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Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Price

Higher video quality, immersive audio recording, hands-free experience, and much more. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have it all! Be one of the very first users to know the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses price and get detailed information on where to buy them.

The much-awaited next-generation Meta Ray Ban Smart Glasses are officially out. Meta Connect has launched the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses collection in partnership with Essilor Luxottica. It offers improved features with enhanced core features that enable users to capture the best moments of their lives without having to grab their smartphone every single time. Tech-savvy users are elated, looking for genuine information on Ray-Ban smart glasses prices, hoping to be one of the very first users. 

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses price currently ranges from $299 USD for Standard lenses to $379 USD for Transition lenses.

Let us dive deeper to know the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses’ price and availability. Check out exclusive details on Ray-Ban Meta glasses, where to buy, and all other inside information.

What Is The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Price?

AI enthusiasts across the globe are elated by the recent Meta-powered Ray-Ban glasses that are taking the world by storm. You can now relive every special moment by replaying them in high-quality video, clubbed by an immersive sound experience. 

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses will be officially made available on October 17 and can be bought from the official and the Ray-Ban Stores. Moreover, they are also available on Best Buy, LensCrafters, Amazon, and many more e-commerce apps and websites. It is currently available in 15 countries around the world – US, UK, Canada, Australia, and a few European countries. 

The whole world is frantically searching for the official Ray-Ban smart glasses price. Stay with us to know the current Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses price, classified based on its model and unique features.

1. Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses are equipped with a stylish Wayfarer design with shiny black frames and G15 classic Green lenses. This showcases the latest wearable tech, donned with the iconic Ray-Ban style. All users can now flaunt epic styles from Hollywood to Hip-hop culture. 

Use the AI-enhanced wearable tech and embrace the next generation of culture makers. Enjoy its features and capture, live stream, listen to music, and call your loved ones with the seamlessly integrated classic, timeless frame.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses price for Wayfarer

S.NoFrame Color + LensPrice
1.Shiny Black / G-15 Green$299 USD
2.Shiny Caramel Transparent / Brown$299 USD
3.Shiny Black / Clear$299 USD
4.Shiny Rebel Black Transparent / Amber$299 USD
5.Matte Black / Gradient Graphite$329 USD
6.Matte Jeans Transparent / Dusty Blue$329 USD
7.Matte Black / Clear to G-15 Green Transitions$379 USD
Note: All users can choose the frame size as Standard or Large.

2. Ray-Ban Meta Headliner

The Ray-Ban Meta Headliner designs come in standard sizes with slick and shiny frames that are wearable by all users. This latest wearable tech is equipped with the classic Ray-Ban lenses of uniform tint for a consistent shade that displays a timeless aesthetic. 

The Ray-Ban Meta Headliner lens is predominantly used for outdoor use and has 100% UVA and UVB protection. This is a hybrid of the Wayfarer and the Round lens, bringing together the best of the two iconic frames. The lightweight frame enables all users to express themselves in a unique perspective that is exclusively personal.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses price for Headliner

S.NoFrame Color + LensPrice
1.Shiny Black / G-15 Green$299 USD
2.Shiny Caramel Transparent / Teal Blue$299 USD
3.Matte Black / Charcoal Black$299 USD
4. Shiny Black / Clear$299 USD
5.Shiny Jeans Transparent / Dusty Red$329 USD
6.Matte Rebel Black / Brown$329 USD
7.Matte Black / Clear to Grey Transitions$379 USD

3. Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

The creators of the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have thoughtfully designed every little detail in their creation and have created a wearable tech that is both innovative and comfortable to use. All users can now express themselves in the present, by capturing and sharing their point of view, literally. 

All Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses bring together a wide range of frames, that are created for everyday wear. All high-performance lenses are now customizable based on the user’s prescription, which offers even more advanced clarity, protection, and comfort for all.

Head over to to pre-order your Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses, customized with prescription lenses. You can also get prescription lenses from LensCrafters stores. However, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses price for Prescription glasses varies according to the frame and lens combination that the user chooses.

Wrap Up

The preorders for Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are already available on all official channels. The Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer’s Matte Jeans Transparent / Dusty Blue and Headliner’s Matte Black / Clear to Grey Transitions are already out of stock. Now that you know Ray-Ban Meta glasses where to buy, and the current prices, make haste and place your order now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Are Ray-Ban Meta Glasses?

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses price ranges from $299 USD up to $379 USD depending on the frame and lens you choose.

Q2. Are Meta Smart Glasses Prescription?

Yes, you can customize your Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses to your prescription.

Q3. How Much Will Smart Glasses Cost?

Most smart glasses that are equipped with a camera and speakers cost between $150 USD and $300 USD.

Q4. How Much Are Facebook Ray-Ban Glasses?

The Facebook Ray-Ban Glasses that enables users to directly post pictures, videos, and live stream on Instagram and Facebook costs from $299 USD up to $379 USD.

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