Ultrahuman Ring AIR Review | Is It Better Than Oura Ring?

Ultrahuman Ring AIR Review

The second generation Ultrahuman Ring AIR is now available in the market! Ultrahuman – an Indian fitness and nutrition tracking startup launched a second-generation sleep & fitness tracker snatching the limelight from the Oura ring. 

When it comes to smart rings, Ultrahuman was not a famous brand, until they launched Ultrahuman Ring AIR in June 2023. The accuracy of this smart wearable in tracking fitness and nutrition is winning millions of hearts. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR comes with 22 workout tracking modes, a comfortable lightweight design, and a comprehensive sensor array. Moreover, the company does not charge for an Ultrahuman Ring AIR subscription!

Ultrahuman Ring AIR comes with a bonus feature – food insights. The smart ring app offers you the opportunity to share your food habits and exercise routine according to your needs. Sounds good? Let’s dig into the article, go through the detailed review and find out whether it is worth investing. 

What’s New In Ultrahuman Ring AIR?

Ultrahuman Ring was a stepping stone to accomplish something challenging for an Indian brand. Ultrahuman did it! The first thing you have to admire when holding an Ultrahuman Ring AIR is its sleek and lightweight (2.4 grams) model. The design is no doubt better than the previous model. 

It carries a minimal look and is not very noticeable. The previous version was much weightier than this one and the chunky look with golden color was surely ‘attractive’. The new sleek  Ultrahuman Ring AIR model will easily fit in your index finger or thumb and you can wear it all day while going through all sorts of chores. 

The next big difference between the old and new Ultrahuman Rings is battery life. When the first generation ring’s battery lasts only a day, the second generation model comes with six days of battery life! In terms of battery performance, Ultrahuman Ring AIR not only beats its older model but many other smart rings that are currently available in the market. 

And, the last thing about the new model is amazing feature incorporations. Ultrahuman Ring is designed to take care of health and fitness and the new model aces in accuracy while reading the parameters. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR Review 

Now that we have shared a heads-up about the ‘new’ things about the brand new Ultrahuman Ring AIR version, let us share the review of the product with you in detail:  

Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Sensors And Battery

Ultrahuman Ring AIR uses ‘the hypoallergenic resin’ layer underside of the smart ring, which serves as the sensor array. This sensor array uses Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor technology to track heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. Also, there is a sensor to read body temperature, and a six-axis accelerometer to track movements. 

This finely designed smart jewelry has a 24mAh battery! Although the developers claim that the battery life is 6 days, in a trial it is found that the average battery backup is around 4-5 days depending on use. Compared with the Oura ring, the battery life is definitely shorter. 

The ring comes with a ‘titanium case and tungsten carbide coating’, which makes the structure sturdy. However, the manufacturer warns us to avoid wearing them while handling other metals. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear this smart jewelry in your gym [if you are not using any gloves]. On the other hand, it is fine to wear the ring when you are taking a bath or going for a swim. Its water resistance is up to 100 meters. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Health And Sleep Tracking

Wearing an Ultrahuman Ring AIR may be effortless, however, you certainly have to put effort into using the app and only then you can get the best results. In more simple words, you have to fill up the tracker in the apps minutely, and only then your health and wellness will be monitored by the smart ring accurately. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR accuracy is exceptionally good, even better than the Oura [according to some users on social media]. You have to put your food intake list precisely to get the best results. Based on your diet, and current health condition, the app will suggest to you when to exercise, drink coffee, or how many hours of sleep you need! Now, that’s truly smart! 

The sensors in the ring also monitor your sleeping pattern. Surprisingly, ‘light’ and ‘stimulants’ are two major factors that the Ultrahuman Ring app is obsessed with. To most of the users, using the Ultrahuman Ring AIR app is a little difficult; however, once you start using it, the result will surprise you! 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Fitness Tracking 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR brings the ultimate timeline to track fitness. When you open the app, you will find all the recommendations based on your fitness. You have to tap on the plus sign [+] to add your food and water intake. The more you share, the tracker will be more precise. You can also add your activities and the duration of different activities in the trackers for – walking, running, weight training, cricket, football, cardio, and more.  

