Valve Corporation Steam Link | All You Need To Know

Valve Corporation Steam Link

There is hardly a gamer who does not know about Valve Corporation Steam Link. Steam Link is one of the most prominent hardware and software to stream Steam content on smartphones, PCs, and even on Smart TVs!

When gamers are bored gluing with their console, Valve Corporation Steam Link could be an easy escape to stream video games on their preferred devices like smartphones, smart TVs, or PCs. 

Unfortunately, the Valve Corporation Steam Link hardware has been discontinued since November 2018. However, this is only a stepping stone to promote their Steam Link software, which is definitely easier to download and implement. 

The software-based Valve Corporation Steam Link application for mobile devices is now what we are currently using globally. You can simply download the app from the App Store and Play Store to use on your smartphone. You can also connect Discord to Steam! Let’s go through this article and explore more about the Steam Link application. 

About The Rise Of Valve Corporation Steam Link

The Valve Corporation Steam Link hardware is known as a stand-alone hardware device, which was introduced in November 2015. This hardware simply supports streaming content on multiple devices like smartphones, smart TVs, and PCs. This device setup enables a game controller to control games on a home computer. Those who were likely to skip the consoler can use Steam Link hardware. To use Steam Link hardware, you have to meet the following specifications: 

1. Wired 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet and Wireless 802.11ac 2×2 (MIMO)

2. Bluetooth 4.0

3. 3× USB 2.0 ports

4. HDMI out

5. Support for – Steam Controller, DualShock 4, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Xbox One or 360 Wired Controller, or Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710. 

Valve Corporation Steam Link Hardware Destined To Obsolete

As you can find gamers are now moving to more software setups rather than buying bulky hardware that eats up space. The Valve Corporation Steam Link hardware had lots of limitations that were hard to overcome. Henceforth, when the company released the software version, they stopped supporting [2018] the Steam Link hardware to promote the software version, which is more convenient. 

How To Download Software-Based Steam Link Application?

In 2018, Steam Link released a software-based application for iOS, Android, tvOS, and Android TV devices so that gamers no longer need to buy and install the hardware. You can easily find the Steam Link Application on the Play Store. However, it is not initially available on the App Store. This is because Apple rejected the application showing the reason “business conflicts with app guidelines.” Eventually the Steam Link Application was released on the App Store in May 2019, after meeting all the requirements. 

You can also have a Linux version of the Steam Link software for Raspberry Pi 3, 3 B+, and 4. Software-Based Steam Link Application was also made available for MacOS and Linux in 2021. 


Now that we have shared a little history of Valve Corporation Steam Link with you, you must understand why Steam Link hardware is no longer supported and the gamers are using software-based Steam Link only. Try Steam Link software on your preferred device today and let us know whether you need help with any technical issues. Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why Did Valve Discontinue Steam Link?

The release of Steam Link software-based applications stopped Valve from promoting the Steam Link hardware further and eventually, they discontinued the service support. 

Q2. Is The Steam Link Still Supported?

Steam Link hardware support has been discontinued since 2018; however, Steam Link software support is available. 

Q3. Can You Use Steam Link Without A PC?

Yes, Steam Link software can be used on Mobile devices. Install the Steam Link software from the App Store or Play Store and enjoy streaming Steam content on your smartphone. 

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