The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time?

The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time

TikTok being launched in 2016, has now become one of the most popular social media platforms. You can make videos and upload them on this platform, watch short videos, and many more. There are many popular videos that you will find on this platform has reached more than 100 million views. And, here we have bought you a post on The Most Viewed TikTok Videos of All Time.

TikTok is a place where everything goes mad viral and that too just for the weirdest reasons. It is almost like everyone that is popular in this app is successful for doing very little. Now, that we have said that, you will be pleased to know that the majority of the most viewed TikTok of all time is really entertaining and is well produced.

So, the moment you take a break from your busy schedule you find yourself on the TikTok site. Here you will find The Most Viewed TikTok Videos of All Time and you just keep tapping your hearts on them because you and other users love them.

So, here in this post, we will discuss what are the list of viewed TikTok videos on TikTok that people have just loved. Now, let’s not waste any more time and quickly get started.

The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time

Pals, tighten your seat belts coz now we are going to discuss The Most Viewed TikTok Videos of All Time. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

1. Zach King’s Magic Ride- The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time With 2.2 Billion Views

The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time

This video shows the king of illusion that is Zach King who is an American-based filmmaker and also the best illusionist that has taken the internet by storm in recent years.

In this video, you will find Zach flying on what seems to be the magic broom. But soon you will notice that he is just skating with boards in his hands. This video has got almost 2.2 billion views and is still counting.

Whether it is advanced video editing skills or just some optical effects, you can be sure that this video is worth your time.

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2. James Charles Christmas Sisters Party – 1.7 Billion Views

James Charles Christmas Sisters Party

The second video that is The Most Viewed TikTok Video of All Time is the video of James Charles who is a beauty artist famous for his amazing makeup skills. But this video that went viral has just nothing to do with the beauty or makeup skills.

Instead, this is a snippet from James Sister’s Christmas party in the year 2019. The transitions that you see in the video are very solid and are quite satisfying to watch.

3. Zach King’s Unexpected Hiding Spots – 1.1 Billion Views

Zach King's Unexpected Hiding Spots

This video comes in the third position and this is another Zach King illusion video. This video features King finding his hide-and-seek friends in the most unexpected places that you can think of. When you look at the video once, you will not understand. You need to look at the video twice. There are many scenes that are just perplexing, for instance when Zach Kings walks through the mirror.

This is The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time that have received around 1.1 billion views and was liked more than 9.5 million times. If you see the scenes and the transitions then you will realize how much time it must have taken for them to create this video. So, this huge number of videos is actually justified.

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4. Glass And Cake Illusion By Zach King- 966.4 Million Views

Glass And Cake Illusion By Zach King

Again, in the fourth position, we have Zach King’s video. Seems like he is ruling the internet. Well, yes, you can say that after looking at the effort that he puts in for each of his videos you can say that he should rule the internet. In this video, you will see Zach pouring water into a glass.

But the video takes a trademark with the unexpected twist. The viewers thought that the glass of water was actually a glass-like cake. But to be honest it is extremely difficult to say how he manages to make this kinda mind-boggling content.

5. M To B Lip-Syncing By Bella Porch- 690.6 Million Views

The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time

This video of Bella Porch comes stands in the fifth position. We all know that Bella Porch is a famous TikToker based in the Philippines. In this video you will see that Bella is lip-syncing and bopping her head to the rhythm of the famous Millie B Song. This video is so entertaining that you will actually find yourself bopping your head to the beat unconsciously.

Till now this video has been able to receive a total of 683.4 million views and has the record for the most likes with 56.8 million.

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6. Zach King’s Wet Wall Illusion- 659.5 Million Views

The Most Viewed TikTok Videos Of All Time

There comes our favorite Zach King’s video again. But this time this video is of him painting a wall. You must be wondering what is so special about this video that gained so many millions of views when Zach is just painting a wall? Well, we do know that if it is a video of Zach King then there has to be a twist. So, what is there in this video?

You will see that in the whole video Zach uses optical effects that will make you wonder whether you actually know the difference between the passageway and a wall or not?

7. Sorrel Horse Dancing To Say It Right- 421.3 Million Views

Sorrel Horse Dancing To Say It Right

Next on the list, we have the video that features Jammie Sorrel Horse, its username is @Jammie32bsh.

In this video, you will see that the TikToker is lip-syncing and dancing to Say it Right by Nelly Furtado in his bathroom.

8. Adorable Baby Laughing By Daexo- 392.4 Million Views

Adorable Baby Laughing By Daexo

We all love to watch the baby video, don’t we? They are just so cute, tiny and adorable. Could be, it is due to this reason that in this video you will see a cute baby laughing and that has made it go viral.

This video was uploaded by Dae Warner who runs the Daexo account. Her baby is the main focus of this account. If you love to watch baby videos, then you should watch this video.

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Wrapping Up:

So here is the list of The Most Viewed TikTok Videos of All Time. These videos are worth the views that have topped the list. Do watch them if you haven’t yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Is The Most Followed Person On TikTok?

Well, Charli D’Amelio has got the title of the most followed TikTok star in the world. She has around 140.3 million followers at the moment. Khaby Lame closely follows her on TikTok himself and has 137.3 million followers.

Q. Which Video Stands In The 10th Position In TikTok?

Well, if you want to know which video stands in the 10th position then it is the video of Billie Eilish’s Time Wrap Scan that has managed to get 384 million views.

Even though this was her first TikTok it has still managed to make its position in the top 10 list. Who thought that a basic video with a filter that has been used on this platform for many years will make it to the 10th position. But it can after all its Billie Eilish.

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