Top 5 Best Amazon Firestick Tips & Tricks For Maximum Entertainment

You have just purchased your Firestick and you are excited about it. You are about to turn your television set into an actual station and gain access to anything you can think of. But then, once you get it up and running, you will need to play a bit with the settings, twitch some preferences and find the right channels to actually enjoy it – some of them are paid, while others are premium.

No one is going to mention channels now because everyone is aware of the most popular ones. What most people do not know is the fact that a few tips and tricks can take this whole Firestick experience to another level. A few simple changes will add to the overall entertainment and joy while using the Firestick. So, what should you know before using it?

Casting and mirroring

Did you know that your Firestick experience can go further than your actual television set? Most people are not aware of it, but you can actually mirror or cast content over other devices through Firestick. Basically, you can use laptops, smartphones, computers or tablets with no issues at all. You do need to know whether the software you use can actually support the casting feature.

Another condition implies having both the Firestick and casting device on the exact same wireless network. All in all, this feature is excellent for video platforms that you cannot access over Firestick. Go to the device you want to mirror, click to cast and choose the Firestick. The video will move on to the screen straight away.

Game controlling

Have you ever imagined that you can come up with a gaming controller while using Firestick? Indeed, most people are not aware of this, but gamers should know that they can play video games with nothing but a few clicks and settings. It may not be a good idea to use Alexa, but stick to an actual game controller for this experience. Furthermore, there is a long list of fun Firestick TV games that are a blast to play!

Default gaming devices will work with no issues at all. To connect the controller, do it over Bluetooth – you can also use the classic USB port if available. Go to the settings, then go to remotes and Bluetooth devices. Go to game controllers then and start the pairing process.

Headphone connection

If you think you cannot use the Firestick when family members are sleeping, you are wrong. In fact, you can keep it all private and prevent others from being disturbed by the noise. A simple trick will have you connect Bluetooth headphones with no issues whatsoever.

Turn the Bluetooth headphones on and make sure they are ready to pair. Go to settings, then reach the controllers and Bluetooth devices menu. Go to other Bluetooth devices and you will find a setting to add more devices. You can add or select the headphones you have, but also connect to them within a few seconds only.

Clearing useless files

With time, you will realize that some Firestick apps are getting slow. Plus, they act a bit weird and you simply cannot understand why. This issue affects both Amazon official apps and third party applications. Before uninstalling and reinstalling apps, there is a better option that will most likely solve the problem – clearing the cache.

Clear data and cache on a regular basis for maximum entertainment and great speeds. Go to the settings, then head over to applications and choose to manage them. Find the application that seems to go slow and choose to delete the data or cache.

Full control over Alexa

Are you up for even more fun and entertainment? Fine. Get Alexa in and you will discover a completely new experience. The remote coming with the device allows interacting with the Firestick through Alexa. If you lose the remote, you can always rely on your assistant for help – plus, it is quite convenient and adds to the overall experience.

Open the Alexa application, find the TV and video menu in the settings and choose the Firestick. Pairing takes a few seconds.

In the end, these tips and tricks will most likely take your Firestick experience to another level. Sure, having access to unlimited television stuff is a great thing, but the above-mentioned ideas will push it further in terms of convenience and entertainment.

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