Top 10 Most Used Emoji In 2021 | Might Be Ruling Your Keyboard!!

Are you mad?
Are you mad?
The difference can be easily spotted in both texts. Emojis are the emotions that you put in your chat while texting. The emojis are the ways to tell your mood to the person on the receiving end. There are more than a thousand emojis and here we are with the list of the most used emojis in 2021.

An emoji is a pictorial representation of the expressions that are used in textual chats. The primary work of the emoticons in the chat is to fill it with emotions so that the message is conveyed properly at the other end. These emojis are not only used in textual chats but also in the writing captions for Instagram and tweeting on Twitter.

If you are using emojis regularly then feel it our duty to tell you and make you aware of the most popular emoji of 2021. We have made the list of the top 10 best emojis of all time.

Most Used Emoji In 2021

As we said that Emojis are an inseparable part of texting. There are several emojis that can be used while texting. But, there are few that are used by all. So, here is the list of the most popular emojis in 2021.

1. Loud Crying Face

Most Used Emoji - Loud Crying face

According to stats, the loud crying face emoji has become the most used emoji in the year 2021. Well, we are sure that you have also used the emoji a lot in your chats.

Description: It is a yellow round face with an open mouth that depicts crying loud and the tears running from the eyes. 

Used For: The emoji is mostly used to express grief. However, many people use this to tell the good news. You must be wondering how a crying face is used to depict happiness? The answer to this is have you ever heard of tears of happiness? So, people use this emoji in the sentence to tell that they have achieved something and are so overwhelmed with joy that they have started crying telling you the news.

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2. Tears Of Joy

Most Used Emoji - Tears Of Joy

Tears of cry was the most used emoji in 2020 which was replaced by a Loud crying face in the year 2021. The emoji is frequently used over the internet in the DMs as well as the funny captions.

Description: It is a yellow round face with an open mouth that depicts that the face is laughing its A$$ out. The tears of joy can be seen coming out of the eyes and this is the reason why the emoji is called the tears of Joy emoji.

Used For: If we talk about the use of the emoji then the most common use of the emoji is while giving any sarcastic statement over the internet. Well, if you have a boyfriend and want to tell him that you are not jealous of him talking to other girls then, then this emoji is perfect. You can use the emoji at the end of the statement to convey the warning in a funny manner.

3. Sparkles 

Sparkles Emoji

Well, the world knows it as the sparkle emojis but I refer to this most used emoji as the Aladdin’s magic carpet effect. If you are a Disney fan then you can relate to me.

Description: Well, this is not any face emoji instead they are represented with the golden stars. There are three stars in plus shape with one big and two smaller stars on the left side of the bigger one.

Used For: The basic use of the emoji is to convey the excitement in the news. You can use the emoji in the chat to display a warm connection and the feeling of excitement while talking to your crush.

4. Red Heart Emoji

Most Used Emoji - Red Heart

This is another emoji in the list of the most used emoji in 2021 that is not the face emoji. Indeed it is one of the most used emojis by lovers.

Description: Talking about the description of the emoji, it is just a simple heart that is red in color. You can use this in emoji on various social media platforms. But, WhatsApp has got its own special way to display the emoticon to the user. It will enlarge the size of the Red Heart Emoji for the viewer and will pump.

Used For: The Red Heart Emoji is mainly used to express love. You can also use this emoji to comment on the cute picture of your boyfriend.

5. Pleading Face

Pleading Emoji

Pleading face is one of the most used Emoji in 2021. Well, many of us use this emoji to get a pat on our back.

Description: It is a round yellow face with a sad mouth expression that is upside down curve line. To give the emoji a more pleading look the eyes are made watery.

Used For: The Pleading face emoji is used when you want to convince someone of something. Or, you can also use the emoji to look cute while chatting. Many people use the emoji to deliver a sense of care as well.

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6. Rolling On Floor Laughing (ROFL) Emoji

Most Used Emoji - ROFL

Description: It is a face emoji so you know the color of the face. Yes, it is yellow. 

The emoji is similar to the tears of Joy emoji with a few changes in the facial markings. The eyes are depicted with the greater than and less than sign eyes with the tears coming out. To give the emoji a rolling on floor look it is tilted a bit to the left.

Used For: The name clearly indicates what the emoji is used for! Yeah! You guessed it right, it is used to react to the text that seriously gets you to laugh.

7. Fire Emoji

Most Used Emoji - Fire

Description: It is the most used emoji in the comment sections on Instagram. Talking about how the fire emoji looks then it is a fire flame symbol emoji that is orange and yellowish in color.

Used For: The Fire Emoji is used to tell the person that the pic he or she has uploaded is hot as fire. People also use emojis while writing captions that include their success stories.

8. Red Heart Eyes

Most Used Emoji - Red Heart Eye

Description: It is a yellow-faced emoji with an open mouth. The open mouth depicts the admiration in surprise. The eyes of the emojis are represented with red-colored hearts that show excitement.

Used For: The red heart emoji is used to express enthusiasm and convey love and admiration. Well, if you are talking to your crush then start using this emoji to send him the signals.

9. Smiling Face With Hearts 

Most Used Emoji - Smiling face with hearts

Description: It is also a face emoji that shows the happy expressions on the face. The eyes are closed and the mouth expressions are “Smiling”, which is displayed by the curved line upside down. The hearts are placed at three different positions on the face. Two are placed at the place of the horns and one is placed at the lower right corner of the face. 

Used For: The most used emoji is used by people when they want to express that they are feeling loved. 

10. Folded Hands 

Most Used Emoji - Folded Hands

Description: Well, this Namaste emoji is simple, just two folded hands with blue shirt cuffs.

Used For: This emoji is used to depict gratitude or pray for someone.

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Wrapping Up

Emojis are a part of texting; a chat without emoticons is a talk without expressions. We hope that you are now clear with the list of the most used emojis in 2021. Loud Crying face emoji has beaten the 2020 top emoji, “Tears Of Joy” in 2021 and become the most popular emoji of the year.

If you found this article interesting and informative then do let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Most Used Emoji Ever?

According to stats, the loud crying face emoji has become the most used emoji in the year 2021. Well, we are sure that you have also used the emoji a lot in your chats.

Q. What’s The Least Used Emoji 2021?

The least used emojis in 2021 are the Aerial Tramway Emoji and the Input symbol for Latin capital letters.

Q. What Are Your 3 Most Used Emojis?

The three most used emojis are 

  1. Loud Crying Face
  2. Tears Of Joy
  3. Sparkles 

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