When Is WWDC 2022 | What To Expect In Apple WWDC?

Apple now announces that WWDC 2022, following in the steps of WWDC 2020 & 2021, will be an all-online event. Excited? Yeah, we all are! Do you know when is WWDC 2022 and what is going to be the big reveal at the event?

WWDC22 is an invitation to developers from all over the globe to meet and explore ways to bring their best ideas to fruition, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. It’s an initiative for connecting with developers and sharing experiences. But the question is when is WWDC 2022 happening?

The Apple WWDC conference is scheduled to take place from June 6-10. It will feature the latest innovations in iOS and iPad. Apple Park will be open to students and developers on June 6, so they can view the keynote and State of the Union videos. In a statement, Susan Prescott, vice president of worldwide developer relations, enterprise, and education marketing at the tech giant, stated that WWDC is a forum for connection and building community.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is set for the second week of June. The conference will be held online for the third year with only a small element of in-person participation. This is the first time that the conference has been held since the pandemic outbreak. We have all the details on Apple’s renowned annual developer conference. Have a look at when is WWDC happening in 2022.

What Is WWDC?

It stands for Worldwide Developers Conference and is the conference that is all about third-party software developers who create apps for Apple’s platforms (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.). A group of developers is invited to the company’s campus, or, more recently, they have access to an online-only event. They also talk to them about the system-wide changes coming to these platforms over the next year to make sure they are prepared. There are workshops, speeches, and networking events.

Devs are the core of the event. However, Apple also uses press events to announce its software plans. Now, let’s move on to the most exciting part, i.e. finding out When is WWDC 2022 happening?

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When Is WWDC 2022 Happening?

When Is WWDC 2022 happening?

WWDC will be held from June 6-10. The usual keynote and State of the Union events will take place on June 6 in California at 10 a.m. and in the UK at 6 p.m. There will also be a series of information sessions throughout the week. Although there is no time yet for the keynote, Apple’s events usually start at 10 a.m. PT.

WWDC is a week-long event that begins with a keynote speech on Monday morning (although it’s still evening for those watching from the UK) and continues for five days. It usually takes place in the first fortnight in June, but there was a slight delay due to world events in 2020.

Here are the last ten WWDC events:

  1. WWDC 2021: 7-11 Jun
  2. WWDC 2020: 22-26 Jun
  3. WWDC 2019: 3-7 Jun
  4. WWDC 2018: 4-8 Jun
  5. WWDC 2017, 5-9 Jun
  6. WWDC 2016: 13-17 Jun
  7. WWDC 2015: 8-12 Jun
  8. WWDC 2014: 2-6 Jun
  9. WWDC 2013: 10-14 Jun
  10. WWDC 2012: 11-15 Jun

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Is WWDC Available Online Or In-Person?

Is WWDC Available Online Or In-Person?

Now you know When is WWDC 2022 happening but wait! Is it happening Online or online?

Apple’s WWDC 2022 will almost entirely be online. Apple claims the event will take place online, building on the success of previous virtual events. Apple will host a special day for students and developers at Apple Park on June 6, including screenings of the keynote videos. There are limited spots available so this event application will be submitted through the Apple Developer Site shortly.

What Software Will Apple Reveal At WWDC?

As usual, Apple will reveal the latest versions of all its major software platforms. Apple has confirmed that it will present iOS, iPad OS, and macOS and watchOS and tvOS. These updates will likely be simple plus ones, so iOS 16, iPad 16, etc.

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Will Apple Reveal Any Hardware At WWDC?

Will Apple Reveal Any Hardware At WWDC

Since the launch of the Mac Pro in 2019, Apple has not revealed Apple hardware at WWDC.

Apple is rumored to have a new iMac Pro and a new Mac Pro. Both are expected to receive a complete refresh with Apple silicon at their core. WWDC could be the ideal backdrop for announcing either one or both of these products if that is the case.

Apple is also working on a mini-LED display measuring 27 inches. However, it is not clear if this display will complement the Pro Display XDR or the Studio Display or if it is the previous iMac.

A new MacBook Air is another potential product.

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How To Watch WWDC 2022?

WWDC 2022’s keynote broadcast will be streamed live on the Apple events page on June 6.

To Sum Up:

Everyone seems to be so excited about the upcoming Apple WWDC event. It’s a great initiative from Apple’s side to connect the next generation of developers with young minds across the world. Over the past few years, many students, coders, and developers have benefitted from WWDC. This year too the hype is helping high.

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