Twitter Is Testing A New Search Bar Home Tab For iOS Users!! Find Out What’s New?

Twitter search bar home tab for iOS

Search for your favorite tweets now from the top of the home page. Yes, a new Twitter search bar home tab for iOS will soon be enabled for the users. The company is excited to launch this new Twitter feature that makes the search for any tweet much easier.

At present, the Twitter application for iPhone comes with a separate search bar at the bottom of the navigation bar. However, the social network platform is set to completely alter the functionality after the implementation of an entirely newly-designed Tweet Composer tab.

So, what all changes will be seen in this new Twitter search bar home tab for iOS? Just like we love to keep the google search tab at the top of our phone’s home screen, similarly, this new search tab on Twitter will accompany the users for easy, one-click search. Though the testing is still under process for the chosen users, hopefully, the feature rolls out for everyone eventually.

The Tweet posted by Twitter Support on January 11, 2022, gives the users a visual of how this newly embedded Twitter search bar will look like. It also attached a GIF previewing the new change in the app. Have a look at the tweet below for a better understanding!

Twitter Search Bar Home Tab For iOS- What New Changes Will Be Seen?

Twitter has announced two new designs for this new testing feature bringing a new Twitter search bar home tab for iOS users. The first design has a search feature that’s identical to the one found in the Explore tab. It’ll be located at the top center end on the home tab, making the process of searching for tweets easier. 

The other design that the company has shown is a tiny circular search icon which can be found at the top right to this center search bar in the Home tab. 

The change isn’t visible in our iPhones yet. However, the official tweet displays the new Explore tab icon that is similar to the one on Mac and web applications. The new icon replaces the magnifying glass icon and is accompanied by the hashtag (#).

What Will Be Use Of Twitter Search Bar Home Tab For iOS?

What Will Be Use Of Twitter Search Bar Home Tab For iOS
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It’s also not clear which particular group of users was selected to test the latest feature. The best way to keep a check on the feature is to keep your Twitter app updated with the latest version.

You can keep your Twitter apps updated from the App store. The feature can roll out anytime soon.

Other Latest Updates In Twitter App

Other Latest Updates In Twitter App
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2022 started on a great note to almost every social media app, as since the very beginning we have been listening to new updates in the apps. Where we saw Whatsapp rolling out a bunch of new features for its users, Instagram changing its regular feed to chronological feed, Twitter too had some good news for its users.

With the new search bar home tab feature on Twitter that we have been talking about, there were so many other features that rolled out last week on Twitter.

These include:

  1. Twitter testing a new option to retweet with a video reaction for iOS.
  2. Redesigned “TikTok like explore tab” on Twitter.
  3. Introduction to automatic captions for videos.

Wrapping Up:

It’s super exciting to watch how Twitter testing a new search bar home tab will change the way users search on the platform. Now the search feature will be more simple, faster, and more visible at the top.

Now, you can easily search and pin your favorite tweets for viewing later. If you have any queries regarding this new Twitter search bar testing feature, do reach out in the comment section below.

Twitter is indeed the best mini-blogging platform for sharing opinions, information, and fun tweets. Are you waiting to check out this new Twitter search tab?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Are The Key Features Of Twitter?

1. Native GIF search.
2. Create a Twitter Moment.
3. Use Twitter Highlights to keep track of followers & Conversations.
4. Verify your Twitter account.
5. Pin your top tweets.
6. Customize your notifications with advanced settings.
7. Create photo collages.
8. Twitter lists.

Q. Will Android Users Be Able To Use The New Search Bar On Twitter?

As of now, the new search tab has been planned to test for iOS users only. Hopefully, soon the feature will be rolled out for all users on the app.

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