Most Popular iOS Apps 2021

most popular iOS apps 2021

There are many most popular iOS apps that you must have on your iPhone, and your device is not great without them. These are the top-notch apps that are available for your iOS device. You must be thinking that what makes them the most popular iOS apps for 2021? They have been installed on more than 2 million widgets.

It is a kind of difficult task to find the most popular iOS apps for yourself. When I searched for myself, I found many apps but finding the best among those apps was quite tricky. I guess you are also stuck in between the different apps to see the appropriate for yourself. But have a look at these apps, and you will find the most popular iOS apps for 2021

Among many iOS apps, these are the most popular iOS apps, including Kik, Spark Email, ASL App, Chegg Books, Elevate, Rosetta Stone, Crunchyroll, Downcast, and WolframAlpha. These are the top picks in different categories and have many other features.

You can use these apps on your current iOS device. They offer new features if you are using them with your new iPhone models that have powerful AR capabilities, better cameras, Face ID. the new processors also allow you to make many activities of the apps more dynamic.

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Most Popular iOS Apps with description

These are the most popular iOS apps and come under different photo editing categories, social networking, staying healthy, and getting organized. We tried our best to mention the most popular iOS apps on the list, and here is the list with detailed information.


most popular iOS apps 2021
source- MacRumors

It comes under the most popular iOS communication app, and in this, you can chat with anyone. It doesn’t require a phone number, but it only requires a username. It has a bot store and has 6000 bots, Kik beat messenger, and skype to have artificial conversationalists. You can also have a group and share your photos, chat, games, and share videos and focus on the youth list.

Spark Email

most popular iOS apps 2021

There is a slick interface, and it organizes your email into different categories like newsletters, personal, and notifications. You can also switch to a standard full inbox view if you wish to have that. It can handle multiple accounts, but it doesn’t combine different categories as outlook does. You can customize your actions, and the app is configurable. It also lets you pin important stuff and snooze emails to deal with them whenever you want.


most popular iOS apps
Source- Pinterest

This app is a great learning app and helps you to learn the basics of American sign language. It’s a welcome introduction. It is a free app for iPhone and iPad. It teaches you the alphabet, various words and phrases, and all the required gestures. There is also in-app purchases for advanced material.

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Chegg Books

most popular iOS apps 2021
source- Popsugar

This app lets you sell, buy and rent books. There are also study apps in Chegg Books. So it’s a great app for college students who hates to carry 100 dollar bills and pounds of textbooks from their campus. It is an app to take your pain out of the process.


Most popular iOS apps
source- Google Play

It offers training in listening, speaking, writing, reading and helps you with maths. You can engage in some exercises and also set your goals in the app. It also shows the performance in every category. You can also unlock your content here at $39.99 per year, or you have the option to try everything free for 30 days. Make yourself smarter with this app.

Rosetta Stone

most popular iOS apps 2021
source- Geekwire

It is one of the top among learning advanced programs. It is one of the most popular iOS apps in which many online lessons are available. You can learn from the place you left off when you log in to the app. It is effortless to navigate, and you can practice it when on the run. It’s an easy app to learn something new.

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most popular iOS apps 2021
source- Free Icons Library

It is a kind of mixture of science and math version of Wikipedia. It is an excellent source for computation and knowledge about everything. You can learn introductory algebra and go to the depths of the universe in this app. It is like a search engine of physics, engineering, algebra, and much more. It requires you to be online while using the app.


most popular iOS apps 2021
source- how-to Geek

It is a great anime app and has live-action Asian TV. It is an ad-free streaming service and has more than ten thousand episodes. You can see here shows from overseas and has numerous services fans cravings. It also includes social interaction feature.


most popular iOS apps 2021
source- twitter

It has excellent features and shines excellent for iPhone users. It has a great user interface. It’s much better than the podcasts experience from apple. This app is designed for those who want a lot of control over their listening service. It lets you customize everything using geofencing.

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