PUBG Season 8 Confirmed with PC Version is on its way

Best multiplayer games for PC 2021; Pubg

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) had become popular among youth when it came out on app stores. Since then, people go crazy and overwhelmed about the game. Some of the teenagers in India became a You Tuber and successful by playing PUBG. On the other hand, some even died because of playing the game without any interruption for hours. Today this article will explore its upcoming season for PC and the updates.

South Korean’s Bluehole developed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) after getting inspiration from the Japanese film “Battle Royal.” Based on modifications, PUBG is the creation of Brendan’s “PlayerUnknown.” In PUBG, a maximum of hundred players use a parachute to reach an island and look for weapons like guns and knives. Players use weapons and equipment for their survival by killing other players from a different team.
Somewhere it also helps them to secure themselves that they survive. However, the provided safe area from the game’s map decreases gradually with time. As a result, it makes it difficult for players to survive in a limited space. Whoever survives until all the players die, he/she is the winner.

Release Date of PUBG Season 8 for PC:

In December 2017, Microsoft Windows released PUBG through the early access beta program of Steam. However, In September 2018, Microsoft Studios published the game for the Xbox One via its Xbox Game Preview. It came out as a mobile version (free-to-play) for Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4 in the same year. Thus the madness not only among teenagers but also among adults began.
With over 70 million copies sold so far, we have to consider it one of the best-selling video games. PUBG is indeed one of the most-played video games of all time, with over 600 million mobile downloads.

On Tuesday, PUBG Corporation announced, “PUBG Season 8 will return with the latest update ‘jungles of Sanhok.’” They also cleared that Season 8 will release as a PC version for the Xbox One, Stadia, and PlayStation 4. As per the sources, it will launch this month on July 22 for PC via Steam and on July 30 for Xbox One.

PUBG Season 8 for PC Additions:

Season 8 for PC will bring Sanhok Remaster. What else will be additions along with Sanhok Remaster? Gamers will get a variety of features. These features include ‘The Loot Truck,’ ‘Improved Jerry Cans,’ ‘Confiscated Weapons,’ and ‘Survivor Pass.’

The gamers have to wait for a few days to explore more features. However, the release date is near.

The gameplay of PUBG:

PUBG is an action video game in which one player or a squad fights against another player or team. However, one hundred players can participate in the fight on a battle royale. It’s a survival game. Hence they play to stay alive as the last person in that match. The last person or the squad survives is the winner of that match. A maximum of four people can team up together. One game doesn’t go beyond 34.9 minutes.
Once the match is over, players gain game currency that depends on their performance. With the coin, they can purchase crates full of cosmetic items like clothes, gloves, etc.

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