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At-home packing jobs are becoming more common options on different platforms for employment. This is because logistic companies face different issues with supply chains and they need productive staff to work from home shipping packages. That’s why they hire remote workers for different positions. Although shipping jobs from home are very responsible, there are companies that don’t require specific qualifications in logistics.

This is good for students, who are looking for part-time jobs and for people who don’t have specific degrees. If you belong to these categories, you should consider applying for the remote quality manager vacancy at Uss-Express.

What is Uss-Express? What job does it offer to candidates? What are the peculiarities of the job and how does one apply for it? These are the key questions we are going to answer in today’s Uss-Express review.

So without further ado let’s know in detail about is legit. For more information do follow deasilex.

Why it is good to work as a quality manager at Uss-Express

Uss-Express is considered a reliable logistics partner for individuals, ecommerce, and retail businesses. It has established good partnership relationships with such companies as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many more. From the reviews of former workers, we learned that these aren’t just words. Uss-Express has an excellent reputation among quality managers because it provides:

  • the possibility to work remotely;
  • the possibility to adjust working hours;
  • competitive salary (starting from $1,700 per month);
  • regular payments;
  • the possibility to use an advanced web solution for more productive performance.

Of course, there’s no packing job at home that comes completely without disadvantages. The negative side of this medal is that you have to deal with a very intense workload. You cannot impact this – you can just do your duties. The flow of packages might be so intense that quality managers might be required to work on weekends. Of course, they are paid more in such cases.

What are the duties of a quality manager?

The maximum salary of a quality manager in Uss-Express is $3,200. Of course, you won’t receive this money for doing nothing. The maximum salary and bonuses are paid to those who cope with all the duties of a remote quality manager. The set of duties includes:

  • Processing of orders;
  • Taking photos of packages if required;
  • Verifying the quality of goods and packing materials:
  • Repacking;
  • Shipping packages.

Reviews about Uss-Express?

We consider that testimonials from real people are the only reliable sources of information about the employer that provides packing jobs at home. We scrolled many reviews of former and current quality managers. Here is a prosaic example:

“The work I do requires a medium level of concentration and it is well paid. Sometimes I have to work on weekends and an intense workload may happen. I have been working at this company as a quality manager for 2 years. The company ships worldwide, there is always plenty of work. My duties are to receive the parcels from different companies and world markets like Amazon. I have to check the quality.”

 In this review, published on AmbitionBox by Kenneth Fayant, we don’t see any complaints about the employer. The quality manager says that the flow of orders might be difficult to cope with but the general tasks aren’t very complicated.

Can I work from home packing and shipping? 

The employment procedure consists of two simple stages. Even if it’s your first time applying for a remote job in the logistics industry. Your application will be accepted if you correspond to the requirements of the company. Uss-Express requires the candidates to have a physical address, be at least 18, and have access to a smartphone, PC, and printer. That’s it. If you as a candidate fit this description, apply right now!


This was a complete review of and is legit. As it provides various range of services related to the import and export of goods and services. Experienced professionals run this website. This is it if you like this review do share it with your family and friends. And if you have any queries do let us know in the comment section.

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