Apple Smart Water Bottle | Usage, Cost & Release Date

apple smart water bottle

You must have heard of a smartphone, a smartwatch, but did you ever think of a smart water bottle? What would it be like if your water bottle itself reminded you to drink water every once? The good news is that the new Apple smart water bottle has arrived to serve the purpose. 

Apple has taken place in everyone’s daily lives through its advanced technology and is still working on improvising. Apple is spreading its business by working on various kinds of products. This time, Apple has introduced a smart water bottle. 

The new Apple Smart Water Bottle reminds you to drink water when it’s time or when you have not taken up enough water for the day. This is of great use for people who don’t drink water regularly. 

Are you excited about this new product by Apple? Let us know everything in detail about this Apple smart water bottle. 

What Is Apple Smart Water Bottle?

What could a “Smart” water bottle be? Will it get to our mouths on its own to drink water? Although the new Apple smart water bottle is not designed like this, it is well prepared to keep us hydrated throughout the day. 

The HidrateSpark water bottle by apple is developed to track your water consumption and give reminders on time when you need to get your sip of water. This is mainly for those so busy with their work that they do not remember that they also have to drink water.

It looks like this is all you need as most of us forget that we have to drink water to stay hydrated. 

What Does Apple Smart Water Bottle Look Like?

apple smart water bottle

The Apple smart water bottle has a sleek design that gives an appealing look if you carry it. It comes with a soft silicone sleeve and gives you a better grip on the bottle. There is also a matching loop along with the grip. 

The HidrateSpark water bottle is available in yellow, black, or white colors. It comes with illuminating light that turns on when it reminds you to drink water. 

Features Of Apple Smart Water Bottle

The HidrateSpark water bottle is being launched by Apple so that you can expect great quality and impressive features in the product. Here are the major features of the Apple smart water bottle. 

  1. Made with odor-resistant and shatter-proof Tritan plastic. 
  2. It comes with a smart LED sensor puck. This tracks your daily intake of water. 
  3. Connectivity to your Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad via Bluetooth. 
  4. Customizable colors of illumination.
  5. Customizable patterns of the pucks. 
  6. The bottom of this bottle glows to remind you to drink water. 
  7. Syncs with the HidrateSpark app to show your progress. 
  8. It has a charging cable and comes with a battery. 
  9. It is made from stainless steel. 
  10. It is vacuum insulated. 
  11. It can keep the water cold for up to 24 hours. 

How Does Apple Smart Water Bottle Work?

The HidrateSpark bottle comes with a sensor fitted at the bottom of the bottle. This sensor can sense the amount of water the person has intaken. 

The bottle is connected to the HidrateSpark app via Bluetooth. You can set the daily limit and reminders as per your requirement, and the app will work accordingly. 

When it is time to drink water, the bottom of the bottle will glow up. The bottle either reminds you after every fixed time, or it will remind you that you haven’t had enough water for the day as per your daily limit. 

In this way, whenever it is time to drink water, the bottle will put up the reminder, and you will remember that you have to sip water. 

How Much Does Apple Smart Water Bottle Cost?

Presently, the Apple Smart Water Bottle has two variants of which you can get one and both have different costs. 

  1. HidrateSpark Pro – $59.95.
  2. HidrateSpark Pro STEEL – 79.95

What Is The Release Date Of the Apple Smart Water Bottle?

The new HidrateSpark smart water bottles have been introduced and are available for sale on April 25, 2022, at 6:07 am. You can get your own Apple smart water bottle from Apple‘s online or retail store. 

Wrapping Up

If you always forget to drink a sufficient amount of water throughout the day, then the Apple smart water bottle is the best product for you that will keep you hydrated and healthy. Also, if you are looking for a gift for your friends or a family member, then this is the best choice for you. 

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