How To Tame An Axolotl In Minecraft | 2022

How To Tame An Axolotl In Minecraft

How to tame an axolotl in Minecraft? Where can we find axolotl in Minecraft? With practically every major update, this amazing video game has been progressively introducing new entities to the game. The aquatic animal known as the axolotl is one of its notable more recent acquisitions. 

If you want to find and tame an axolotl, you must be ready because they move swiftly and can be difficult to find. By simply placing them in a bucket, one can capture and, in a sense, tame these new species –Sounds interesting? Learn how to tame an axolotl in Minecraft easily. However, I have to warn you, taming an axolotl is not as easy as taming a dog in Minecraft. Similarly, breeding an axolotl is more difficult than breeding a turtle in Minecraft

A bucket is the first item you’ll need if you want to create your own axolotl army. Then you can either obtain a few axolotl buckets and bring them on your next raid on the Ocean Monument, or you may empty your bucket in a cavern close to your Minecraft home to build your own tiny axolotl ecosystem! Sounds Fun? Let’s go through the article and learn the step-by-step method for how to tame an axolotl in Minecraft. 

How To Tame An Axolotl In Minecraft? 

Taming an axolotl is not as easy as taming a Rabbit or taming a Parrot in Minecraft. In this cool video game, if you wish to have an axolotl as your ally, here is how to tame an axolotl in Minecraft: 

Craft a Bucket> fill it with water> Capture Tropical fish with a bucket> Equip the bucket and tame an Axolotl

Step 1: Craft a Bucket with 3 Iron Ingots. Put 2 iron ingots in the first and third boxes on the top row of your crafting table, and then place 1 in the middle of the second row.

Step 2: Use the Bucket on a water block to fill it with water.

Step 3: Look for a tropical fish. Tropical fish exist in many varieties and typically inhabit warm biomes deep beneath the ocean.

Step 4: Use the Water Bucket on the Tropical Fish after equipping it to capture it.

Step 5: Get the Bucket of Tropical Fish and an Axolotl. The axolotl should approach you swimmingly. Your Axolotl will swim behind you while you are holding the Bucket of Tropical Fish and fight other aquatic creatures.

What Is An Axolotl In Minecraft?

If you’ve never heard of these cute amphibians and found them the first time in Minecraft, you should know – how to tame an axolotl in Minecraft. The axolotl is a real animal that dwells in caverns. Axolotls are a very uncommon and actually critically endangered species of salamander. They are indigenous to the Valley of Mexico, specifically to two lakes, one of which no longer exists. It is hoped that their inclusion in Minecraft will support axolotl conservation efforts.

The Minecraft axolotl is ridiculously cute and comes in a variety of colors, including pink, green, brown, and blue, much like in real life. They can be found in the brand-new Lush Caves biome introduced in the 1.18 update to Minecraft, but they also offer a tonne of unique new mechanics.

The axolotl is excellent since you can quickly catch it by snatching it up in a bucket and transporting it with you. Despite their cute appearance, these are assault amphibians that you can use to attack hordes on the water by emptying the bucket in the middle of combat.

Where Can You Find an Axolotl in Minecraft?

To learn how to tame an axolotl in Minecraft, first, you need to know where to find this cute animal. Pools of water in Lush Caves are home to axolotls. Search for a cave opening or begin excavating when you observe azalea trees to locate a lush cave. Bring some torches with you because axolotls can only spawn in complete darkness down beneath (below Y coordinate -63). Additionally, for them to spawn, there needs to be a clay block underneath the water.

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How To Breed An Axolotl?

By giving two adult axolotls a bucket of tropical fish to eat, you can breed two axolotls to grow your own private army. Just be sure to keep them close to water, as they must frequent it to survive.

How To Tame An Axolotl In Minecraft And Why Do You Need Them?

We have already discussed how to tame an Axolotl in Minecraft in this article. But, the important question is, when you have so much to do in Minecraft like creating portals, making potions, or breeding villagers; why do you need to tame an Axolotl in Minecraft? 

Axolotls technically cannot be domesticated in the same way that an ocelot or other animals may. Holding a bucket of tropical fish, though, will effectively tame an axolotl and make it follow you around. If you don’t have what the axolotl desires, it will ignore you. Axolotls don’t attack people directly, although they do attack the majority of other aquatic enemies. Axolotls play dead and start to regain health when they are attacked, but they are still vulnerable to damage and can still perish. Because they only consume live tropical fish, axolotls are finicky eaters.

Although they can walk on land, axolotls won’t venture more than a few blocks from the water. Use Lead on it to make a leash if you want one to follow you out of the water. Just remember that if your axolotl spends too much time out of the water, it will die. Use a Water Bucket on an Axolotl to scoop it up if you wish to keep one as a pet, exactly like you did with the fish. 

What Is The Rarest Axolotl In Minecraft?

As you were looking for an answer to how to tame an Axolotl in Minecraft, I think you need to know about the rarest Axolotl in Minecraft you can tame! Since you can only obtain a blue axolotl “naturally” by mating two other colors and praying for the blue mutation to develop, blue axolotls are by far the rarest color in Minecraft. 99.917% of the time, a baby axolotl will resemble one of its parents; the remaining 0.083% is made up of random instances of blue. Many people utilize console commands to create blue axolotls because they are so difficult to find. However, the likelihood of getting another through breeding greatly increases if you have one.

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Wrapping Up

This is the conclusion of the article. Considering you have reached the conclusion part; hope, you have already learned about how to tame an Axolotl in Minecraft. Facing Minecraft Error? Let me know in the comment box for a quick guide. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Minecraft and Discord!


Q1. Can You Tame Axolotls Eat In Minecraft?

Axolotls in Minecraft are no different from other mobs in that they require food to enter the breeding stage. But they depend on eating tropical fish, unlike any other mob. And contrary to popular belief, you cannot feed them dead fish directly. Only tropical fish that are fed to axolotls alive in water buckets are eaten by them.

Q2. What Do You Use To Tame An Axolotl?

An axolotl does not require feeding, in contrast to the majority of other game enemies. Instead, all you need to do is pick up the adorable little creature with a water bucket, and you can keep it.

Q3. What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft?

Tropical fish

In Minecraft, axelotls exclusively eat tropical fish that is kept in buckets. To get a bucket of tropical fish, you must use a water bucket on a tropical fish. A little axolotl will be born when two axolotls mate and are promptly fed.

Q4. Can You Leash An Axolotl In Minecraft?

Axolotls are capable of walking on land, although they won’t go more than a few blocks from the water. If you want one to follow you out of the water, build a leash out of lead and attach it to it. Just keep in mind that if your axolotl spends too much time dry, it dies.

Q5. Do Minecraft Axolotls Need Air?

Axolotls are considered amphibians, but while having just gills—the buds that resemble antennae on the front of their heads—they are unable to often breathe air on land like salamanders do.

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