What Does D8 Mean On Snapchat? How To Use It?

What Does D8 Mean On Snapchat

The Snapchat Lingo is full of many acronyms and slang, just like D8. Ever heard of this slang term, or has someone ever used this while having a conversation with you? If yes, then the first thought that came to your mind must be what does D8 mean on Snapchat? Well, the meaning of the slang is super-easy to guess!

If you want to look cool in front of your crush, then slang like D8 can be quite useful instead of using boring long messages on Snapchat. The slang D8 can be used to describe both a romantic meeting and a particular day. Okay, let’s not create much suspense and find out what D8 mean on Snapchat.

D8 means Date on Snapchat.

With Gen Z using more acronyms, D8 and more such cyber terms like H8 for Hate, M8 for Mate, etc., have also become popular. Using such slang on social media and texting is on the rise for the last few years. 

What Does D8 Mean On Snapchat?

Date is what D8 mean on Snapchat. The slang term has become quite common, and many youngsters are using it while having conversations on various social media platforms and in texting. 

Origins Of D8 

There isn’t any specific origin of the slang D8. However, with the rise of the social media apps like Snapchat, the slang term became pretty famous. It is believed that since the mid-2000s, slang terms like D8 have gained popularity.  

How Is D8 Used On Snapchat?

Since you have got to know what D8 mean on Snapchat, you must be looking forward to using it in your conversations. Well, this slang term can be used for both a romantic meeting with someone you love or, to say the day of the year (Date). With the help of a few examples, let’s check out how you can easily use it in your conversations. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use D8 In Snapchat 

Example 1: When used for a day of the year

User 1: Let me know the D8 and venue. I’ll reach on time!

User 2: Ok..will inform!

Example 2: When used for a romantic meeting

User 1: Hey…what’s up?

User 2: Just on a D8…TTYL!! (TTYL is used for Talk To You Later).

Is It Okay To Use D8 On Snapchat?

It is absolutely fine to use slang terms like D8 in your informal conversations on Snapchat and other social media platforms. However, avoid making use of the D8 slang in your formal chats. Otherwise, feel free to use D8 and more such slang terms in your conversations.

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Just like D8 mean on Snapchat, there are many similar slang terms that you must be aware of when using social media platforms like Snapchat and more. So, check out the list mentioned below to increase your knowledge of Snapchat Lingo!

  • BTS – Be There Soon
  • Catsnap – Snap of your Cat
  • DM – Direct Message
  • DTB – Don’t Text Back
  • ESB – Everyone Snap Back
  • FFF – Follow for Follow
  • FT – FaceTime
  • GN – Good Night
  • HBU – How Bout You
  • IDK – I Dont Know
  • ONG – On God
  • SB – Snap Back

Wrapping Up

D8 is not the only acronym that many users have been using while chatting on Snapchat. There are millions that you may not have even heard of ever before! Using slang in your conversations makes them look quite cool in today’s environment. So, increase your knowledge about Snapchat Lingo and use them in your conversations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does D8 Stand For?

A. D8 stands for Date on social media platforms and texting. 

Q2. When Should I Use D8?

A. You can use D8 in your informal conversations when you want to ask someone what is the date today or if you want to have a romantic meeting without someone.

Q3. What Does D8 Mean On Internet?

A. D8 means Date. D8 mean on Snapchat and the Internet is the same. 

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