Tech-Tacular Times: Navigating The Whirlwind World Of Marketing

Tech-Tacular Times: Navigating The Whirlwind World Of Marketing

We are going through a digital wave surge. If you never realized, look around – you live in  Tech-Tacular Times. From booking a cab to setting up a business, you cannot ignore the prevalent presence of technology.

Besides, why ignore the tech surge when you can be a part of it, ride the wave, and make the best out of it? How? To start with, you should know the technology pillars that are building the paramount structure. Explore these technologies, implement them, and make a dent in the world of marketing.

Yes, the marketing world is now being swept with a number of technologies. If you are unaware of these technologies, you are missing the party! For instance, AI is the new stepping stone of going viral. Also, you need to get a grip on Chatbots, social media, and SEO technology. 

You don’t have time to waste! The future is here and those who can see it are educating themselves with technologies and reforming their marketing and branding strategy. Let’s keep up or you will fall behind the race. 

AI – The Newbie Shaking Things Up

We were introduced to AI in Sci-Fi movies long ago. And now, we have a bunch of  AI tools redefining media marketing. From Open AI ChatGPT to DALL·E, there are more than twelve AI tools available that can help you restructure your marketing journey. Unlike simple gadgets, AI tools have proven more effective in generating ROI. 

AR/VR – The Digital Dream

Gen Z is now more into AR/VR than anything else! You can hardly point out someone who does not like the AR/VR effect! So, if you are including AR/VR sunglasses in your marketing plan, that’s definitely going to jazz up! 

Chatbots – Your Nerdy Companion 

Chatbots could be your nerdy friends taking care of all of your customer queries, single-handedly! With chatbots, you can simply cut off your manpower as well as your expenses. Using chatbots for customer service is the best for start-ups where you have to take care of all with limited employees. 

SEO Services – The Web Wizards

No doubt SEO is the ‘last Samurai’ for marketing. When everything fails, good SEO can still stand by you and make you visible to the search engine. This is the most efficient way to be recognized by Google and so do the customers. So, invest well in SEO services and reach target customers easily. 

Social Media – Reshaping The Brand World

Social media is the trendsetter. Exposure and strengthening foothold in social media will only make your brand more visible! People are living in virtual societies more than in real-world neighborhoods. Words spread faster in social media and a single good review can make you go viral! 

Data Analytics – He Who Never Lies 

Marketers are now becoming mind readers with the power of data analytics. Armed with data, you can conquer the market better than any conventional method. Data analysis can help you to predict market trends and help you in decision-making. 


We are all part of a digital playground willingly or unwillingly. This is how the world moves now! In these tech-tacular times, we cannot avoid the integration of new technologies in business, marketing, reshaping society, and most importantly, in our lives! So, broaden your horizons and accept the technologies that surround you, absorb the aurora of technology, and channel it in your marketing! Can you do that? Can you? 

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