Ukraine Media To Sell 10,000 NFT “Keys”

Ukraine Media To Sell 10,000 NFT "Keys"

Ukrainian media companies launch a joint fundraiser with NFT creator platform VAULT to help reporters in Ukraine who are reporting on the Russian invasion. Already several fundraisers programs are running for Ukrainian people. This one is especially for the media. This post will cover everything about Ukraine Media selling 10,000 NFT keys.

The war between Ukraine and Russia started on 24 February 2022. Soon after that, several fundraising programs started. Almost $50 million were raised in a week, and till the second week, 100 million were raised. These funds are used by the people affected by war. This NFT keys fundraiser will be especially for the media personnel reporting in the war.

We will be discussing why such programs are needed by Ukraine and how these programs provide funds. We will also guide you through buying these keys. Let’s begin with our post on Ukraine media to sell 10,000 NFT keys without wasting time.

Why Is Ukraine Media Selling NFT Keys?

Ukraine Media To Sell 10,000 NFT "Keys"

Three top leading Ukrainian media companies have announced to partner with NFT platform VAULT to sell 10,000 NFT keys to help fund the publications. This publication will help report on the Russian invasion of Eastern European and English language audiences. The three companies involved are:

  1. Ukrainska Pravda
  2. Novoye Vremya
  3. Hromadske 

The keys are priced at $99.99 each. These keys will be used to unlock a digital vault of content curated from the publications. The VAULT has launched it and named it Keys for Kyiv: Support Ukrainian Media. This contains content collected from across the publications teams of journalists and photographers. One owning this key will have his hands on the photos, videos, links of stories, and recommended readings.

During the first days of the war, Ukrayinska Pravda was the second most popular website in Ukraine after google. Analytics show about 8 million people around the globe were reading about the current situation in Ukraine every day. Ukrayinska Pravda feels its responsibility to inform people of the world about the current situation in Ukraine truthfully and in time.

Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainska Pravda says, “We rejoice when we publish stories that reassure and encourage people, we mourn when we write about losses.”

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How To Purchase The Keys?

Ukraine Media To Sell 10,000 NFT "Keys"

To support the publications, supporters can buy a key to unlock the vault. Crypto-savvy supporters can purchase a key with Solana directly from the VAULT website by connecting to the Phantom wallet, the native wallet on the Solana blockchain.

Supporters can also purchase a key directly from the VAULT mobile app using Apple Pay. the sales from the keys will directly support the media organizations and their efforts to sustain their reporting and operations in Ukraine and beyond. Once all the keys will be sold out, nearly an amount of $1 million dollars will be raised in support of the publication’s efforts.

What Is The VAULT?

This is a creator platform built on the Solana blockchain, VAULT allows creators to curate a vault of content — music, videos, photos, messages, VIP invitations, and more — that can only be unlocked by the holders of a key. These keys are fully tradable NFTs.

Whether you’re a musician on tour, an artist creating a new collection, a writer publishing a chapter a day from your new book, or an NFT artist offering an exclusive preview of your new project, VAULT opens up a whole new way for you to unlock the value of your work and share it with fans.

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On the home page you will find Keys for Kyiv, just click on it. Each key is priced at 1.19 Sol and 9970 keys are currently available on the VAULT. This comes under the program Support Ukraine Media.

 Nigel Eccles, CEO, and co-founder of VAULT said, “We built VAULT first and foremost to support creators, and I can think of no better way to serve that mission than by activating our platform and our community in full support of these organizations’ efforts to fight the information war in Ukraine.”

Wrapping Up

We can conclude it to be a fundraising program for the media itself which is reporting from the war-hit areas to inform the whole world about the ground situation in Ukraine. Again, this is a positive side of cryptos and NFTs that has again come forward to help the people affected in this war. Earlier around $400 million in fundraisings were done in just 48 hours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who controls the media in Ukraine?

Ukrainians own four are owned, including Segodnya-multimedia by the System Capital Management holding of billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, and Fakty i Commentarii by billionaire Viktor Pinchuk. Kyiv dominates the media sector in Ukraine.

Does Ukraine have a free press?

Ukraine was in 96th place out of 180 countries listed in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index, has returned to the top 100 of this list for the first time since 2009, but dropped down one spot to 97th place in 2021.

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