What Does It Mean To Get Beamed On Discord?

What Does It Mean To Get Beamed On Discord

Is online gaming new to you? The term “beamed” has then somehow come up. If you are a Roblox or Fortnite player then “Beamed” is not just a word to you but a nightmare! Now that, Discord is the popular communicating channel among gamers (and more), you can be beamed on Discord too! What does it mean to get beamed on Discord? Let us explain this to you. 

Gaming, broadcasting, and play coordination are all supported by a number of Discord features. If you’re new to the gaming community on Discord, you might have heard the phrase “beaming.” The Cambridge dictionary will tell you Beaming means “to smile with obvious pleasure.” But, that’s for the pure souls and not the gamers! Then, what does it mean to get beamed on Discord? Let’s find out! 

What does it mean to get beamed on Discord? On Discord, “beaming” denotes that someone has taken your limited-edition product. Players buy limited edition things in online gaming to keep as tokens and then just sell them to get more expensive items.

Stealing something in the game is not just bad, but it’s also unethical. Master gamers never entertain such action. Unfortunately, beaming is an open secret to the Roblox players so does now to the Discord users! Let’s explore what does it mean to get beamed on Discord and more in this article. 

Beamed On Discord – Overview

One of the most well-liked communities on Discord is for online gamers. Individuals that are interested in playing one or more online games sign up for a server where they frequently play games, exchange information, and carry out other tasks. The platform is home to some of the most well-liked gaming communities for games including Genship Impact, Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, and many others.

If you participate in any of these online multiplayer gaming forums, you’ve probably heard the word “beamed” before. Very prevalent among the gaming community of Roblox is this phrase. Customers may develop and play games on Roblox. It offers people the methods and resources they need to make and enjoy games.

Then, the creators include a set of restricted things called “Limiteds,” which players may earn and sell to buy expensive products to keep them in the game. Games on Roblox may be found in a variety of genres, such as combat, racing, and war. Because of its versatility, in-app purchases, and unique “tokens” that make each game fascinating and different, Roblox games are particularly well-liked on Discord.

Imagine you’re using Discord to play Roblox games when a person hacks your account and takes your “Limiteds.” The other gamers will refer to you in that situation as having been “beamed.”

What Does It Mean To Get Beamed On Discord?

“Getting beamed” in the context of Discord often pertains to getting a direct message (DM) from another Discord user, frequently with a link or attachment that may be harmful or risky. The message is transmitted directly to the receiver, skipping any channels or servers that the discord member is a part of, and appears in their DMs as though it were being beamed straight to them. This is why the word “beamed” is used.

Users are typically advised to use caution when receiving unwanted texts, especially from unknown sources, as this kind of conduct is frequently linked to spam or phishing attempts. It’s also a good idea to refrain from clicking on attachments or downloading files from e-mails from people you don’t know because these actions might endanger your computer or jeopardize your security.

How To Mitigate The Risk To To Get Beamed On Discord?

We have discussed what does it mean to get beamed on Discord, let’s find out the solutions to this issue. You can take the following actions to lessen your chance of getting “beamed” on Discord:

Adjust Your Privacy Settings: Change your privacy settings on Discord since by default, anyone may send you direct messages. You may change your privacy settings to only let messages from friends or other users on your server to avoid this. Go to User Settings > Privacy & Safety > Allow direct communications from server members to accomplish this.

Do Not Trust Strangers: Be wary of direct messages from people you don’t know or trust, and be especially wary of any attachments or links they give you. Stay away from clicking on them and never download anything without first checking the source.

Use Trusted Antivirus Software: Having antivirus software on your computer will help shield you from malware and other possible risks.

Keep in mind that anything that appears shady or too good to be true definitely is. Take caution while providing personal information and avoid clicking on links coming from untrusted sources.

Wrapping Up

While beaming may appear to be an innocent online hobby, it has grown into a multi-million-dollar marketplace where beamers trade stolen ‘Limiteds’ for cash or cryptocurrency. In this article, we have discussed what does it mean to get beamed on Discord. If you are a Roblox or Minecraft player, you know it better! Watch out for the threat! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does It Mean To Get Beamed On Roblox?

Being hacked and having your goods taken there is a slang used in Roblox – Beamed. Popular Roblox players admitted that There’s an entire network where individuals beam, take limited, and sell them for USD or cryptocurrencies.

Q2. What Does It Mean To Get Beamed In Gaming?

In Roblox, when a player is beamed, it implies that another player has taken one of their limited edition goods. Limited edition goods that have been stolen are then sold to generate cash for new Roblox goodies. Links and clickbait are used by beamers to steal people’s possessions.

Q3. What Does Beamed Mean In Fortnite?

It is referred to as “lasering” or “beaming” the opponent when you fire at a player and three or more of your first round of shots connect with the target.

Q4. What Does It Mean To Be Railed In Fortnite?

Use the Damage Rails to knock touching players back from the object and cause them to lose five health points.

Q5. How Does Someone Beam You?

Beaming is essentially when your account is hacked or exploited and your limited resources are taken. There are ways for beamers to access your account without your intervention. People have been able to steal millions using their hired hacking techniques.

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