How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone In 2023? 3 Easy And Useful Methods!

How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone

If you have found a lost iPhone somewhere and somewhat feel a desire to take a sneak peek into it then here is how to unlock a stolen iPhone in just a couple of clicks. 

Holding someone’s lost iPhone in your hands leaves you with a number of questions. Like what you should do with it? Return it? But how? Well, now here is a way through which you can learn how to unlock a stolen iPhone and with the data in it can contact someone like a relative or a friend and handover it to them if you want to!! But first, you need to look out for ways to unlock a stolen iPhone.

Here is how to unlock a stolen iPhone: Through standard password and password unlocking software or through the recovery mode. To know what you have to do to unlock a stolen iPhone in detail you have to grab the details below.

We will be discussing a lot about a lost iPhone in today’s session. What you can do with that and how to unlock a stolen iPhone. Interested? Let’s get started!!

How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone [2023]? 

If you found a lost or stolen iOS device and are not sure what to do next then you can simply reach out to the device’s owner’s friend or relative and ask them to collect the device from you. But if you don’t have the details and wanna somehow grab contact information of the device’s real owner then we’d recommend you to stick tight to this article because here we will be unlocking multiple ways of how to unlock a stolen iPhone.

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The security policies and features of an iPhone are so strong that everyone keeps wondering how to access or gain the password of a locked iPhone. If you ever lose your iPhone or somehow got it stolen then you can navigate to the iCloud official website to find your lost iPhone. You can then regard your device as lost in the website and Apple will lock your device for safety. 

If iPhones get locked by default when the owner lost it then how to unlock a stolen iPhone? Can it be unlocked? Unfortunately, yes! There are a few ways through which one can unlock an anonymous, stolen or lost iPhone. 

Method 1. Unlock A Stolen iPhone Through Standard Passcode

Whenever someone breaks-in your iPhone, the very first attempt they’ll make to unlock your iPhone is guessing your password to access the device. The easiest guess they can make is 000, 1234, 9999, 7777 etc. They will start with the most basic guesses in the beginning to break-in your device’s security.

However, if they somehow guessed the password right, they’ll gain every access to your device and data stored into it. And if they fail somehow, the device will remain locked. An iPhone only provides a fixed and limited number of attempts for filling in the passcode and if you keep entering the wrong ones again and again, the limit exceeds and the device gets switched off. 

Although, the case did not get over here, even a disabled iPhone needs some formalities to be done for being unlocked. And this is where one gets into trouble because this cannot be done without the authentic holder of that device. 

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So we get to learn from this that one should always keep a hard to crack password as your iPhone’s main lock. Through this, even if anyone ever tries to loot your iPhone device they won’t be able to unlock the device without your consent and access the iPhone.

Method 2. Unlock A Stolen iPhone Through A Professional iPhone Unlocking Software

There’s another way to unlock a stolen iPhone with the help of a professional iPhone unlocking tool like AnyUnlock. This kind of softwares is developed to aid users who don’t remember their iPhone passwords by any chance and want to unlock their devices without it. Hence, a locked iPhone can be unlocked with this app. Wanna know how? Here it is!!

AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocked

To unlock any stolen or lost iPhone with AnyUnlock you can follow the given instructions carefully:

Step 01: Download AnyUnlock on your desktop App Store, if you haven’t already.

Step 02: Next, connect the stolen iPhone through a USB cable to the desktop.

Step 03: After that, click on the Unlock Screen Passcode option and if you wish to delete Apple ID then click on the Unlock Apple ID option.

Step 04: Now, download a similar firmware before you unlock. 

Step 05: After downloading, tap on the Unlock Now option to initiate the unlocking process.

Step 06: At last, wait for a couple of minutes, and the Screen Lock will be removed automatically.

NOTE: AnyUnlock is for both Windows and Mac devices which also works for iOS 16 and iPhone 13.

Method 3. Unlock A Stolen iPhone Through Recovery Mode

One of the methods for how to unlock a stolen iPhone is accessing the iOS recovery mode. This mode is designed with your iOS device to use it for repairing or fixing multiple features on the phone. This mode is primarily assessed for recovering the iPhone using iTunes or Finder. You must be familiar with this one if you have ever used it before to repair your device.

But, if a robber knows how to use this recovery mode of iOS, then you are gone dude cuz he’s gonna delete your device’s every single data, content, file or whatever you have in there. Although that’s a bit difficult task for them to do because doing that will require them to fill in the authentic owner’s Apple ID and details which they don’t know. And if they fill wrong ones, the phone won’t ever be unlocked. 

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Here’s how to unlock a stolen iPhone with the help of the iOS recovery mode in detail:

Step 01: Open the Finder from your Mac or you can launch iTunes if you are a Windows user.

Step 02: Now link your iPhone to your computer with an USB cable.

Step 03: Based on your device’s model you have to use one of the following key combos to fill in the recovery mode:

  1. iPhone 6S or earlier: Long press Home and Side button at the same time and allow your device to reboot into recovery mode.
  1. iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press Side button and Down Volume button altogether. And let your device reboot into recovery mode.
  1. iPhone 8 or later: Press Up Volume and release, press Down Volume and release and then long press the Side button and enter recovery.

Step 04: At last, find your device in Finder or iTunes. You will receive a notification asking you if you wish to restore your device. Tap on the Restore button if you want to.

Wrapping Up

There are a few who prefer going for second hand iPhones instead of buying a new one in order to save money. But few of a times, people get locked or stolen iPhones instead of rebooted ones. In such cases you have to learn how to unlock a stolen iPhone which is briefly explained in this article. 

To get rid of such situations that brings a lot of trouble to the one who holds the stolen iPhone, you can practice different ways to unlock a stolen iPhone with the methods described above in detail. 

If you find any difficulty or have any suggestion or doubt, then feel free to ping us below in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

Till then, safe unlocking!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can A Stolen iPhone Be Unlocked?

You can unlock a lost iphone which is either stolen or lost by disabling the Lost Mode first. You can do this entering the password in the lock or you can head to and navigate Find My iPhone instead. After that you can hit thr All Devices option and look for the device which is in Lost Mode, then click on the Stop Lost Mode button to unlock the iPhone which you.

Q. Can You Reset A Stolen iPhone?

If any of your iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Mac or Apple Watch is stolen or lost, you can delete it in Find Devices on In order to sign into Find Devices, navigate through the

Q. Can You Unlock A iPhone That You Found?

Fortunately, yes. One can unlock an iPhone if it’s lost. The only thing that should bother you is its password. Because these days, cracking someone’s main screen lock through password is pretty difficult.

Q. Can A Stolen iPhone Ever Be Used?

Many of you might be thinking if their phones can be accessed after getting stolen by someone. People set a number of security measures and passwords on their devices to protect their data in case their device gets stolen. Although, if you find an iPhone and want to access it but cannot crack the security checks then you still access the device with the help of methods given in the above article.

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