Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture Feature Brings The Platform In Web 3.0 Race

Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture

Experts are saying that Web 3.0 will be here soon. However, its effect can be seen already with the tech giants launching the Metaverse platforms and Twitter launching the NFT profile picture feature. Everybody is trying to keep up its pace in the fast evolution of the internet. The most recent entry in the scenario is the Onlyfans NFT Profile picture.

Yes, you got that right. The content subscription service platform, Onlyfans, has decided to jump into the NFT game. Earlier, Twitter has incorporated the NFT profile picture feature. If you observe the pattern closely, it can be said that offering the creators a way to brag their NFT as the profile picture may be called the first step of Social Media platforms towards this change.

We know there might be several questions in your head right now. What types of NFTs will we be able to display as the Onlyfans NFT profile picture. How will the audience distinguish between the original NFT and the Screenshotted NFT? Well, all your queries will be answered in the post. So, let’s not waste much of our time and start with the post.

Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture – What Is The News

Onlyfans has introduced a feature for the content creators on its platform to set their NFT as the Onlyfans NFT profile picture. This will allow the creators to brag about their NFTs to their fans uniquely and authentically.

You must be thinking, why is there a need to introduce this feature? Well, let us remind you that the craze of NFTs among celebrities is unmatchable. Celebrities buy CryptoPunks for millions of dollars and use them as their display pictures.

However, we know that you cannot trust everybody on the Internet. There are many people as well who screenshot the NFTs and use them as pictures.

So, where is the authenticity of the DP on the account? This might be why the company introduced the Onlyfans NFT profile picture. 

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What Type Of NFTs Can Be Displayed As Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture

For now, only the NFTs registered on the Ethereum Blockchain can be displayed as the Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture. 

As time passes, it is expected that the platform will inculcate more and more NFT features. There is a possibility that the platform might include an Onlyfans NFT marketplace just like the Instagram NFT Marketplace. (Just saying, everything is possible in this fast-moving world.)

How Will The Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture Look Like

Well, there needs to be something that would distinguish the NFT display picture from the regular ones. Just as Twitter included the Hexagonal boundary around the authentic NFT profile pictures.

Onlyfans said that it would show an Ethereum icon on the Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture to show the authenticity of the NFT.

How To Set Onlyfans NFT Profile Picture

To set the Onlyfans NFT profile picture, you may need to connect your digital wallet that has your NFT to the Onlyfans account.

Now, in the upload profile picture option, you will find the option to upload the NFT from the Wallet.

You can choose your NFT and then upload it. The platform will check its authenticity and provide you with the Ethereum logo. 

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Wrapping Up

Well, this was all about the Onlyfans NFT Profile picture. The company has said that it is the platform’s first step in the NFT world. This clearly indicates that Onlyfans is looking forward to including more features.

However, till now only an NFT profile picture is included. Stay connected to Deasilex for further updates. 

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