Bingo The Most Admired Game Since Centuries


Who today is unaware of the game, Bingo. Bingo or what they call the Game Of Chance in America, has got many versions all over the continent. Here is an article that will tell you each and every detail about the Bingo Game that we bet you would be unaware of. 

Bingo or the number card game is played in many parts of the world. We have the British Bingo as well as the American Bingo. But, today we will be majorly focusing on the American version of the game and the different variants the game has been through. Although many variants of the game bingo have been banned by various countries due to their gambling nature. Let’s have a closer look at the game.

This article will tell you about How to play the game, The winning strategies, How bingo can be played to earn exciting prizes, and the numerous variants of the game. Some games never get out of fashion like Bingo.

Let’s get you on a ride of the traditional, classic, and modern version of the evergreen bingo game that is loved by all age groups. The American Bingo has its own set of rules and terminologies. There are also various bingo card maker websites that help you to create your own bingo games.

Everything about the Bingo Game

Bingo is a perfect board game for enjoyment that has been played for ages. Have a tour of this game and know the various specifications.

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Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards
Source: Maxiaids

The bingo cards like most of us have seen commonly contain 25 squares arranged in 5×5 columns and rows. Except the middle square known as the “free space”, every other square contains  a number.

What Does the card exactly look like? 

From left to right, the five columns are marked as ‘B’, ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘G’, ‘O’. The center space is unfilled or free. The columns contain restricted numbers like the column ‘B’ can contain numbers between 1 to 15, column ‘I’ can contain numbers from 16 to 30, column ‘N’ can have numbers from 31 to 45, column ‘G’ contains 46 to 60 and column ‘O’ contains numbers from 61 to 75. 

That clearly means a classic Bingo game can contain numbers from 1 to 75 only.

How to win the game?

Any player who completes/fills a row or a column or even a diagonal line first, wins. You can place most of 19 chips at a time on a bingo board, excluding the free space.

Different Bingo Variations

Here are the various variants of the Bingo game that are continued to be played from ages and have taken the modern twists now.

U-Pick Em Bingo

U-Pick Em Bingo
Source: Bingo Paper

The most common form of bingo is U-Pick Em Bingo. In this the player is given the choice to mark the numbers he/she wishes to put forward for the win.This game is just like Keno, a Chinese invented version of bingo.

Shotgun Bingo

Shotgun Bingo
Source: Shotgun Bingo

Shotgun Bingo is popular with other names too like Turbo Bingo, Quickie Bingo and other names. This is a regular card game played in between other games. The cards are solid solo apart from the main game card package. You just have to play one or two cards until the bingo balls come out and call out the numbers quickly, that’s why it’s called shotgun.

Quick Shot Bingo

Quick Shot Bingo
Source: California Bingo Service

Quick shot bingo requires pre-drawing of numbers and card purchases. The cards that are purchased are fully sealed. As the game starts the pre-drawn numbers are matched with the sealed cards and if the numbers make a specified pattern, you get to win prizes. Some versions of this game are played for weeks and months, until a player achieves the top level and then new cards and numbers are drawn for a fresh start.

Bonanza Bingo

Bonanza Bingo
Source: Tears Open Bingo Paper

Bonanza also requires pre-drawing the numbers. At the beginning of a bingo session 43 to 48 numbers are pre-drawn. The numbers can be anything from odd to even. After that cards are purchased by every player and are marked with their pre-drawn numbers. After a set time, the caller will ask if anyone has the bingo. If you have, you win. If not, the caller one by one draws a ball until any player shouts out loud bingo.

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Facebook Bingo

Facebook Bingo
Source: App Store Apple

Facebook bingo is different from other land based and traditional bingo games. This variant comes with a power up feature that gives you the advantage of winning the game using that power up. You can easily share, collect or buy items virtually on the platform. This forms a community element to the game that is lacking in any other land based bingo games.

Horse Racing Bingo

Horse Racing Bingo

You got a team of 15, play this variant of bingo. Any random number ranging from 1to 15 is issued to every player that corresponds to the top row of the flashboard. This is an exciting form of bingo that is fast-paced plus can be played in fraternal organizations. One by one numbers are drawn and the player who has the all five numbers in their column the fastest, wins the game.

Table Bingo

table bingo
Source: 123RF

Table Bingo is a popular version of Casino games played across the US.  Other casino games like Acey Duecy, Money Wheel, Roulette also have bingo counterparts. 

Electronic Bingo

Electronic Bingo

Electronic Bingo is so fun to play.  Electronic bingo is played in Class II machines. These are similar to traditional slot machines and bingo slot machines, typically seen in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Death Bingo

Death Bingo
Source: Imgur

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Last but not the least, Death bingo is an inverted game where things work the opposite. Here if a player completes the bingo, he/she is eliminated from the game.  The person filling the most spaces on their board is considered the winner.

Other Forms

  • Buzzword Bingo
  • Online Bingo
  • Roadkill Bingo
  • Bovine Bingo
  • Lingo
  • Pinoy Bingo Night
  • Slingo
  • National Bingo Night
  • Bingo America

As you see in the post above, bingo is such a refreshing game that comes with simple yet puzzled rules. There are so many variants of this game to pick and play along with your family and friends.

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