Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses Review, Price, Pre-Order Details

Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses

Next-generation Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses are here! The fantasy of wearing AI-powered glasses came true as Meta announced their very first AI-powered Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses collection on 27 September 2023.

From now on, you do not need to carry your phone in your hand to capture videos. All you need to do is, wear Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses and say “Hey Meta”, and you will unlock the magic eyes with Meta AI. 

In partnership with EssilorLuxottica, Meta Connect introduced Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses and people are getting crazy over the features. With these smart glasses, you can not only live on Instagram or Facebook but can also identify what you are seeing just by asking the conversational AI bot.

The new Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses come with improved cameras, audio, and more than 150 different custom combinations of frames and lenses. New Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are now available for pre-order. Let’s go through this article and explore Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses Prices and how to order them. 

What’s New?

Ray-Ban launched the smart glasses that come with over 150 styles and the custom combinations are crazy good. But, if you are looking for what is really new in these next-generation Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses, the answer is not just the stylish frames but the ability to record spatial audio. The glasses are super sensitive to voice commands.

However, speakers are open-style and come with clips to attach to your shirt. But, Meta has done a commendable job with audio levels and bass. True winner! It is better than Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses that were launched previously. 

Like before, the navigation on the glass arm is available, only this time the touchpad is bigger and better. A capture button is also added on the edge of the frame that can launch the live stream. 

With Ray Ban Meta Smart glasses you can stream live on Facebook and Instagram for as long as 30 minutes! If you are recording live on your phone and suddenly wish to go hands-free, you just need to tap the switch on the glass and your glasses will start recording again! 

Frames are light and less chunky looking than any previous models. Moreover, it has IPX4 water resistance! Charging lasts 4 hours and the leather case comes with the capacity of 32 hours more, which is recharging the glasses for 8 times more!

Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses, Not AR Glasses

Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses are the best in almost every way, except for one thing! These smart glasses are AI glasses and not AR glasses. Many people are taking it in the wrong senses. However, AI glasses do not have the in-built AR feature.

According to Meta, “These are designed to be all-day glasses”! In simple words, Ray Ban Meta Smart glasses can be costumed for prescription glasses, blue-blocking lenses, and transition lenses. So, if you are looking for a Ray-Ban meta smart glasses prescription feature; yes, this is available!

However, it is expected that Mark Zuckerberg is leaning on Quest 3 to introduce AR in Meta glasses as he previously mentioned that Meta is working on ‘true AR glasses’.

Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses Features 

Let us share with you all the new Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses features. Here are what you can expect while buying the Ray-Ban Smart glasses:

1. Audio Enhancement: These amazing AI glasses are equipped with custom-designed speakers that have better sound quality and bass. You can also expect an amazing music experience and minimal audio leakage during calls. The audio recording capability is top-notch with the five-microphone array. 

2. Sharper Imagery: Meta has included an ultra-wide 12 MP camera that can record high-quality videos [1080p] up to 60 seconds. So, if you are hiking, racing, or enjoying any breathtaking moments, you can capture it with your glasses without compromising both audio quality and video quality. The best part is you can share photos and videos instantly with your friends, with a simple voice command “Send a photo”! 

3. Powered by Qualcomm: Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses are powered by ‘all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Platform’! Also, Meta Smart glasses are backed up with sleek and smart charging cases with 36 hours of power support. 

4. Stylish Frames: The timeless Wayfarer style is rocking! Plus a little retro touch – a new Headliner. Both styles are available in Matte Black and Shiny Black. They are also launching new transparent frame colors soon [Jeans, Rebel Black, and Caramel]. If you are looking for Ray-Ban meta smart glasses prescription compatibility, that is also available. 

5. Better Control: The glass is lighter now and the touchpad area is bigger making it easier to navigate. Also, it is water-resistant (IPX4) and comes with interaction earcons for better command response. 

6. Hands-free live streaming: The best thing about these smart glasses is that now streamers can go for hands-free live streaming. No matter how fast you are running or jumping, you can get all the shots hands-free or without the fear of losing your mobile! While streaming live, you can read or listen to the comments, all in real-time! 

7. Meta AI: last but not least is the integration of Meta AI. Meta is introducing AI with responsibility. Ray-Ban Meta glasses are powered by Meta AI. All you need to do is, say “Hey Meta,” and you can engage with the AI. 

Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses Price And Order

The entry price of Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses in the US market is $299 [in other countries, the launching price will be EUR 329, CAD 369, GBP 299, AUD 449]. You can start purchasing the product from October 17th at Ray-Ban stores. 

You will be able to buy the product from Ray-Ban stores and The product will also be available on and EssilorLuxottica retail stores. For now, you can pre-order the product on Ray-Ban.

How To Preorder AI-Powered Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses?

If you are wondering how to pre-order AI-powered Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses, here is what to do:

Step 1: Open

Step 2: You will find the PreOrder button for Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses on the banner, click on it. 

Step 3: Choose an ideal frame and customize it as required.

Step 4: Click on the Preorder button at the bottom [Red Button]. 

Step 5: The product will be added to your cart. Tap on ‘Shopping Bag’ and continue with the checkout process. Pay $299. For standard shipping, there won’t be any shipping cost. 

Relax and wait for the package to arrive! 

Note: Ray Ban Meta Smart glasses are now available in 15 countries ‘US, Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe’ and if your country is not one of them, then you are not eligible to order these smart glasses for now! 


Now that you have learned about the amazing features of the Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses, you should run to to pre-order the product. Many YouTubers and tech influencers are sharing their first-hand experience using these smart glasses, which are all positive. However, a large number of people are now raising questions about privacy breaches as now anyone with smart glasses can take photos and make live videos of anyone or any events without any consent! This is something we all need to be considerate about. Share your thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Where To Buy

You can pre-order Ray Ban Meta Smart glasses on and

Q2. What Is Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Release Date?

Meta has introduced Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses on 27 September 2023; pre-booking of the product is going on. However, the product will be available in the market from 17 October 2023 onwards. 

Q3. Is There Any Ray-Ban Smart Glasses App?

No, you do not need to download any Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses app for these new-gen glasses. 

Q4. What Is Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses Charge Capacity?

Ray Ban meta smart glasses can be used for 4 hours. The glasses come with smart cases that have 32 hours of charging backup, which means you can recharge the glasses for 8 times using the chagrin cases. 

Q5. Why Can’t I Order Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses?

Ray Ban meta smart glasses have been introduced to 15 countries including ‘The US, Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe’. If you are unable to place an order for Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses, it means these glasses are yet to launch in your region. 

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