Top Gaming Trends to Watch Out For

Top Gaming Trends to Watch Out For

Microsoft starts purchasing process for Activision with a record $68.7 billion. Steam constantly updates online data and boasts a 28 million concurrent population. People see this news and come into the camp of the players or become developers. They are making their own way into the future of video games.

Small studios without a publisher are gaining more popularity. Creative freedom allows working with interesting ideas. Even one person can create a little thing for a PC or smartphone. Valheim/Inscryption are great examples of indie projects making more money than AAA.

Steve Jobs showed what evolution can be like. Smartphones have taken over the pockets of their owners. The device has constant access to the Internet and replaces many gadgets. Like a third hand for some users.

Going online gives access to various platforms. Steam Link launches сollection from the desktop library. The device’s camera supports augmented reality. Mobile projects are developed for several OS at once, which affects the interface, mechanics, etc.

AR gaming everywhere 

New games technologies require a device capable of handling augmented reality. A simple smartphone is usually enough but may encounter country restrictions. The landscape and the location of key points matter. Some of them have to be adjusted manually. 

AR Dragon is a cute variety of Tamagotchi. A charming creature requires constant attention and interaction with the master. The basic needs of a virtual creature will help feel it alive. Saves from loneliness and does not need to clean out the real litter box.

The most popular example of AR games would be Pokemon Go. This adventure is impossible without going outside. GPS helps in the difficult journey of catching pocket monsters. But players need to be careful. Not all locations are accessible without risk to life. 

The development of technology goes beyond entertainment. Museums use AR to display exhibits. Even the oldest dinosaur bones can come to life in a phone’s camera. Also fun, but offers useful knowledge. 

Mobile gaming boom and boom again

Candy Crush Saga is the most successful pocket hit in the whole world. Each year brings in over $700 million. These fabulous incomes have forced many companies to move into the genre. The growth of this industry is driven by copying successful patterns. Hundreds of thousands of clones exist and will be created in the near.

The closest contenders clashed with each other in the shooter’s genre. PUBG Mobile against Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty. Mobile. Brands are fighting for portable systems because there are billions of dollars at stake. For example, PUBG Mobile brings in about $10 million a day.

App Store is well known. Thoughtful site rules and quality control reject dubious programs and bad joys. In this case, games tops are needed to help make the right choice. Ratings are filled with great names.

The future of the store is uncertain. Epic sued Apple over a year ago. Marketplaces will flood all apps if the defendant loses the case. There are new opportunities for scammers and Fortnite.

The second life of browser games

They are back in video gaming trends! Most are free. No launchers are needed. The graphic card model doesn’t matter. Just open the desired page and run.

First life associated with Macromedia Flash. Multimedia software was great for creating animation, working with graphics and music, etc. Support ended in 2020 for most of the planet.

Gaming sites are chock-full of all known franchises:

  • Minecraft. A worldwide hit with an infinite number of followers.
  • FNAF is one of those. Thanks to the release of the new part, this series is relevant again. The entire list is available without major changes. Scares to the bone, just like before.
  • Legendary Zuma. The first levels relax, while the later ones increase the heart rate. It was released on all devices and in the most unusual variations. 

Family gaming

The pandemic is gradually receding, but the habit of playing with the family remains. Having a good time at Monopoly Ultimate Banking will improve financial literacy. Dungeons & Dragons are not suitable for a beginner, but it is great for developing imagination.

Scuffed UNO is in demand on many screens and tables. Very simple rules that are understandable for anyone. Corporations like to release their own versions. There they add recognizable mascots or change the rules of the origin.

Cloud-based Gaming (GaaS) 

GaaS is one of the latest trends. Season passes, microtransactions, and many other ways of temporary access. 

This payment model came along with the first paid subscription. Present in online games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV. 

Destiny 2 is a notable member of GaaS due to the presence of microtransactions. The basic version is free. Add-ons, internal currency, and other little things are bought for real money. Not all like it, as the developers manage to remove some of the old content. 

Cloud gaming appeared a few years ago. Possibility to play online is an excellent solution for people with low-end PCs. Services were supposed to help with Cyberpunk 2077, Control, and other major releases. 

The need for a stable Internet and constant queues led to the loss of users. The promises of the companies turned out to be unrealistic for the mass. Many developers have gone into radio silence while they are busy building capacity.


Improving old IPs is considered the best solution in development. Olds respond better to familiar titles, nostalgic feelings emerge. There is a chance to recoup the costs at the expense of the old stager and cover new ones. 

It’s getting harder for new players to understand the classics of yesteryear. Outdated mechanics and low detail are not of interest. 

The most successful example was Resident Evil 2 and RE3. The titles were remade from scratch and partly changed stories. The colossal changes brought high revenues and excellent ratings on all review aggregators.

Crysis Remastered received a cooler reception. The feature of working with one core has not been fixed. Textures are not able to hide tons of bugs.

The rise of crypto 

Are Cryptocurrency and NFT the biggest scam in the games? Worldwide? 

Fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies do not allow adding them as a payment method. Valve added bitcoin to Steam but removed it shortly. IPs with built-in miners are removed too. 

In 2022, each of these titles lives on a separate personal site. Not everyone understands the need for NFTs. Journalists write articles with detailed explanations and raise even more questions.

The mood of the players is noticeable by the situation with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. The mere mention of NFT led to a collapse in pre-orders. An attempt to earn more could lead to bankruptcy.

The one who does nothing makes no mistakes

Trends are not something permanent. They change for good or for bad. They may cease to exist. So it remains to wait for the right person at the right time.

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