What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat? Slang Explained With Examples!!

What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat

No doubt Snapchat slang is trending all over the world these days. But there’s not everyone who knows their meanings. Some users are receiving texts with slang that has made them scratch their mind because thely aren’t aware of what does slangs like ASL mean on Snapchat. So, before using such slangs, you need to know its meaning and how it can be used.

For those who love sharing snaps and chatting with their friends, Snapchat can be the right platform. You can maintain streaks with your Snapchat friends by sharing snaps, using filters that are available on the app, and even chatting with your friends in slang and secret codes. Well, talking in slang mostly makes sense if the other person understands what you are trying to say. So, to keep up with Gen Z, you need to know what slang like ASL mean on Snapchat.

ASL mean Age, 5e*, Location on Snapchat. This slang is commonly used by teens to know you better. By location, they mean to ask about your geographic location and not where you are at the moment.  

Social media platforms have experienced a great spike in the use of slang while texting or chatting. The slang ASL is also used on the internet quite frequently, but not every time the slang has the same meaning!

What Does ASL Mean On Snapchat?

The original meaning of the acronym ASL was American Sign Language. However, Age, 5e*, Location is what ASL mean on Snapchat. Many Snapchatters have been using slang when they want to find out details related to someone or their friends on Snapchat. It is mostly used to make connections with the other user and to know them better. So, the next time someone drops a message with ASL on Snapchat, share the details related to your Age, 5e*, and Location.

Oh, Wait!! Don’t always confuse ASL with Age, 5e*, and Location. It can also have different meanings. As Hell is also what ASL mean on Snapchat. It is usually used by Gen Z in their conversations when they mean to say or emphasize something such as Seriously or like crazy. So, before you try using ASL in your daily conversations, let’s find out what else could ASL mean on Snapchat.

  • Age, 5e*, Location
  • As Hell
  • American Sign Language

Origins Of ASL   

Before digging into how to use ASL slang, let’s check out details related to its origin. The slang ASL originated in the early 1800s by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and was used as an abbreviation for American Sign Language. However, with the evolving world, the abbreviation started using on various social media platforms, and people regarded it as Age, 5e*, Location, or As Hell. Since the early nineties, ASL is used as slang on social media platforms, and users have been using it to ask for other person’s details to know them in a better way.  

How Is ASL Used On Snapchat?

Now that you are aware of what ASL mean on Snapchat, you can use it when chatting with your friends. ASL is not just limited to Snapchat and is used on other social media platforms as well. You can even use it generally when talking to someone in person. You can say It’s so hot outside. I’m bored ASL at home!! You can use slang in your informal conversations with your friends and even with your colleagues, but only if you mean Age, 5e*, and Location by ASL and not As Hell! 

This might give a wrong interpretation at times. Since ASL can be used in different ways, it is better to know all the ways how it can be used. Worry not, we’ve got more examples for you that will make it easier for you to understand what ASL mean on Snapchat and how you can use it in your conversations. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use ASL In Snapchat 

Thinking about how to use ASL to ask someone about his personal details? Well, it doesn’t look awkward at all! If you haven’t ever received an ASL in your life, you might get it in your inbox. So, it is better that you know how people can send the slang and what does that mean.

Example 1: DM with your ASL ASAP! 

Here ASL means Age, 5e*, and Location, while ASAP is an abbreviation for As Soon As Possible. The person wants to know your details to get to know you better.

Example 2: What’s wrong with you? Your behavior is annoying ASL!

Here ASL is used for As Hell. The person is getting irritated with how the other person is behaving and hence using As Hell to mean a lot.

Example 3: Woahh!! We’re finally going for a road trip together….it sound’s exciting ASL!!

Here ASL is used for As Hell. He is showing his excitement for the trip and wants to say that his excitement cannot be expressed or measured in words.

Example 4: Hey…what’s your ASL? Wanted to know you more!!

Here ASL is used for Age, 5e*, and Location. The sender wants to know about your age, gender, and geographic location.

Is It Okay To Use ASL On Snapchat?

After knowing what the slang ASL mean on Snapchat, you must be wondering if it is fine to use ASL in your conversations or not. Well, it is absolutely okay to use such abbreviations and slang in your daily conversations with your friends. Using slang and abbreviations in your conversations will not only make you look cool and smart but will also save you time.

So, you can use ASL in your chats or for formal conversations if you mean to say Age, 5*x, or Location. However, if you want to use ASL in place of As Hell, then it is better to use it only in your informal conversation with your friends because it doesn’t look okay with formal conversations.

Other Snapchat Abbreviations And Acronyms You Should Know

You will get various slang on social media apps like Snapchat as every day, new slang is added to the list. So, if you don’t want to feel left out from Gen Z, then here is a list of the most-used slang on Snapchat. They will help you to conversate easily with Gen Z!

  • SR or Slow Replies
  • DWS or Dealing With Shitt
  • DW or Don’t Worry
  • SU or Swipe Up
  • GNS or Good Night Streak
  • SCB or Snapchat Back
  • BFF or Best Friends Forever
  • RN or Right Now
  • SMH or Shaking My Head
  • POA or Plan Of Action
  • OTF or Only The Family
  • WBU or What About You
  • BML or Bless My Life

Wrapping Up

To look cool in front of the young generation and teens, you need to show that you know their language on social media. Using slang can help you with it! To avoid the same boring chats, you can spice up your conversation with the latest slang like SU, ATM, ASAP, and many more! A wide variety of slang is available, and social media apps have been flooded with these idioms. So, choose the right one and start using it in your chats! But before using them, know their meanings just like you have learned what ASL means on Snapchat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does ASL Stand For?

A. ASL stands for Age, 5e*, and Location. Many people use ASL to know about the other person’s age, gender, and geographic location.

Q2. When Should I Use ASL?

A. You can use ASL in your informal conversations if you are using it to refer to As Hell, or you can even use ASL in formal chats if you mean Age, 5e*, Location, or American Sign Language.

Q3. What Does ASL Mean On Internet?

A. ASL mean on Snapchat and the internet is Age, 5e*, Location. It is commonly used by many users on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

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