Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro | The Better Smartglass

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro| The Better Smartglass

AR smart glasses effortlessly blend the virtual world with your physical space, creating an overall immersive experience. Thousands of tech nerds are comparing Xiaomi wireless AR smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro trying to figure out the better one. Stay with us to make the right decision and make the best buy.

Virtual and augmented reality is no longer a fictional tale. Various large organizations like Apple, Xiaomi, Meta, and many more have shown their interest in experimenting with AR glasses. However, the burning question of all interested users remains what are the best AR glasses 2024. 

We shall now get right to it and compare Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro on the basis of their core features, specifications, and price, on your quest to find the best AR glasses 2024.

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses Vs Apple Vision Pro

Smart glasses can transform your room into a personal theater, and fit the perfect size to your preference. It allows you to swipe through your social media accounts with just hand gestures and helps you to enjoy stunning content without any interruptions from the world.

Apple Vision Pro is a high-performance wearable tech and is considered to be one of the most ambitious products created by Apple. It has integrated incredibly advanced technology into a sleek and elegant device, resulting in an amazing virtual experience.

Xiaomi’s launch of the AR smart glasses has been very popular since its launch for its wireless and cutting-edge technology. Xiaomi AR glasses enable users to witness one of the best VR experiences, without having to worry about discomfort while using for a long period of time or depleting battery life due to prolonged usage.

However, when you are looking forward to purchasing the better AR glasses, it is highly recommended that you first compare Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro, to make the best decision.

1. Xiaomi wireless AR smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro – Core Features

Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro primarily focuses on augmented reality by integrating digital content directly into the real world. The device does not have any controllers and can be controlled by the user’s voice, hands, and eyes. It can take spatial photos with 12 cameras and 6 microphones which enables 3D visions.

1. Design

The Apple Vision Pro has been created of glass and aluminium body that connects it to a ‘Light Seal’. It has an adjustable strap made of elastic fabric and glasses that can be rotated by a small wheel.

2. Display

The Apple Vision Pro offers more than 4K display per eye, with a micro-OLED display, that consists of 23 million pixels. This HQ resolution is far superior to 4K which surpasses all other headsets.

3. Controls

The Apple Vision Pro has precise eye tracking that eliminates the need for controllers. It has LEDs and infrared cameras that can project light patterns into the eyes and enables users to control the device with voice commands, and hand gestures.

4. Audio

The Apple Vision Pro consists of two audio pods that are located next to the user’s ears and allow users to experience the spatial audio system to the fullest. 

5. Battery Life

The Apple Vision Pro has an external battery, which reduces the weight of the Smart glasses, and has a battery life of up to 2 hours. Moreover, it can be connected to the power and can be used all day long and gives the competitive edge when you compare Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro.

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glasses

1. Design

Xiaomi AR glasses are the very first to use distributed computing that makes retina-level display possible and is highly adaptable to the lighting of the environment.  It has been calibrated to precision taking into account the center of gravity, leg spacing, nose rest, and many other crucial factors.

2. Comfort

Unlike Apple Vision Pro, Xiaomi AR smartglasses are wireless, and made with magnesium-lithium alloy, with carbon fibre parts, making it weigh just 126g. This makes it both easy and comfortable to use even for longer periods of time.

3. Controls

Xiaomi wireless AR smartglasses have state-of-the-art AR capabilities that include a camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope which can accurately track all your head movements, and make it easy for users to control either with a touchpad or a gesture controller.

4. Audio

The Xiaomi wireless AR smartglasses delivers a spatial audio experience with the help of virtual speakers which can also be directly connected to your bluetooth speakers.

5. Battery Life

The Xiaomi wireless AR smartglasses use 180mAh battery, that can last up to 5 hours of uninterrupted use. It comes in a compact charging case which allows the user to charge it at any time. This charging case can hold more than 8 hours of additional battery points thus enhancing the overall battery life of the device.

2. Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglassses VS Apple Vision Pro – Specifications

SpecsXiaomi Wireless ARApple Vision Pro
Weight126 gmsEstimated to be 453 gms to 680 gms
BatterySilicon-oxygen anode batteryApple Vision Pro battery with 20,000mAh capacity.
Battery LifeSingle charge up to 5 hoursExtended charge up to 13 hoursSingle charge up to 2 hours
Resolution1080p resolution per eye4K resolution per eye
BrightnessUp to 1200 nits per eyeMore than 5000 nits per eye
Camera15 cameras12 cameras
DisplayMicroOLED display Retina-level clarity58 pixels per degree2x Ultra high-resolution display7.5 microns wide23 million pixels
ProcessorSnapdragon XR2 Gen 1Dual chip designApple R1 chipApple M2 chip

3. Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro- Price

The price of the product proves to be a major determining factor when users compare Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses VS Apple Vision Prom, giving it a highly competitive edge. Xiaomi smart Glasses’ launch date was officially announced at the Mobile World Congress 2023, enticing tech-savvy users to try out its retina-level electrochromic display, built with many more innovative features. It can be bought at most online and retail electronics stores for $370 USD. This price could change depending on the seller and the platform in which it is sold.

Apple made an official statement on June 5, 2023, stating that the Apple Vision Pro can be expected to launch in the US in early 2024. It is estimated to cost around $3499 USD.

Wrap Up

The final call is entirely yours. We have listed in detail the Xiaomi wireless AR smartglasses VS Apple Vision Pro features and specifications to compare Xiaomi wireless AR smartglasses vs. Apple Vision Pro. Browse through the explanations entirely to ensure that you completely understand your requirements and if the product you choose meets your expectations. However, the final straw is the price. Although Apple offers a promising product with cutting-edge technology, is it really worth spending 10x times more than Xiaomi wireless AR smart glasses? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Apple Vision Pro Real?

Yes, the Apple Vision Pro is real. Apple has made an official announcement that the all-new Apple Vision Pro is all set to be launched in early 2024.

Q2. Is Apple Developing AR Glasses?

Yes, Apple is developing a new AR glasses called Apple Vision Pro which is expected to be launched in 2024.

Q3. How Much Is Vision Pro Apple?

Apple Vision Pro is estimated to cost $3499 USD.

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