Twitter Announces Elon Musk To Join Board Of Directors | But, Why?

Twitter Announces Elon Musk To Join Board Of Directors | Why?

Phew, it’s too hot! What? Weather! Nah, the news. Yes, as the heading suggests, Twitter announced Elon Musk to join the board of directors. Shocking right? Yeah, it might be. What could be the reason for a platform such as Twitter having to share its brand with someone?

Twitter is itself a well-established brand, so what made Parag Agrawal and other members make this decision? Here, we’ll learn why Twitter announced Elon Musk to join the board of directors. What dragged them till here?

All of this happened so quickly and none of the parties took time to make their decision like they were waiting for a hammer to hit the glass only. Who will benefit after this decision? Twitter or Elon? Want to know? Dig in!

Elon was observed throwing tweet after tweets post, buying a major portion of the Twitter shares. Which Twitter took action, and the results are here! In front of us. Let’s sink in and find out how and why Twitter announces Elon Musk to join the board of directors.

Who Are The Current Board Members Of Twitter? 

It’s been heard that Twitter announces Elon Musk to join board of directors, but who are the rest of the members?

Are you familiar with them?

The ones who are involved in making this big decision! If not, then here are the list of the higher authorities of Twitter serving since the brand’s birth.

Bret Taylor 

  • Co-CEO, Salesforce
  • Serving since July 2016

Parag Agarwal

  • CEO, Twitter
  • Serving since July 2011

Mimi Alemayehou

  • Senior Vice President for Public-Private Partnership at Mastercard.
  • Ms. Alemayehou has experience in both the Public & Private sectors in the market.

Jack Dorsey

  • Co-Founder, Twitter
  • Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter Inc. in 2006.

Egon Durban 

  • Co-CEO, Silver Lake
  • Serving since March 2020.

Martha Lane Fox

  • Founder and Chairperson, Lucky Voice Group
  • Serving since April, 2016

Omid Kordestani

  • Former Executive Chairman, Twitter
  • Serving since October, 2015

Patrick Pichette

  • General Partner, Inovia Capital
  • Serving since December, 2017

David Rosenbalt

  • CEO,
  • Serving since December, 2010

Robert Zoellick

  • Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of AllianceBernstein Holding L.P.
  • Serving since July 2018.

How Many Shares Does Elon Musk Hold On Twitter?

Twitter Announces Elon Musk To Join Board Of Directors

Twitter Announces Elon Musk To Join Board Of Directors but the next question that must be popping in yourhead will be how many shares dooes he hold?

Well, Musk is restricted from buying more than 15% of Twitter’s stock! Can you believe it! Imagine, which brand would limit any share buyer from investing? Come let’s know!

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has been appointed by the board of directors of Twitter according to a report with the US Security and Exchange Commission. Musk has been appointed to the position of class II director till 2024. The classified board of Twitter’s system is placing members in intersecting terms, helping a freshly onboarded member take the control of the brand at present.

In a couple of tweets, the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal assured Musk’s new position in the company. His words meant “both an intense critic of the work and a firm believer” later on he added “great value will be added to our board” to which Musk’s reaction on his Twitter tweet was “looking forward to modifying Twitter in the coming future!”

Musk’s membership will expire at 2024 Company’s Annual Meeting of Stockholders, says the reports. Now, when Mr. Musk has become the beneficial owner of more than 14.9% of the brand’s regular stock outstanding at such a time.

What Changes Can Elon Musk Bring In Twitter?

Twitter Announces Elon Musk To Join Board Of Directors

Twitter Announces Elon Musk To Join Board Of Directors, so it will be exciting to know what changes will he bring in to the already popular social media app.

On 4th March 2022, Musk declared through a Security and Exchange report that he owns a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter. Musk’s possession made him the biggest individual shareholder in the brand.

Soon after making the decision, Musk polled followers about Introducing an edit button. Agrawal’s statement was “the outcomes of the polls will not be negligible”, and asked their users to poll accordingly and carefully.

Elon Musk is having big plans and secret plans for Twitter to execute in the upcoming future in order to bring Twitter to its right place. As far as see, the Twitter team has no issue with the plans. As of now, Twitter is cooperating with Musk’s ideology, which is most beneficial for Twitter users.

In a tweet, Elon has openly asked the Twitter team “Do You Want An Edit Option?”

One question, tens of contexts, and results.

Musk’s motive could be related to the recent updates of tweets on Twitter in which Twitter was featuring “Recent Tweets” chosen by the system in the place of the viewer, or what if he tweeted that because he wanted Twitter to stop “Ghost Banning” users without any confirmation! Yes, this was also happening behind the back of the users. Twitter is suspending accounts of users permanently on the basis of just a pinch of doubt, and the entire activity was taking place anonymously till now. 

Do You Want An Edit Option?

Or, he tweeted because he might also believe that Twitter was becoming a monotonous platform, which is no longer serving their audience. Because by muting the raising voices again and again and pushing down your own users suspending their accounts secretly and banning them permanently from the platform like the ban on Former President of US Donald Trump controversy is not a negligible case! At all. So, he might be trying to be the voice of the helpless Twitter users by a trial to drop souls into Twitter too like his other platforms by introducing some changes and modifications.

In the end, only Musk might be knowing exactly what’s in his head! We could only state the possibility of the statement. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all for Twitter Announces Elon Musk to Join Board of Directors.

The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has happily announced that he’s overwhelmed that Musk is onboarded with the intention of deep care for the world and Twitter’s part in it. Dorsey left his position as CEO in November 2021 but, will still be a part of the company till May or around that.

As cited by CNBC, Musk’s investment might set off a few more errors with the SEC. The SEC demands a 5+ percent stake in the brand to disclose their investment in 10 days. The shares were bought by Musk on 14th March 2022 but he kept it a secret until April 4th, 2022 – exactly 21 days later than the event. 


Q1. Who’s The Current CEO Of Twitter?

Ans. Parag Agarwal. An Indian-American, CEO of Twitter. Agrawal joined Twitter as a software engineer and has been with the company for more than a decade. He got his first promotion in October, 2017 as chief technology officer.

Q2. Which Feature Is Going To Be Introduced By Musk On Twitter?

Ans. After entering into the team, Musk made a public tweet asking the Twitter team and the audience whether they want an Edit feature in Twitter or not! Twitter decided to do a public polling on Twitter whose results will decide the execution of this feature.

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