After TikTok and Insta Reels, the New Snapchat Spotlight Feature is on Trend

After Tik-Tok and Insta Reels, the New Snapchat Spotlight Feature is on Trend

Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms that allow you to share snaps with family and friends. But these days, the spotlight feature by Snapchat is on-trend. What is it, how to submit a snap to Spotlight, and how to get the prize money by submitting snaps? Here, we have disclosed everything about the Snapchat Spotlight Feature that you should know.

Spotlight by Snapchat is a new feature that is quite similar to Tik-Tok and Insta reels that allow users to create and upload content. Just like Insta reels, you can discover entertaining content by swiping up and down between content. In addition, if you see anything you like, you can also mark it as a favorite and view it anytime.

Apart from it, you can get a chance to earn a share of $1 million-plus by just submitting your video snaps to Spotlight. In order to submit a snap to the Spotlight, you have to create a snap-in vertical video with sound and follow some amazing tips before submitting snaps.

Below in this article, we have mentioned the best tips and tricks that will help you to make cool spotlight snaps. So, read the full article if you want to make snaps that stand out.

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Everything About the New Snapchat Filter

Spotlight had already crossed the 100 million user target in January and now they are working hard to make their platform known by other people so that they also use it. That’s why they launched a new spotlight feature and are giving away $1 million for creating snaps. It will automatically make other users attracted to it. But is it real or fake?

After Tik-Tok and Insta Reels, the New Snapchat Spotlight Feature is on Trend

Snapchat Spotlight Feature Giveaway – Real or Fake?

We can’t say that the Spotlight giveaway is fake because as of now, there are more than 2k spotlight creators who have won the prize pool. According to Snapchat, it has paid a share of $42 million among these creators. Apart from it, a high school senior, Katie Feeny also won the Giveaway just after one week of posting a Snap on the Spotlight. She earned a total of $200,000.

How To Earn The Prize Pool By Making Snaps on Snapchat?

If we talk about the terms and conditions of Spotlight, users can make $250/Snap and they are usually paid within one week of posting the snap. If you are already a Snapchat user and create snaps on Spotlight, then this guide will also help you. We have mentioned some hacks that will help you to create a better snap than ever before so that your chances of winning the prize also increase.

  • Make High-Quality Snaps

If you want to earn from Snapchat, the first and foremost thing that you should do is to focus on making High-Quality snaps. What I am trying to say is to take snaps with a good camera phone. If your snaps are blurry, low in quality, or have a low resolution, there are chances that most people won’t like it because it will make the viewing experience less satisfying. If people won’t like your snaps, you will lose the chance of earning rewards.

  • Make Snaps That Are Liked By Others

The second point you should focus on is to create entertaining snaps. You have to share the snaps that should make other persons engage with it. You can also add music to your snaps from the Sounds playlist.

In order to make an engaging post, you can share some tips and tricks or daily hacks, any new daily challenge like bitmoji, and other exciting challenges. Apart from it, you can also answer the queries or teach others what you already know.

  • Your Snaps Must Meet the Snapchat Terms

Last but not least, whatever content you are going to upload on Snapchat Spotlight, must meet the Snapchat terms. If it doesn’t meet the required criteria, Snapchat has the right to remove it from your account

In case, if you don’t know the new Spotlight terms, you can check it out.


This above-mentioned everything about the new Spotlight feature by Snapchat. We hope that it will help you to create amazing stuff on Snapchat so that you’ll be able to earn some rewards.

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