Is Truth Social Worth The Hype? Truth Social Monopoly!

Is Truth Social Worth The Hype?

We all were excited about the release of the Truth Social app. This is one of the most awaited Truth Social Apps. Trump created Truth Social along with TMTG is Trump Media and Technology. The main motto of creating this app for Trump was to stand up to the big tyranny of the big techs. So, what do you think, is Truth Social worth the hype?

After being banned from other social media platforms, Trump decided to make his own social media app where he will promote open and free speeches that will include speech against political viewpoints. However, this is accessible only to limited users.

But do you think is Truth Social worth the hype? From the screenshots shared we can understand that this app is a look-alike of twitter. It has the same liking, commenting features which are similar to Twitter. So what do you think?

Well, here we have listed some of our opinions as to what we think on the query is Truth Social worth the hype or not. You can read about it and then decide for yourself, whether you should invest your time or not.

Is Truth Social Worth The Hype?

Since Truth Social is launched, there has been a wave of curiosity among its users related to the hype created on social media. But, along with this, the question has arisen, is Truth Social worth the hype? Let’s find it out below:

1. Truth Social Will Have Limited Access

This app has been made accessible only to US users. Also, only iOS users will be able to access it.

This means that it is exclusive!

Truth Social app till now hasn’t been accessible to Android users. But according to the reports it is said that it will soon be made accessible to Android users as well. Trump in one of his interviews stated that he is really excited and looking forward to the share his thoughts on his new social media app. This app was made with a mission to fight against the big techs.

Trump media and technology group and the digital world acquisition corp. together have merged and entered into an agreement that provides the business combination which resulted in TMTG becoming a publicly listed company and is subjected to regulatory and stockholder approval.

2. Truth Social’s Value Is Around $1.7 Billion

According to one of Trump’s statements the transaction cost of the group is around $875 million. Along with a possible extra earn out of around $825 million in the extra shares for a total value of up to $1.7 billion.

Trump further added that this app has been made to give to all and he is excited to share his thought on his very own social media platform and will help him to fight against the big tech. he further added that he is always asked why does no one stand up against the big tech, but now they will stand up against the big tech. Initially, the growth plans of TMTG were funded by the DQAC’s cash in trust of $293 million.

2. Canceling The Cancel Culture

Donald trump’s eldest son on one of his social media posts that he will cancel the cancel culture. He has been promoting the new social media app of Trump. He further added that until now all the big tech have been trying to suppress the conservative voices and the conservatives have been demonetized and have been put in jail.

Donal Trump Jr. added that they’re trying to create a big tent and Truth Social will be a platform where everyone can freely express their feelings. He says that America has been wanting to get back their voice and that they can do so with this new social media app, Truth Social.

3. Divided Reaction To Truth Social 

The reaction to the Truth Social app almost broke all the political lines. Some praised the app while the others made a mockery out of it. Since Truth Social was released on 21st February some are unable to log in with their email and moreover, it has been made available to iOS users only. Truth Social is also a look-alike of Twitter using the same interface as Twitter but with a different brand name was mocked upon.

Will Truth Social Create A Monopoly Over Other Platforms?

Though Truth Social has released just yesterday there is another social media platform that is quite famous and has been in the market for quite some years. But some say that the launch of Truth Social could be a watershed moment for the upcoming alternative social media websites that are famous with e conservatives.

Truth Social might get famous since Trump is a very strong personality that will influence people to join his app. He could suck out the air of Parler, Getter, Gab, and pull over everyone. If this happens then it ill men that Trump’s Truth Social will break all the records and will get so big that the other prevailing platforms will fade away. If this happens, then the new world will have the mainstream platform along with one big right-wing platform.

Wrapping Up:

So in this blog we discussed is Truth Social worth the hype. We have put forth our opinion and what we think about the hype and competition of Truth Social with other platforms. You can put your comments in the comment section below. About what you think about this Truth Social app and is it actually worth the hype or not?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Does Truth Social Look Like Twitter?

Truth Social is very much similar to Twitter but this is not because Twitter was Trump’s favorite platform. This is because Truth Social was created using the open-source license that is from mastodon and this was created as an alternative to Twitter.

Q. How To Signup On Truth Social?

Here are a few steps that need to be followed:

  • Go to the official website of truth social.
  • Now you will see the option to join the waiting list.
  • Enter our name and email address.
  • Now click on the terms and conditions box.
  • Now click on the register button and you are done.

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