How to Find the Best Fitness Hashtags for Instagram Reels

fitness hashtags

Whether you sweat it out on your own in the gym or do a high-intensity interval training at a group class, workouts are an unlimited source of endorphins. Sharing your fitness experience with the world can be very inspiring for others, and even more so, if you’re a fitness coach.

A great option for showing things ‘live’, Instagram Reels prove especially handy for encouraging people to care about their physical health. For a better effect make sure that you’re using the right fitness hashtags for Reels.

With Instagram Reels becoming increasingly popular, it would be a mistake not to use their potential to the full. Adding hashtags to your fitness Reels on Instagram will help you grow your audience.

How to Find Boosting Instagram Fitness Reels Hashtags?

You can entrust this a little bit boring, yet important part of Insta blogging routine to Inflact’s hashtag generator. This AI-based searcher will analyze your keywords, images, or links and generate hashtags for Reels automatically. You’ll see a list of fitness-related tags divided into three groups, including the most frequent, average, and rare ones. Choose and copy as many as you want. For example, these are hashtags that the tool generated for the keyword Boxing:

generated fitness hashtags

Moreover, the tool will show you a list of related organic hashtags — those that are often added to posts together with the tags from the generated list.

If you don’t feel like conducting research, even AI-assisted, in order to discover the best fitness hashtags for Instagram Reels, you don’t have to. Inflact did the homework for you — just pick fitness hashtags for Instagram Reels that suit best. From #fitnessmodel with 57.7M of uses to #fitnesshouse slightly exceeding 100K, there is a wide hashtag field for you to explore and harvest. 

choosing fitness hashtags

Do you still think that looking for the right hashtags is too time-consuming? All right, here are the gems of our Instagram fitness Reels hashtag collection:

#fitnessmodel, #fitnessgirl, #fitnessjourney, #polefitness, #zumbafitness, #fitnessfreaks, #fitnesslifestyle, #fitnessaddict, #instafitness, #fitnessinspiration, #fitnesslife, #fitnessfreak, #fitnessgoals, #modafitness, #bodyfitness.

Choose your Category of Fitness Reels for Instagram

The plethora of fitness hashtags for Instagram Reels can be conveniently grouped into categories such as Workout, Cardio, Spinning, Yoga, Crossfit, Running, Jogging, or whatever else exists in the fitness universe.

ai fitness hashtags

Watching the smart tool generating fitness hashtags by category can be no less fun than fitness coaching or doing an ABT workout. For example, this is what Inflact’s AI-based tool came up with for Yoga:

Top 10 frequent: #yoga, #yogaeverydamnday, #yogainspiration, #yogalife, #yogapractice, #yogalove, #yogagirl, #yogaeverywhere, #yogateacher, #yogachallenge

Top 10 average: #yogafitness, #yogavibes, #yogaasana, #yogabody, #yogastudent, #yogafamily, #yogaoutside, #yogajournal, #yogalovers, #yogachallenges

Top 10 rare: #yogafitness, #yogavibes, #yogaasana, #yogabody, #yogastudent, #yogafamily, #yogaoutside, #yogajournal, #yogalovers, #yogachallenges

Combine three or four tags from each group, add them to your Reels and go viral! Who knows, maybe you’ll play the first fiddle in setting the most trending Instagram fitness hashtags in 2023.

categories for fitness hashtags

Choose the Best Time to Post Fitness Reels on Instagram

There is a science to how Instagram marketing works, and choosing the right posting times is definitely an important section. When you publish your posts and Reels matters for impressions and engagement. One of the relevant studies revealed that the best time to post fitness Reels on Instagram is 9 am and 12 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Of course, this is a general assumption that may or may not prove true for your account. To get a precise answer you need to experiment posting your Reels at different times and checking how they perform. Do it within a month or two and then analyze which posts gained more attention. 

inflact hashtags generator


Keep in mind that your objective is not to just create a following, it is to create a following of the right people. One of the ways to achieve it is using proper hashtags that will help users find you. Last but not the least, choose the right time for posting Instagram Reels to get your content seen by a larger number of potential followers.

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