What Are Twitter Spaces? How To Start Or Join Spaces?

Have you heard about Twitter spaces? Do you know what is Twitter space? How to start or join spaces? If these questions do come up to your mind, then you have come to the right place. Twitter spaces are perhaps the new way by which you can have live audio conversations on Twitter itself. Today Twitter space is getting popular. So if you don’t know what is all this craze about then read this blog.

As we all know that Twitter is a popular social media platform where people put forth their opinions. It was in December that Twitter revealed its new feature of live audio room. Besides being applicable to iOS users it is even applicable to Android users. Isn’t it great?

If you are looking for answers to know what is Twitter spaces? How to start or join spaces, then let me tell you more about it. is a space for live audio conversations. You can select any topic and the people who you should speak to. Then you can vibe and enjoy the space. This is mainly about staying connected with people through the human voice. It is a great opportunity that you enjoy being hosts as every space is different. So, it is you who is giving the shape to space by moderating the conversation of the public.

The steps are really easy to follow. Once you make your own space then you can vibe easily. So let’s get started.

What Are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter spaces have features like a clubhouse where you can easily create and even join the live audio rooms on Twitter. As this new feature is available on Twitter itself, you do not have to go through the problem of making a new audience or followers. Twitter is at the moment testing the spaces both on Android and on iOS devices. So this feature is not available to be used widely. However, Twitter wants to make these Twitter spaces available to the web version in the coming future.

Twitter spaces are set to public by default. So, anyone can join your space. You can keep your microphone turned off and just allow the other to join as listeners. Moreover, you can even keep the option open for them so that they can decide. However, any Twitter account that has protected tweets will not be able to host a space, but they can join the space that the others host. Once the space session ends, you will not be able to join it. Also, Twitter will have copies of the audio along with the caption for 30 days.

In the Twitter space total of 11 people including the host can talk at the same time in space. However, the number of listeners that can be in your space is not limited. So, you can have hundreds of followers join your space at the same time. In the fleet section at the top of your timeline, your followers will be able to see active space section

How To Start A Twitter Space?

If you want to create a Twitter space then here are some steps that you need to follow:

  • Click on the “+” floating button.
  • Then select spaces option.
  • Next, you have to choose the name for your space. Choose a name.
  • Next select start your space.

How To Invite The Users To Your Space?

There are three ways by which you can invite people to your space. You can even send the invite via Twitter DMs, copy the link and share it on the platform. You can even tweet the space link. Now here are some steps that you need to follow:

  • In the space UI, you need to click on the share button.
  • From the guest’s section, you can easily manage the participants.
  • From here you can see who are the listeners, speaker. Moreover, you can even approve the speak requests from the listeners.

How To Join A Twitter Space?

Here are some steps to join a Twitter space:

  • If you follow the space host then you will see the purple space indicator. This will be on top of your Twitter timeline.
  • You can click on this icon and then press join this space so that you can join the Twitter space.
  • Then you will even have the option to join Twitter space as a speaker or listener. However, it is important that the host has to approve your speak request before you are allowed to speak in the Twitter space.
  • If you don’t want to speak in the Twitter space then you can even use emoji’s to express your emotions.
  • To do this you need to click on the emoji button and pick the emoji to express your thoughts. Everybody in the Twitter space can see your emoji reaction.

How To End A Twitter Space Session?

If you don’t know how to end the Twitter space session then here are some steps to look at:

  • Now that your discussion is done, you just have to press the End button and then close the space window.
  • When the warning pops up you need to press on Yes to confirm that you end the session.
  • Those who are listening to your session can exit the space session at any time. You just need to click on the leave button. If you are the host and if you end the session, then everybody present in the Twitter space will be removed.

Wrapping Up

This was all about what is Twitter spaces and how to join or start spaces?

Hopefully, you get everything about it. Still got doubts? Dropdown your queries in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Mute And Unmute In The Twitter Spaces?

If you want to mute and unmute yourself in the Twitter spaces then follow the given steps:
At the lower left-hand side of the screen, you will see the microphone
Click on it to mute or unmute yourself.
The microphone will turn purple and will show that your mic is below it. When you start to talk you will see an equalizer icon that will be in purple color below your profile picture. Moreover, it will move as you speak.
If you want to mute yourself then you have to click on the microphone
This will now appear white and will show a diagonal line. Here it will show you that your mic is off.

How To Add A Co-Host To Your Twitter Space?

If you’re the host then you can nominate at least two co-hosts in addition to the speakers that are in your space. As this will help to moderate the conversations. You can also invite any current participant or a person who is not present in your Twitter space. To add a co-host u need to click on the manage speaker’s option. Then you press on invite co-hosts to search and then select the accounts whom you want to co-host your space. Send them an invite so they know about it.

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