Snapchat Keeps Crashing | 9 Easy Fix for Android and IOS

snapchat keeps crashing

A group of friends are having a fun time at a party, taking pictures and videos using Snapchat app. Suddenly, the app crashes, displaying the message “Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped working”. Doesn’t it ruin the fun?  Snapchat keeps crashing.  Do you want to know how to fix Snapchat crashing on Android and Iphone?

Snapchat has had complaints of having random glitches while using the app. People have also had the application crashing while launching or frozen while in use.  Snapchat needs to update their application and boost the performance to overcome such complaints.

Crashing of the application could also mean that your device needs a clean-up, or due to a malware  or VPN or connection error between Snapchat and the server.

Let us see in detail,  why snapchat keeps crashing and how to fix snapchat crashing on Android and iPhone.

1.Force Quit

2.Update Snapchat


4.Check internet connection

5.Clear Cache

6.Update Software

7.Reinstall Snapchat

8.Reset Network Settings

9.Uninstall third-part apps

How to Fix Snapchat Crashing – Android

The following steps can be followed when the app crashes while using an Android device.

1.Force Quit

To fix snapchat keeps crashing, the first step to follow is to try to close down the application and reopen it again. This can be done by the following steps in your android device.

Go to Settings > Applications> Snapchat >  Force Close.

snapchat keeps crashing - Force quit

Try opening the application again. This could fix snapchat crashing.

2.Update Snapchat

You could face problems using snapchat because of using an outdated application.  Try to update the app in the following steps.

Go to Play Store > My Apps > Snapchat > Update.

snapchat keeps crashing - update

Now open the updated version of the app to fix snapchat from crashing.


Log out of your snapchat profile and login again. This could reset server issues if there were any.

Open Snapchat app > go to your Profile > Click to ‘logout’

snapchat keeps crashing - logout

Once you logout of the app, try logging in again using your id and password.

4.Check Internet Connection

Irregularities or fluctuation in the wifi or the internet connection could also cause crashing of the application.  Try to switch off your modem for a while and turn it back on.  This is an old school method that seems to miraculously solve network issues.

5.Clear Cache

To fix snapchat keeps crashing, you should check your cache.  If you reset your cache to original and clear history, it could solve the problem.

Settings > Applications > Snapchat > Storage > Clear data > Clear cache

snapchat keeps crashing - Clear Cache

Now restart your phone.  You will notice that this fixes snapchat from crashing.  You need not worry of losing your data as the system always has a backup.

6. Update Software

You may face issues with the performance of the apps due to an outdated software.  Try using an updated version of your android software to fix snapchat from crashing.

snapchat keeps crashing update android

Settings > About device > Software update

Restart your device and try using snapchat.

7.Reinstall Snapchat

 If none of the above seems to be working, you can try to uninstall snapchat and install it again.

To Uninstall : Open Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Uninstall

Now to Install : Go to Play Store > Snapchat > Install

8.Reset Network Setting

This will most certainly fix snapchat keeps crashing.

You can try to reset the network setting in your android phone, to fix snapchat keeps crashing.

Settings > Apps > General Management > Resets > Reset network settings.

snapchat keeps crashing reset network settings

9. Uninstall Third-Party Apps

If you have noticed that snapchat keeps crashing after you have download a new app, try uninstalling that application.  Conflicting software used in the newly downloaded app could result in crashing of snapchat.

Settings > Apps > Click on the new app > Uninstall

snapchat keeps crashing - Uninstall

The above explained steps can be followed to fix snapchat crashing on android device.

How To Fix Snapchat Crashing – iPhone

When snapchat keeps crashing for iphone users, you can try to fix it by following the solutions given below.

1.Force Quit

If the app has crashed while you are using it, try to force close the application and reopen it again.

You can either double press the Home button > App Switch > swipe up > Force Kill.

For iPhone without the home button you can Swipe up home bar > App Switch > Force Kill

snapchat keeps crashing for iphone

2.Update Snapchat

To fix snapchat keeps crashing, try to update the app.

snapchat keeps crashing for iphone - Update

App Store > Profile (top right) > Update app > Snapchat > Update

3.Reinstall Snapchat

If updating the application does not seem to fix the problem, try to reinstall it.

Hold Snapchat icon > Remove app > Delete App.

To reinstall Snapchat open App Store > Search > Snapchat > Install.

Before you uninstall make sure that you back-up your data.

4.Hard Reset

You can try to fix snapchat crashing by making a hard reset.  Keep in mind that the cache and the temporary files get deleted, so ensure that you have proper backup.

snapchat keeps crashing for iphone - Hard reset

Press and release volume up button > Press and release volume down button > hold down power button > till the Apple logo appears.

5. Background Apps Refresh

Too many applications running in the background could use up a lot of storage space and drain the battery in the device. To fix snapchat from crashing, try to close the running apps in your iphone.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Snapchat > Turn on.

snapchat keeps crashing for iphone - BG app refresh

6.Clear cache

Try to fix snapchat keeps crashing issues by clearing the cache history.

Open app > your Profile > Settings icon (top right)> Account actions > Clear Cache > Click Clear.

snapchat keeps crashing for iphone clear cache

You will get a message that all data will be cleared and snapchat will restart. All your backup will not be deleted.

 7.Disable VPN

Snapchat might face errors due to bad network connections.  If you are using a VPN try disabling it.

Settings app > General > VPN & device manager > VPN > Disable.

fix snapchat keeps crashing - Disable VPN

8.Update iPhone

Try to fix Snapchat keeps crashing issues by updating you iphone software.

iphone snapchat keeps crashing - update iphone

Settings app > General > Software update > Install.

Using an updated version of your device could solve issues relating to now software.

9.Restart Your Device

If none of the above steps seems to work, try using the oldest solution in the book. Restart your device.  This will solve any problems regarding the software or network and connectivity.

Wrap Up

Snapchat keeps adding new features and making updates on a regular basis. If you miss to update the software, it could result in the crashing of the app.  So make sure you have the updated version of the application. Now let us try to fix snapchat crashing on Android and iPhone devices by making use of the methods given.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why Does Snapchat Keep Crashing?

Crashing of snapchat could be due the errors in the software of the application itself or due to the software used in your device. The reasons for malfunctioning of the app could be due to the following reasons:

Insufficient storage space in the device:

If there is not enough storage space in the device of the user, there will be operational error with the application.  If the internal storage space is not sufficient, the user must make sure that he gets external storage space for the smooth functioning of the application.

Network connection:

A good internet connection is required for the app to function.  Although the application offers offline mode to the users,  it requires a good network connection for smooth functioning.  Irregularities in the internet connection could result in the app crashing.

Running application:

If the device has too many applications operating at the same time, it may result in crashing of snapchat.  So make sure you close the other running apps, if you find any glitches while using snapchat.

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