How Old Is Trey From TikTok?

How Old Is Trey From TikTok?

Do you know about Trey? He is a famous social media star. If you have been using TikTok then you must have come across Trey’s videos, isn’t it? Do you like his videos? Trey is quite known for his amazing dancing skills and lip-sync videos on TikTok. But seeing his video do you know how old is Trey from TikTok?

TikTok is a famous social media app that allows you to share your talent with the world. You can record and post videos on TikTok. you can follow famous celebrities on this platform, in this way you will be able to see their posts on this platform. Trey is one such famous personality in TikTok who is doing the rounds on TikTok now.

Trey being a TikToker has collaborated with many different celebrities. He may look young but he has a lot of followers on TikTok. But can you guess his age? Do you know how old is Trey from TikTok? Well, Trey is just 13 years old.

Can you believe that at such a young age he has become so famous and he is collaborating with so many famous celebrities? Moreover, his dancing skills are just wow. Let’s address your questions about the famous TikTok star Trey from TikTok.

How Old Is Trey From TikTok?

By looking at other’s videos on TikTok it may be hard to guess their face because many use different TikTok filters. While there are still many TikTokers who don’t use any filters yet guessing his age can be difficult. Similarly, if you have seen Trey’s videos guessing his age too can be difficult. You may want to know how old is Trey from TikTok. Well, Trey is 13 years old. He was born on 21st August 2008. Trey’s full name is Trey Makai. Since you know how old is Trey Makai, you even know when is Trey Makai’s birthday, isn’t it?

Who Is Trey Makai?

How Old Is Trey From TikTok?

Well, Trey Makai was born and raised in West Jordan, Salt lake county, Utah. His brother’s name is Riley Makai and his sister’s name is Ellie Makai. He loves to play soccer and he is into video games also. Trey Makai is a famous social media personality and amazing dancer by profession and is now a great TikTok star. He has more than 400,000 followers on his TikTok account. even on other social media handles, he has huge fan following. Trey Makai is 4 feet 11 inches and weighs 66 pounds or 30 kg.

Trey Makai’s Net Worth

How Old Is Trey From TikTok?

Trey earns money through his YouTube channel and brand endorsements. Trey Makai has a net worth of $144,000 and his estimated yearly income is around $165,000 to $178,920. His monthly salary is $8,000 to $8, 910. On average he gets 42 million views per month on his YouTube channel. Moreover, on the basis of video views, he makes something around $5,750 to $6,000 every month from YouTube.

Trey Makai Career

Trey Makai started his career as a TikTok star where he would share his dancing videos and has around 400,000 million followers on TikTok. In the early days of his TikTok career, his account was banned for not following the guidelines.

Trey joined YouTube on 26 October 2018 and he posted his first video named “Granny Zoonono | Trey Makai” on 8 February 2020. This was a six-minute-long comedy video.

Wrapping Up:

Guessing a person’s age by seeing him virtually can be difficult and that is why you may want to know the age of the TikTok stars like you want to know how old is the young TikTok star Trey from TikTok. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Trey Makai Single?

Well, these questions are not appropriate for him as he is too young to get into affairs.

Q. Why Is Trey Makai Famous?

Trey Makai is famous for the dancing videos that he shares on TikTok and also on YouTube shorts.

Q. When Is Trey Makai Birthday?

Trey Makai’s birthday is on the 21st of August.

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