How To Accept Collaboration On Instagram 2023? A Quick Guide!

How To Accept Collaboration On Instagram

Are you trying to reach a new set of audience to improve your brand visibility? Well, Instagram’s collaboration is one way to do that. So, let us see how to accept collaboration on Instagram.

The collaboration feature which was introduced in June 2021, enables you to co-author content with another Instagram user. As a result, the post will appear on both of your pages. On Instagram, brand partnerships can be gifted or paid for, depending on the terms of your agreement. But, for that, you have to allow collaboration on Instagram.

To accept collaboration on Instagram, Launch Instagram > Go to the activities page > Click the invite notification > You can see the notification message for collaboration > Click review > Accept or reject the invitation > Click accept > Post will be shared with both your followers in Feed.

In this guide, we have explained to you the detailed procedure on how to accept collaboration on Instagram app and what steps are involved in it. Let’s have a look.

How To Accept Collaboration On Instagram?

To accept collaboration on Instagram, On Instagram access the activities page. Click the invite notification to reveal the collaboration notification message. Select Review and accept the invitation or decline it. Finally, to share the post with both of your followers, click Accept.

In order to improve user experience, Instagram is continually adding new features and making improvisations to the existing ones. On that note, the collaboration feature is used by Instagram content creators to work with one another and interact with one another’s communities. Brands can also utilize this to publicize their partnerships with other companies or even content creators. With Instagram collaborations, two users can share the same post to their feeds or Reels. This means you can effectively share your post with your collaborators and your own audiences. This can greatly increase audience participation and increase visibility so that more people will see your profile.

How To Accept Collaboration On Instagram - collaboration

The general public might occasionally utilize Instagram Collabs as a marketing strategy to advertise their own product range by inviting a popular figure for the collaboration, where a request for collaboration must be made by the post’s creator to another user. Then the user must accept collaboration on Instagram posts. Following the approval, the collaborative post will show up in the timelines of the original author and the contributors. A collaborator may be added or removed at any time by the original creator. When a post is deleted by the original creator, it is also deleted from the collaborator’s profile. Here’s how to accept collaboration on Instagram:

Step 1: On your Activities page, click the invite notification. By doing this, a note stating “@user welcomed you to be a collaborator on their post” will appear at the top of the post.

Step 2: Click or tap the blue “Review” icon located next to the note. A pop-up window will appear where you can accept or reject the invitation.

Step 3: Click “Accept,” and you are done. You will be listed as the post’s author since you accepted your first Instagram collaboration request. The post will be shared with both your followers in Feed and your profile.

By performing these steps, you can accept collaboration on Instagram Android and iPhone. 

How To Collab On Instagram Reels?

Record and edit your reel > Choose preview to view your selection > Select “Tag People” > Click “Invite Collaborator” > Click checkmark to upload your reel

Step 1: Recording and editing your Reel should be done as usual.

Step 2: Choose preview to view your selection.

Step 3: To access the sharing options, select “Tag People” by clicking Next.

Step 4: To tag someone, click “Invite Collaborator” and make your selection.

How To Accept Collaboration On Instagram - invite a collaborator
How to allow collaboration on Instagram

Step 5: To upload your Reel and confirm your collaborator, click the checkmark.

With these steps, you can invite and accept collaboration on Instagram reels. 

How To Collab On Instagram After Posting?

Submit your reel or feed post > Select tag people > Go to the sharing screen > Choose “Invite Collaborator” > Share the post > Author will then get a request in their direct messages

Don’t worry if you have posted your content before the collaboration. It is also possible to collaborate on Instagram after posting.

Step 1: Go to the sharing screen after submitting your Reel or feed post and select “Tag People”

Step 2: Choose “Invite Collaborator” from the menu in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Once you have decided on your collaborator, share the post as usual. The author will then get a request in their direct messages.

Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the post. These were the ways to collab on Instagram. The collaboration feature doubles the reach of your content. We hope this article has given you a clear explanation on how to accept collaboration on Instagram. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Enable Collab On Instagram?

  • To add a new feed or Reel post, click the plus sign.
  • Tap “Next” after creating a feed post or reel.
  • After editing is complete, select “Tag People.”
  • “Invite collaborator” should be tapped.
  • Look up the account of the collaborator and add them.
  • Watch for their acceptance.

Q2. Can A Private Account Collaborate On Instagram?

Ans. Those who follow the collab will be able to view your post if you are a private account and they do not follow you. Say, for instance, that you do a collab on Instagram and have a private account.

Q3. Is Instagram Collab Only With 2 Users?

Ans. With an Instagram Collab post, Instagram lets you add numerous collaborators. You can tag and/or cooperate with a total of 20 accounts at the most.

Q4. Why Can’t I Invite Collaborators On Instagram?

Ans. In the first step, write a post, then click the Tag People here button. Currently, if you can’t see the Invite Collaborator option, take a screenshot of this page. Click or push the hamburger menu in the top right corner of your profile section once you visit it.

Q5. Why Can’t I Collab On Instagram?

Ans. As Instagram collaborations are a relatively new feature, it’s possible that your app version doesn’t support them. To check if the Instagram app needs an update, search for it in the Google Play Store. Install the newest version of Instagram by tapping on the “Update” icon.

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