How To Activate Easy Method For Different Devices 2023!

How To Activate

If you have the access to StarZ and want to stream it and how to add it on different programs then learn how to activate for multiple devices and stream your favorite shows on the device of your choice.

StarZ is a US based TV network and streaming service which offers multiple substantive and stylish programming ranging from American Gods and Power To Spartacus to Black Sails, StarZ has offered its users a huge collection of amazing TV shows. One can use the services if one knows how to activate on their device.

To activate, open Web Browser > Search > StarZ Official Website > > Try StarZ Free for a Week > Enter details > Sign Up.

Today we will be discussing how to activate and how to add StarZ on different programs like Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Smart TV etc. If you are interested in it you are most welcome to our detailed guide to gain knowledge!

How To Activate

If you have the access to StarZ then you can operate and take the advantage of the service from almost anywhere on any device! This guide is going to be all about how to activate! With access to StarZ one can stream amazing content on almost every device including Kindle, Fire, Fire TV, Nexus Player, Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Roku and Xbox. One premium account lets you access the same package on four different devices at once for $8.99 per month for all those hit movies and TV shows! Here’s how to activate in a few simple steps!

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NOTE: In order to activate StarZ, you might have a StarZ premium subscription or must be accessing a 7-day free trial provided by the brand before you go for a subscription. And before starting accessing a trial pack or subscription you have to login to an account or add a channel to your account. 

Web Browser > Search > StarZ Official Website > > Try StarZ Free For A Week > ENter Details > Sign Up 

Step 01: Launch a trusted web browser and navigate through the StarZ website, and search for

Step 02: Once the results appear, navigate through the official one and select “Try StarZ Free For A Week”.

Step 03: Then click on the Sign Up button and enter the required information in their dedicated fields.

And done, that’s when you activate your account on! Once you know how to activate it will become easy for you to add the channel to other devices. Here is a guide for the same!

How To Add StarZ To Smart TV?

How To Activate

If you own a Smart TV and want to experience the SmartZ service on a bug screen then make use of this guide and add the StarZ Play app to your Smart TV. Follow the steps given below:

Smart TV > App Store > Search > StarZ > Download > Install > Launch > Log In > Enter Code > Submit > Stream

Step 01: Turn On your Smart TV and navigate through the App Store.

Step 02: Search for the StarZ app by entering the name in the Search Bar then set it on Download from the results.

Step 03: Once it gets downloaded, let it Install and appear on your devices home screen. Once it does, launch it and Log In to your StarZ account using the credentials that you used to activate earlier.

Step 04: Navigate through the StarZ app using any device and fill in the Code on the screen in its dedicated field on the web page.

Step 05: At last, click on the Submit button to register your Smart TV.

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And done! You have now added the StarZ channel successfully to your Smart TV and now you have 2 more devices left to add the channel to! Enjoy streaming amazing contents back to back. In case you need more such guides on streaming apps or softwares that provide fun content to binge on in your free time then refer to the below referred articles!

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Wrapping Up

StarZ is basically a huge library of amazing and trending movies, TV shows, documentaries, series and many more! If you are someone who loves passing their free time watching movies then StarZ would be the best for you to pick! Knowing how to activate would help you a lot in accessing and enjoying their service! You just need to subscribe to StarZ and then create an account to dive into the universe of the original series. Downloading the app on different programs and enjoying streaming on large screens will become easier. This service doesn’t have any other charges except their subscription fees. One can subscribe to it either from the website or directly from the app! 

If you have gained something from this article on how to activate then don’t mind sharing it with your circle and help them too. Also don;t forget to share your suggestions and doubts in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Watch StarZ On My TV?

If you have access to the StarZ subscription then you can download the StarZ app instantly on your TV and watch content whenever you want. Here is how to watch StarZ content on your TV: Smart TV > App Store > Search > StarZ > Download > Install > Launch > Log In > Enter Code > Submit > Stream.

Q. Is StarZ TV Free?

StarZ comes at a price of $8.99 per month and $74.99 per year. If you buy the yearly package then you will end up saving $30 or 30% when compared to a monthly subscription. At present StarZ subscription comes with a price range less than every other streaming platform like HBO Max etc. 

Q. Do You Need An Account For StarZ?

In order to watch content on StarZ, one must have an account on StarZ or with a Distributor and help with a credit card for payment method or any other way to pay StarZ. 

Q. How Do I Activate StarZ On FireStick?

Head to the Fire TV Main Menu and click on the Apps section from there. Navigate through the StarZ app, you will find it at the top of the Subscription Apps for you. Download the app from there with the help of your Amazon ID and start streaming with your 7-day free trial.

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