Trump Social Media: A Detailed Overview Of Truth Social

Trump Social Media

The former US President Mr. Donald Trump was banned from the Social Media Site and the news made the headlines of every newspaper in the world. Trump as we all know believes in comebacks, so he launched his own Social media, he gave the name to this social media as Truth Social. Well, what is this Trump Social Media about, and why does it have so much hype? Let’s find out.

Apparently, Trump is launching the social media site known as “Truth Social”. Well, if you look at the story beyond, it is quite interesting. Trump got banned from Twitter after the Capitol Attack that happened on 06 January 2021. A mob full of Trump supporters broke into the White House and caused huge destruction. Trump was made responsible for instructing his followers from his social media sites.

Following which the 45th President of the United States was banned from Social Media sites including Twitter and Facebook. We know that you must be having a number of doubts and queries in your head. So, here is a post that will tell you everything about Trump’s Social Media.

Why Is Trump Social Media Called Truth Social 

As we said, Trump was banned from media sites such as Twitter. The former US President came up with the reason that the current Government is trying to suppress the truth from being unveiled to the public.

So, Trump Social Media, Truth Social was launched. The platform’s sole purpose is to publish the uncensored truth to the public. However, if you have watched the preview of the application then, it is similar to Twitter. So, calling Trump Social Media, the Truth Social as a rival to Twitter won’t be wrong.

We know you might be thinking why only Twitter, it is because the US President has got around 68 Million followers on the application before he was banned.

Trump Social Media Features

We know that currently the Beta version of the application is running and there are several errors while creating the account on Truth Social. However, you can also not deny that the features offered by the Truth Social are unmatchable.

Here is the list of the features that Trump Social Media has to offer to its users.

1. Building Profile

The application offers you a brand new platform to build your profile and interact with your followers.

2. Discover

The discover feature on the application works like the search button on the platform. You can search for your favorite influencer on the platform and follow him.

3. Timeline

Timeline is just like the feed where you can scroll and read the Truths posted by your favorite influencers. 

4. Truth

As we said that Trump Social Media is launched as the rival to Twitter. So, the Truth feature is equivalent to the tweet on the platform.

5. Re-Truth

The Re-Truth is equivalent to the Retweet on the Platform.

6. Dark-Mode

Moving to the next feature, the application is also said to have an in-built dark mode feature.

Trump Social Media Became The Most Downloaded App 

Trump has decided to launch the Truth Social application on President’s day. However, pre-registration on the Apple App Store and the official Truth Social Site was started days before the actual launch.

Several Trump supporters pre-registered for the application. As the application was launched on the president’s day, it automatically got downloaded on the phones of the people who have pre-registered it. 

However, the hype was so high that people constantly kept on downloading the Trump Social Media application and within the two days of its launch, it became one of the most downloaded social media applications on the Apple App Store. 

Trump Social Media Is Full Of Errors

The Truth Social application was launched on 21st February 2022. There are several users who are complaining about the errors encountered while creating the account on Truth Social. 

You must be aware that its Beta version is launched before the launch of the actual application. So, errors are expected. However, the stable version of the application is expected to launch in the mid of March.

Wrapping Up

We hope that now you are clear with all the queries about the Trump Social media application, called the Truth Social. The social media site Truth Social is expected to create a monopoly in the market. But, for that, we need to wait for the stable version of the application to release.

However, it is also said that the users may have to pay $20.00 per month to get access to the application. 

Well, if you find this article interesting and informative then do share it with your friends and also if you have any doubts or queries in your head. Feel free to ask us in the comments section.

You can visit our website for more details about the Truth Social application.

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