If you are worried about the random notifications in your smartwatch or smart band, then a smart ring like Ultrahuman AIR could be an amazing alternative to those smart wearables. 

Ultrahuman Ring Pros And Cons

Now that we have shared our review on all the features of the Ultrahuman Ring AIR , let’s find out a brief pros and cons list that will give you an overall idea about the app. 

Ultrahuman Ring Pros

1. The Ultrahuman Ring AIR ring has a sleek model, which is lightweight as well as sturdy.

2. This smart ring is an all-day wearable gadget. 

3. No extra charges for the app! You do not need to pay any extra charges for an Ultrahuman Ring AIR subscription. 

4. The Ultrahuman AIR comes with a comprehensive sensor array. 

5. This smart ring has a four-day battery life.

6. There are 22 workout tracking modes available. 

Ultrahuman Ring Cons

1. The Ultrahuman Ring AIR app requires effort and time to maintain. 

2. You cannot customize your goal. 

3. The app is displaying and tracking too many things and the users get puzzled. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Mobile App

As you can see, the Ultrahuman AIR has no display, you have to check the app to get all the updates. The best part is, that whether you are using an Android phone or iPhone, the app is compatible with both smartphones. 

The Ultrahuman AIR app is completely different from the Oura Ring. There are more parameters in this app than in the Oura app. There are too many things going on in one app that can confuse you easily. In fact, the Ultrahuman AIR app is not as friendly as the Oura app. The mobile app for Ultrahuman Ring needs significant improvement to impress the users. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Price 

As we were talking earlier, you do not have to pay for the Ultrahuman Ring AIR subscription. Ultrahuman Ring AIR subscription is free to install! Unlike the Oura app, where you have to pay $6 per month to use the app. Moreover, the Oura ring costs more than the Ultrahuman Ring AIR. 

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is now available in the store. However, you have to wait a minimum of 2 – 3 weeks to get the delivery. This amazing smart ring will cost you $349 [US]. 

Is Ultrahuman Ring AIR Worth It?

If you have been using any smart ring for quite some time, then you must know the difference the moment you put the Ultrahuman AIR on your finger. When we state Ultrahuman Ring AIR is the next Oura ring killer – we are not overreacting at all! 

The Ultrahuman Ring app may need a little more work, but it comes with more features than Oura. Moreover, its accuracy level in tracking health and fitness is better than Oura. Also, the Ultrahuman AIR ring app is free and updates are frequent. On the other hand, Oura rings rarely come with any updates, let alone any new features!

So, if you are considering getting a new smart ring, Ultrahuman Ring AIR could be the right choice. 


If you are looking for a ‘simple health monitor’ Ultrahuman Ring AIR will surely fail you with its complex app interface. However, if you like to give it some time and invest a little effort, the Ultrahuman AIR ring will reveal to you the true power of tracking fitness and well-being. The accuracy level of monitoring different health parameters, whether it is blood glucose or heartbeat, this smart ring is truly the best. If health is your priority, then buying an Ultrahuman AIR ring should be on your bucket list by now. If you are concerned about the app’s complexity, the developers are coming up with updates now and then, it is expected that they are relentlessly trying to make it more user-friendly as well as efficient. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Ultrahuman Ring AIR Vs Oura Ring, Which Is Better?

Considering the accuracy level of tracking health parameters, Ultrahuman Ring AIR is better than the Oura Ring. Moreover, the Ultrahuman Ring app subscription is free, unlike the Oura app, where users are charged $6 per month. 

Q2. How To Get The Ultrahuman Ring AIR Discount Code?

There are no Ultrahuman Ring AIR discount codes available currently. 

Q3. Ultrahuman Ring AIR Vs Ringconn, Which Is Better?

Ultrahuman Ring AIR is a better option for monitoring health and wellness than Ringconn. However, Ringconn costs [$279] less than Ultrahuman AIR ring and comes with better battery life [7 days]. 

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