What Is The Winkyverse: A Revolution In the Education Metaverse

The Winkyverse Metaverse

So, what’s trending? Facebook launched its virtual universe, Horizon Worlds. There are fashion shows being held in the Metaverse. Now, we have got a Metaverse that will educate the kids. Yeah, the technology has finally started taking over the physical schools. Recently an educational ecosystem “The Winkyverse Metaverse” has been launched and in this article we will come across its features.

The Winkyverse platform was first developed at Ecole Polytechnique in the year 2017. The ultimate goal of the company was to provide the kids with the latest education with the best technology possible and make them ready for the future. The Winkyverse platform is already used by over 1000 families in Europe to educate their kids.

Recently, the company has launched their Metaverse known as The Winkyverse Metaverse. It is the first educational Metaverse completely dedicated to kids. We know you might be having numerous queries in your head right now. Well, we have tried to clear them all in our post.

What Is The Winkyverse Metaverse?

The Winkyverse is the first educational game metaverse in the world. It is an educational ecosystem that combines the six most in-demand technologies of the time. These include Programming. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Blockchain and Augmented reality.

All the six technologies combine together to make an ecosystem, what we call the Gaming Metaverse. In which the kids from 5 to 12 years old can play and learn. The AI technology used by the Winkyverse Gaming Metaverse is smart enough to recognize the kid’s mental level and plan the learning strategies accordingly.

The Winkyverse Metaverse is divided into three different spaces. The children along with their families can go to any of these spaces to learn, create, play and enjoy. 

These three spaces are 

  • WinkiPlay
  • WinkyMaker
  • Winkyverse

Well what are these three spaces used for and what can you all do in these spaces? Let’s find out one by one.


WinkyPlay is the space in the Winkyvesre Metaverse that allows the users, especially the kids to play the games. The kids can join the WinkyPlay space along with their parents and play different games of their choice.

The games available in this space are created by talented creators from around the globe. These are the educational games that help the kids to play and learn new things.


The second space in The Winkyverse Metaverse is the WinkyMaker. Well, it is the platform that helps the users to create their own NFTs and then sell them in the Marketplace to earn money. 

You can customize the Winky Robots in this space with the drag and drop option. The Winky Robots thus created can be sold as the NFTs in some of the best NFT Marketplaces. So, if you want to earn money in The Winkyverse, this can be a very good option.

The Winkyverse 

Well, this is the most important space in the whole of The Winkyverse Metaverse. The Winkyverse as the name itself says is the Metaverse, the virtual world. There are a lot of things that can be done in The Winkyverse. The kids along with their parents can join The Winkyverse and interact with the Winky Robots and learn new things.

The Winkyverse also provides the users with the option to create the games and monetize them for the other players. This way can also be used to earn a good amount of money from the Winkyverse Platform.

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The Winkyverse Metaverse Working

The Winkyverse Metaverse

As we told you, the Winkyverse Metaverse is an educational ecosystem made for kids between 5-12 years of age. Well, as the kids join the Metaverse they are welcomed by the Winky Robot. It is a cute white-colored Robot that the kids interact with, in the virtual 3D world.

The cute robot makes the children want to talk with it and it teaches them new subjects. These Winky robots encourage the children to improve their memory and concentration skills.

As we told you, the Winkyverse is a Metaverse. So, it is obvious that this Metaverse will also have its own token. The native token of the Winkyverse is known as “Winkies”. These tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

You can use the Winkies for the following activities

  • Purchase games in the Winkiverse Metaverse 
  • Buy a Winky robot with a 50% discount.
  • Pay for access to WinkyVerse
  • Subscribe to WinkyPlay Premium to get early access to the games.
  • Reward artists and game developers on WinkyMaker.
  • Stake their Winkies for passive income.

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Wrapping Up

The Winkyverse is the first educational Metaverse that is totally dedicated to the children’s learning process. Well, if you are looking for a good virtual environment for your kid to learn and grow then you must consider the Winkyverse Metaverse.

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