Best Self-Filling Water Bottle Companies

Self-Filling Water Bottle Companies

How would you feel if you went on an adventure in the desert or woods and ran out of water? Scared !!!! We have a solution for you. When wandering around the woods, you can generate water on your own using a self-filling water bottle. Surprised? Don’t be because So this article will take you through the self-filling water bottle companies. 

harvesting water from the air is an ancient method. Fontus smartly used it and developed a water bottle that can self-fill water by converting it from the air. Isn’t it cool? The fontus invented this water bottle to provide portable equipment to help adventurers and people living in remote areas.

Fontus has invented two products fontus Ryde and airo. Ryde works when the school-going child takes this water bottle and as he reaches, the bottle is filled with water. This is attached to the cycle so that it takes humid air from the environment and converts it into water.

So let’s know more about the self-filling water bottle companies. For more latest updates do follow Deasilex. 

Self-Filling Water Bottle Companies 

People from the outskirts of the Lima, Peru installed fog catchers on the hills. This heavily woven fabric helps condense water from fog and drop by drop collected in a tank through a plastic tube. These types of methods have been used since ancient times to harvest water from the air. 

Fontus has used the same concept and developed a water bottle that can self-fill by using the condensation method. It takes air from the environment using a solar-powered fan. And condensation converts the humidity into water. This bottle can produce up to 1/2 liter in an hour. This water bottle is named Airo. and there is another product from fontus named Ryde, which is attached to the cycle. When the rider goes on the ride it takes air and by condensation, the water is separated from the air. 

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Here are some companies that work on harvesting water from the air. In the below article, we will talk about self-filling water bottle companies. 

1. Fontus

Self-Filling Water Bottle Companies

A Viana-based startup fontus is working on water harvesting from the air by using portable equipment like a water bottle.

As its tagline says we develop creative and green innovations for a higher quality of life, it has developed a self-filling water bottle it works on the condensation method.

The bottle comes with an attached small fan and a foldable solar panel. So whenever you run out of water you just need to open the solar panel and switch on the fan. The finest work of this water bottle will start. The fan will take in the humid air and through condensation, the humidity will be converted into water. Within an hour you will have half a liter of water. That’s amazing, right? 

Well, this bottle is not available for sale in the market. It is still in the development phase. You can check out more about the self-filling water bottle on their official website.  

2. Watergen

An Israel-based company that develops atmospheric drinking technology and builds devices. These devices harvest water from the air. 

Watergen has patented a genius system for water extraction is the first heat exchanger composed of the food grade polymer to produce clean water from the air. 

Watergen does not produce self-filling water bottles but devices that can harvest water from the air. That includes genny for home and office, a mobile box that can produce up to 13-gallon water, and for commercial user GEN-L. 

You can buy the Watergen devices from its official website. 

3. Airowater

An Indian, airowater company produces devices that can harvest water from the air. Airowater is also associated with worldwide water LLC. Airowater produces fresh and bacteria-free drinking water. Airowater builds an atmospheric water generator that converts the humidity into the air. 

Airowater does not build self-filling water bottles but develops equipment that can harvest water from the air. It is one of the self-filling water bottle companies that function on the condensation methods. 

You can check out the airowater products on its official website.

4. Skywater

Skywater uses an adiabatic distillation process to harvest water from the air. Skywater devices filter the air and then this air vapor goes through condensation. Water is collected and this water is passed through high-quality carbon filters. Finally, you can use the collected water for drinking purposes. 

Skywater does not build any self-filling water bottles but develops devices that can draw water from the air.

This is one of the self-filling water bottle companies which has developed devices that can be used in remote locations. Check out its exclusive products on the official website.

6. Source Global

Source Global has developed hydro-solar panels that draw water from the air. These hydro panels use solar energy to condensation, clean, and toxic element-free drinking water. 

These hydro panels mineralize the collected water to make it the high quality available for use. 

These hydro panels can become bones for people residing in a remote areas. As source global has not built any self-filling water bottles, this company’s hudropanals are no less than technological marvels. These hydro panels use the cleanest energy to draw water from the air.

You can check out these solar hydro panels on their official website. 

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7. Suntowater Technologies

Suntowater technologies produce air-to-water generators which draw water from the air and make it usable. Suntowater technologies functions with the earth’s due circle. 

It comes with a sensor that detects the humidity when it’s at peak the absorption starts and it draws water from the air. In the daytime, the condensation cycle starts and it collects almost 8 gallons of water from yesterday’s collected air. 

You can check out the air-to-water generators’ prices and availability on their website.   


Genaq designs household-to-industrial use air-to-water generators. Genaq can work on solar power and diesel power unit. Since 2008, Genaq is investing in research and development of the air to water technologies.

As a result of this genaq water air to water, generators are used in 45 countries around the world. To buy the products of the genaq you can check out genaq official website.

9. H2OLL 

H2OLL works on an innovative continuous liquid desiccant system. The absorption cycle absorbs the moisture from the air consuming very less energy. 

The main motto of the h2oll is to provide solutions for the global water crises. Its air-to-water technology can give relief to people residing in remote areas. It uses very less energy to condense the vapor to water not a whole lot of the humid air. 

You can check out the h2oll technology official website for their product. 

10. AKVO

Akvo has developed air to water generator with a production capacity of 50 liters to 500 liters per day. Akvo wants to decomodify the world’s biggest commodity. Akvo is providing air-to-water solutions all over the world. Akvo uses condensation to draw water from the air. 

Akvo provides solutions for the household to industrial use air-to-water generators. To know more about the akvo air-to-water generators you can check it out on their official website. 

11. Ray Agua

Ray agua, is a Spain-based company that builds a solution for water crises. It uses condensation methods to draw water from the air. Its products can produce 260 liters to 8400 liters per day. These machines can be used at home and their one product is movable it can be transported by truck. So to know more about their products and their capacity visit ray agua’s official website. 

12. Planets Water

Planets water solves the need for water need in distressed areas. They are working on advanced technology to draw water from the air by utilizing very less energy. Planets water generators are capable of producing 80 liters to 10000 liters per day.  

Their air-to-water generators can work on clean energy like solar and using diesel power units. Their products can be installed in very distressed locations of the world as well as in the home. You can know more about the planet’s water on its official website. 

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Every living being on the earth is dependent on water. And the demand for drinking water is going to increase in the coming days. Humans will need access to clean and toxic-free drinking water. So air-to-water technology is going to be life-saving for humans. Here we will wrap up the article on self-filling water bottle companies. 

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