What Does iOS 15.6 Do | Major Security Update!

What Does iOS 15.6 Do | Major Security Update 2022

In addition to preparing for WWDC 2022, Apple has had a busy couple of weeks where new software updates have been released. The final versions of iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, and macOS 12.4 were made available to non-beta users earlier in May. We are currently getting our first glimpse of the new version, which was launched on Wednesday.

Yes! Now you may download iOS 15.6 on your iPhone because Apple published it on July 20. Bug fixes, including one that wrongly displayed phone storage as full, as well as a new feature for actually watching sports in the TV app, are included in the updated mobile operating system.

Exciting? This article walks you through about all the new features offered in iOS 15.6 and is it the right decision to upgrade it or not! 

iOS 15.6 Update Features

Enhancements, bug fixes, and security improvements are all part of iOS 15.6.

  1. The Apple TV app now offers the ability to pause, rewind, or fast-forward a live sporting event that is already in progress.
  2. Fixes a problem where Settings can still show that the device storage is full even when there is still space available.
  3. Fixes a bug in Mail that might make braille devices respond slowly or not at all while navigating text. 
  4. Fixes a bug in Safari that could cause a tab to go back to the previous page.

This may be the final iOS 15 updates before the firm releases iOS 16 to the public along with the hotly anticipated iPhone 14 later this year. The upcoming release of iOS, which is currently in public beta, will include a number of new features, such as the capacity to edit and unsend messages, a new lock screen that is fully customizable, modifications to alerts, as well as enhancements to Wallet and Apple Pay.

On Wednesday, Apple also made available iPadOS 15.6, MacOS 12.5, WatchOS 8.7, and TVOS 15.6. According to Apple, WatchOS 8.7 included bug fixes, TVOS 15.6 received performance, and stability enhancements, while iPadOS 15.6 and MacOS 12.5 received the same TV app update for live sports as iOS 15.6.

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Should I Upgrade to iOS 15.6?

Since iOS 15 has been a reliable operating system for some time, it appears as if iOS 15.6 will continue in that vein. Furthermore, while having few improvements, the new version is jam-packed with crucial security updates, making it a top priority to install.

iOS 15.6 Problems

Some iPhone owners are already experiencing issues as a result of the iOS 15.6 upgrade. Some of these issues are brand-new, while others persist from iOS 15.5 and earlier iOS 15 releases. Here is what you need to know:

Installation troubles, UI latency, Touch ID and Face ID issues, first- and third-party software issues, and unusual battery depletion are among the current complaints.

If you experience an issue with iOS 15.6, check out the solutions for the most frequent iOS 15 issues. 


You can downgrade your iPhone’s software to iOS 15 if iOS 15.6 starts to give you issues because Apple is currently signing iOS 15.5 at this time. There is no way to revert to an iOS version earlier than 15.5. If iOS 15.4.1 or an earlier version is giving you a nice experience, keep that in mind. You won’t be able to go back once you upgrade to iOS 15.6.

How to Jailbreak iOS 15.6 Jailbreak? 

The iOS 15.6 update should be avoided if you still jailbreak. Only Checkra1n is compatible with iOS 14.5, however, the developer teams behind unC0ver and Checkra1n jailbreaking tools have developed versions that work with newer versions of iOS 14. Newer iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 series, are compatible with the most recent version of unC0ver. Unfortunately, it only works with iOS 14.3 and earlier.

With allegations from hacker organization The Odyssey Team that they are going to release the first jailbreak for iOS 15 using a program named “Cheyote,” there may be good news for jailbreakers in the near future. For better or (mainly) worse, jailbreak lovers are still in a holding position until this is delivered.

What’s Next iOS 16?

The final significant update for iOS 15 will probably be iOS 15.6. The fall release of Apple’s new iOS 16 operating system is officially scheduled, and the program is currently undergoing beta testing. Apple will presumably release the final version of iOS 16 at the same time as the new iPhone 14, so it will probably arrive in September.

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Bottom Line

You should think about updating Apple’s iOS 15.6 update right immediately if security is vital to you. There are more than 30 security enhancements included in the iOS 15.6 update, and they are crucial if you want to keep your device and its data secure. Wish to learn more about iOS 15.6 updates? Stay tuned for my next blog! 


Q1. Is iOS 15.6 out?

This week, Apple released iOS 15.6 for the iPhone, which included a number of new features and bug improvements. For instance, it is now possible to resume an ongoing live sports event through the TV app. After updating your iPhone, be sure to look at our list of all the new features in iOS 15.6.

Q2. What does update 15 iOS do?

Redesigned FaceTime calling features, tools to cut down on distractions, a new notification experience, improved privacy features, and comprehensive redesigns for Safari, Weather, and Maps, among other things, are all included in iOS 15. In iOS 15, notifications have undergone a revamp that includes contact photographs for people and larger app icons.

Q3. Should you update to iOS 15. 6?

Since OS 15 has been a reliable operating system for some time, it appears that iOS 15.6 will follow suit. Furthermore, while having few improvements, the new version is jam-packed with crucial security updates, making it a top priority to install.

Q4. What is new in 15. 6 iOS?

A bug in Safari where a tab would revert to the previous page and one where the system Settings displayed storage as full even though it was accessible were both corrected in the iOS 15.6 release. The Apple TV app now offers the ability to pause, rewind, or fast-forward a live sports game that is already in progress as well as restart it.

Q5. Is iOS 15. 6 safe to download?

Because it contains fixes for 39 vulnerabilities that serve as open avenues for hackers to access your smartphone, Apple is advising iPhone users to download the most recent version of its operating system, iOS 15.6, as soon as possible. The updates fix memory safety issues, some of which put users at risk of remote code execution threats.

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