How To Pre-order Apple iPad Air 5 | Get The Best Deals!

How To Pre-order Apple iPad Air 5

Good news! Apple iPad Air 5 preorders will start on Friday. It was announced at this Tuesday’s Apple Peak Performance event the latest member of the iPad family features Apple’s latest M1 chip that Apple claims is 60 percent quicker than the prior-gen iPad Air.

The tablet will be available in retailers on March 18, starting at $599 for a base 64GB model. If you’re wondering where you can purchase to get the iPad Air 5, we’ve listed the various companies and retailers that will carry Apple’s high-performance tablet down below. 

Also, you can expect some nice discounts on Apple iPad Air 5 in the coming future. Until then, let’s look at how to preorder Apple iPad Air 5 from online retailers. We have also shared direct links to view the deals on the site.

How To Pre-order Apple iPad Air 5 – iPad Air 5 Preorders Retailers

Here are different retailers that allow you to preorder iPad Air 5. When you click the links below, you’ll be redirected to the online sites and dealers. Though it comes written that the product is “coming soon,” you can click on the “notify me” option present under that to get notified whenever the product comes in stores.

1. iPad Air 5 Preorders: From $599 At Best Buy

iPad Air 5 Preorders: From $599 At Best Buy

It is expected that Best Buy to offer two iPad Air preorder deals sometime this week. The first is likely to be a deal for trade-ins similar to the previous iPad launch. (You’ll receive as much as a $450 discount on your purchase of the new iPad Air purchase with an acceptable trade-in). 

Additionally, Best Buy is likely to offer Apple freebies when you purchase an iPad Air 5 preorder. You can expect to receive six months free of Apple Music as well as six months free of Apple News Plus and three months of Apple TV Plus.

Click Here To See The Deal

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2. iPad Air Preorders: From $599 On Amazon

2. iPad Air Preorders: From $599 On Amazon

Amazon is yet to update its website to include iPad Air 5 preorders. However, you can count on the largest retailer in the world to sell Apple’s latest tablet soon. We also expect that Amazon will be the first to offer a discount of $1 on the new iPad.

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3. Apple Store

Apple Store

Apple iPad Air 5 $680 off when you trade in your iPad at Apple. Buying online is actually a pleasure. You get to check and test try each and everything in person.

It is worth it. Apple Store will take up to $680 off your iPad Air 5 preorder with an acceptable trade-in.

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iPad Air 5 Preorders – Wireless Carriers

Want to enjoy the best deals with the best offers? Here are the wireless carriers where you can preorder for iPad Air 5.

1. Verizon


iPad Air 5 preorders: $150 off iPhone at Verizon

Verizon doesn’t offer iPad Air 5 preorders in the traditional sense. However, when you buy a brand new iPad Air 5 with an installment plan that is monthly at Verizon — you’ll receive $150 off your iPhone purchase. Purchase both on the internet and receive an additional $50 off.

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2. AT&T


iPad Air 5 Air preorders are available – starting at $749 AT&T.

iPad Air 5 Preorders are available starting this Friday on AT&T. AT&T will sell its iPad Air 5 equipped with 5G connectivity for $749.99.

Click Here to see Deal.

When Can We Anticipate iPad Air 5 Preorder Deals?

When Can We Anticipate iPad Air 5 Preorder Deals

You might think it’s too late to sign up for iPad Air 5 deals, but the reality is that retailers don’t waste time in offering discounts on the latest Apple products. We anticipate seeing one of the first iPad Air 5 discounts next week. However, don’t expect to see many discounts on dollar amounts.

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1. Amazon Forecasts: The largest online retailer is often the first to provide dollar-off deals on new Apple devices. Expect to see prices ranging from $20-$30 off the basic iPad Air configuration sometime this week or next week. In the case of those who have the iPad Air 5’s predecessor with the A14 Bionic chip, expect sales on the previous iPad Air (2020) to go from $489 to $499. That’s the lowest price to date.

2. Apple Store: For trade-in offers, visit Apple Store. Apple is currently offering up to $680 of credits when you exchange your old iPad to purchase a brand fresh iPad Air 5.

3. The Best Buy Forecasts: This retailer is likely to include various free Apple services when you buy an iPad Air. You can expect to receive six months free in Apple Music, six free months of Apple News Plus, and three months of free Apple TV Plus. Best Buy also tends to offer excellent trade-in offers, which means you could save as much as $450 when you exchange your older iPad to purchase the brand Apple iPad Air 5.

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iPad Air 5 Specifications- What You Get For Price Of $599

iPad Air 5 Preorders

The iPad Air’s most significant enhancement is its powerful M1 processor, which powers the iPad Pro lineup. In other words, you’ll get the identical 10.9-inch Liquid Retina 2360 x 1640 display and a rear camera with 12MP resolution, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. Customers will also purchase an iPad Air 5 with 5G capabilities. This is how it compares against its predecessor.

iPad Air 5iPad Air 4
Screen size10.9-inch10.9-inch
Screen resolution2360 x 16402360 x 1640
CPUM1A14 Bionic
Storage64GB / 256GB64GB / 256GB
Rear Camera12MP12MP
Front Camera12MP ultra-wide7MP wide
ConnectivityWi-Fi / 5GWi-Fi / 4G
Weight1 pound1 pound
Dimensions9.7 x 7 x 0.24 inches9.7 x 7 x 0.24 inches

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Wrap Up

So, can’t wait to get your hands on the new and better iPad Air 5? Same here! Make sure you preorder for the product to be on the list of early consumers. 

Hopefully, the guide above helped you preorder iPad Air 5. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends and family. For queries or suggestions, reach out in the comment section below!

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