game. How many views does this channel get for broadcasting just single gameplay? 

158 M views!! Damn!!  This is crazy. Are people crazy about this game or what? Whatever we say, but this channel has by far managed to be in the top 5 spots and gained a drastic shift to the first spot with increased viewers per stream.

2. xQcOW

Staying at the first position for a long time, xQcOW has recently skipped to the second spot in most-viewed Twitch channels. But the popularity Felix Lengyel has gained is irreplaceable when it comes to gameplay and chatting sessions. 

The multi-gameplay choices like Overwatch, Minecraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, Among US, Valorant, and many more add to his popularity. People love the versatility this man has to grow his channel. Felix is just 25 years old who got a successful push as an online personality. Now, xQcOW is a world-famous channel.

3. Gaules

Okay, so this one might remind you of Iron Man sometimes. Because that happened to me many times! Gaules takes the third spot on this list. The owner of this channel Alexandre Chiquita aka Gaul is a Portuguese language player. Another reason why I called him Iron Man was because of his story behind becoming a streamer leaving all the way behind a bright IT career at Samsung. He dreamt and he achieved it!!

ESPN has declared this man “The greatest phenomenon of Twitch Brazilian”. Ahh! And the game choices broadcasted on this channel are loved worldwide. Like Counter-Strike, Among Us, GTA, Call of Duty, Just chatting, FIFA 21, etc.

4. Loud_coringa

A Portuguese language channel with 2M subscribers and a young mind-controlling the popular streaming titles gets this channel to the top 4th position. Average viewers for his recent streams are 58K.

The diverse gameplay in titles like GTA V, Just chatting, Garena Free Fire, Among Us, Detroit, Call of Duty, Little Nightmares II, etc. Add to the likeability of this channel. Haven’t watched it yet? Go and watch now!

5. LCK_Korea

LCK_Korea made its name in the gaming industry with riot games, and Esports has 952K followers on Twitch. This channel stands fifth in the list of most-viewed Twitch channels. While I am writing this, LCK_Korea is live with another stream on the channel.

The popular game this channel is known for is League of Legends mainly. The channel broadcasts gameplays mostly in English. Apart from that this channel has peak viewers of 207K till now, growing more with time.

Love Esports? Then go and watch your favorite streamers get live on their popular channels with insane gameplays and live banters. Tell us your favorite Twitch channel in the comments section below. Do share this post with your friends and watch the gameplays together. Until then, happy streaming!!

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