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South American Food YouTube Channel

When we talk of South America, the first thing we come across in our minds is the Amazon Rain Forests. Well, that’s the thing South America is famous for, but that’s not the only thing it is famous for. If you look at the multilayered cuisine of South America, you will surely plan a trip to the continent, and this time not for the Rain Forests but for the South American Food.

Well, we have thought of a way that will take you to the streets of South America sitting at your home. Yeah, you heard it right sitting at your home. We at deasilex have listed the best South American YouTube channels that will take you to South Amerian Streets and teach you how to make these delicious dishes at home. 

The famous South American Food YouTube Channels are 

Youtube ChannelsSubscribers
Exotic Birds 1845.5 K
Nhac GNT1.82 M
Paola Carosella1 M
Tipsy Bartender4.21 M
Masterchef Brasil4.02 M
Settime25881.2 M
Mark Weins7.52 M
Rosanna Pansino12.8 M

These are the famous South American Food Youtube channels that are very famous in South America. These Channels will take you to South American Streets and many of them will teach you how to make tasty food at home.

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South American Food Youtube Channels 

South American Food YouTube Channel - South American Cuisine
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Given below is the list of the best South American food youtube channels with the number of subscribers and views. The YouTubers in these channels have portrayed South American History through South American Cuisine.

Exotic Birds 18

Exotic Birds 18 is a South American Food youtube channel that was made on 24 September 2015. The Youtuber reviews South American Food in a unique way, he uses his pets for the youtube vlogs and makes interesting videos reviewing the food. The channel is operated from Portugal.

Subscribers: 45.5 K

Joined On: 24 September 2015

Views: 18,950

Nhac GNT

Nhac GNT is a multi chef South American Food Youtube Channel. The channel has various chefs that give tutorial videos on the various South American Cuisine. The names of the chefs are Rita Lobo, Rodrigo Hilbert, Claude Troisgros, Felipe Bronze, Raíza Costa, Ju Ferraz, Dani Noce, Tabata Romero and Mohamad Hindi. All of them are well-known chefs in South America and the youtube channel provides a way to learn from these chefs directly.

Subscribers: 1.82 K

Joined On: 04 August 2015

Views: 200,256,615

Paola Carosella

Paola Carosella is a South American Food Youtube channel that is run by the famous Gastronomy Films Director Paola Carosella. The channel is started by the celebrity to give reviews on the famous South American food. Not only reviewing the YouTuber also teaches how to make the food at home with the normal ingredients available in every kitchen. 

Subscribers: 1.02 M

Joined On: 13 July 2009

Views: 27,534,378

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Tipsy Bartender

Tipsy Bartender is a South American Food Youtube Channel. The channel is different from the other food youtube channels it teaches how to make cocktail drinks. You can learn how to make vodka Jello Shots from the channel. The channel was started in 2010 and is immensely popular in South America. 

Subscribers: 4.21 M

Joined On: 02 November 2010

Views: 193,798,765

Masterchef Brasil

Masterchef Brasil is the official YouTube Channel of the Masterchef championship in Brazil. It is categorized as the best South American YouTube channel by us because you can find reviewing and video tutorials on the channel. The channel was started in 2015 and has been categorized as official by YouTube. 

Subscribers: 4.02 M

Joined On: 17 October 2015

Views: 2,341,954,512


Settime2588 is a South American food YouTube Channel. The channel can be categorized as the travel and the food channel both. The YouTuber travels around the world and gives his reviews on the street food of different countries he travels. The channel was started in 2006 and has gained immense popularity to date.

Subscribers: 1.2 M

Joined On: 06 December 2006

Views: 852,522,960

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Mark Weins

Mark Weins is a South American Food YouTube Channel. The channel is run by the famous traveler Mark Weins. Mark Weins has written in his bio “Food is the reason you should travel, and on my channel, you’ll watch videos about delicious street food and travel tips!”. If you love to travel around places and taste street food then Mark Weins is the perfect food Channel for you to follow.

Subscribers: 7.52 M

Joined On: 03 February 2009

Views: 1,644,590,317

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino is a South American Food YouTube Channel. The YouTuber Has been Creating quality content which has helped her in gaining 12.8 M subscribers on YouTube. The channel was started in 2010.

Subscribers: 12.8 M

Joined On: 08 April 2010

Views: 3,466,175,538

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Follow these South American Food YouTube channels to get quality content. These channels give you a perfect review of the street food and will also teach you how to make delicious south American dishes at your home. Do write us your reviews in the comments section.

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