Truth Social Parent Company | Who’s Funding Truth Social?

Truth Social Parent Company

The former President Donald Trump’s latest social media application started a circumspect launch late Sunday and is expected to be fully available by the end of March, actively upgrading the former President’s position for more than a year after he got restricted by the popular platforms. He put all his efforts to give this platform a place in the market. Just like this news, we have a lot more to share with you all from the Truth Social Parent Company to its Continuously Rising Stock Value in the market.

“ Devin Nunes, the CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group (the parent company of Truth Social) said that during this week, “they will start rolling out to users on the Apple App Store”. On Fox News, the former congressperson of TMTG said that “by the end of March, We’re going to be fully active – at least in the US,” added Nunes, who left the US House to direct the Trump Group. 

Trump has briefed Truth Social as a competitor of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, all platforms that banned him after the controversy of the US Capital by his followers on January 6, 2021. The former president is accused of encouraging his followers to use force to cross-turn the result of the 2020 election. So who is funding Truth Social Media now? Which is the Truth Social Parent Company?

After all of this happened, Donald Trump and his contributors are trying to encourage and spread the reach of their platform Truth Social Media. Continue in order to know A to Z about the Truth Social and their Parent Company.

Who Is Truth Social Parent Company 

Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DAWC) has become the publicly-marketed company with its Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) and Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ on July 8, 2020.

Have a detailed view of Truth Social Parent Company below as we enclose everything related to Truth Social investment and stocks.

Truth Media & Technology Group (TMTG)

Truth Media & Technology Group

TMTG is also popular by the name of T Media Tech LLC. It’s an American media and tech company developed in February 2021 by former US President Donald Trump. TMTG wishes to utilize a Specialized Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) to facilitate. It is becoming a publicly marketed brand. 

TMTG declared that it is into a “Vast Variety Technology and Cloud Service Agreement ” with Rumble on 14 December 2021.  Rumble will control part of the Truth Social Network and TMTG+ in the upcoming future. The brand declared future product services involving a Social Media Platform (Truth Social) and on-demand programming (TMTG+). 

Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC)

DWAC was invented with the contribution of ARC Capital, a Shanghai-dependent firm specializing in mentioning Chinese companies on American Stock Markets that has been an aim of SEC inquiry of assaulting shell brands. Few of the companies were shocked to know that their investment amount was being utilized to finance a Trump-owned brand.

DWAC and TMTG, a publicly marketed SPAC, declared that they are into a definitive collaborator agreement that would merge two entities, giving TMTG the opportunity to become one of a publicly-marketed company. Both the groups (TMTG & DWAC) are aiming to provide a competitor and an alternative of the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and might attract important conservative virtual viewpoints to its own network. 

CNBC and CNN with the Washington Post reported that Majorie Talyor Greene, Congresswoman, bought the shares of Trump SPAC DWAC depending on the data. 

Trump’s TMTG – Who’s Investing?

Trump’s TMTG - Who’s Investing

Trump is intending to sell you a SPAC!

The pitching team tried to convince people to invest money in Trump’s new social media product, TMTG. There is a little titled “Tech Team” in the pitching team.  Matt Levine outshines that the list only contains the first and last initials of their members’ names, just like an AA conference.

Other than this, many other people are raising red flags for Trump’s TMTG capacity for success. They are saying, what’s the reason behind not revealing their whole name? Or is it like these personalities are so “Factor to alter” that one should not even try to know them etc. 

And still, some pitching decks somehow convinced investors to invest up to 1 billion with a “b,” US dollars for TMTG in a deal with SPAC majorly known as DWAC. 

Buy Shares In TMTG

To own stocks listed in the US, you will need a merger account with the approach to the US Stock market. Follow the manual given below :

  • Compare Stock Trading Platforms 

Search for a marketing stage that provides access to US Share markets. 

  • Roll out and invest your merger account

Fill up a form with your financial and personal details. Invest in your account with a bank exchange, debit card or PayPal.

  • Find TMTG 

Search for the Stocks by symbol or name. Research about it and confirm its compatibility with your financial targets.

  • Buy Now or Later

Buy in limit and hold on to your shares until TMTG retains the deserving target place.

  • Fix Target to Buy

Compare your target, budget to the portfolio that can reduce the danger of the market’s fluctuating situations.

  • Keep an eye on your investment

Congo! You’ve successfully become a part of Trump Media and TMTG. 

How Other Companies Are Performing?

How Other Companies Are Performing

It is next to impossible to foretell how any stock will perform in the coming future – and IPOs can be specifically volatile. But examining the performance of brands like Trump Media and Technology Group can be helpful in measuring how the market is doing and is it now a good time to invest in the market.

Opt for a brand to know more about what they do and how their shares are doing in the market including industry capitalization, the Price-To-Growth ratio, Price-to-earnings ratio, and dividend yield. 

Wrapping Up

The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) is a social media stage known as “TRUTH Social.” The statement from TMTG, given to Twitter by Trump’s representative Liz Harrington, said that TRUTH Social is available for pre-order via the Apple App Store, with a beta rollout for invited guests after a worldwide launch in the first season of 2022. 

In a secondary statement, Trump said that he created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand out from the tyranny of Big Tech. In the race of being the most popular platform, Truth Social is trying its best, from gathering investors to ranking in the share market. Truth Social is developing its network with its maximum speed. 

Hope now you have a clearer picture of who is Truth Social Parent Company!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Is The Owner Of TRUTH Social Media?

Ans. Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) in association with Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC) is officially the owner of Truth Social media.

Q2. Are The TRUTH Social Media Shares Available In Market?

Ans. No, not as of now. But soon DWAC and TMTG will make the platform available for publicly trading in the market for you all to invest and own.

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