What Does Jordan Mean On TikTok?

What Does Your 3rd @ Mean On Tiktok?

TikTok is like a large family. One user starts a trend and everyone joins in. All users work together to create viral and trending content. Just like any close-knit family, the platform is known for its viral challenges and inside jokes. Did you stumble upon the word Jordan being used on TikTok? Are you wondering what does Jordan mean on TikTok? Read on to be a part of the biggest inside joke in social media history.

TikTok is the largest social media hub where users can watch millions of personalized short videos created by the users themselves. It is most preferred by Gen Z, who create short videos of them singing, dancing, lip-syncing, doing makeup tutorials, etc. TikTok users come together to participate in challenges. They have devised their own TikTok Slang and have inside jokes. If you are relatively new to the platform you must be wondering what does Jordan mean on TikTok? 

The word Jordan is used as an alternative for the n-word by TikTok users. It was coined by a 17-year-old TikToker, Jordan Da Boo, who least expected the term to catch on, and eventually become one of the biggest inside jokes in social media.

‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’ What started as an innocent joke by a teenager, eventually resulted in instant regret and awful backlash. What happened? Read on to know more about what does Jordan mean on TikTok.

What Does Jordan Mean On TikTok?

What Does Jordan Mean On TikTok ?

Social media is developing a language of its own. Users coin new terms and slang words that have become increasingly popular among all, especially Gen Z. They have devised the TikTok slang, which includes acronyms, names, and words that have no or a completely different literal meaning.

IB, POV, Karen, Looted and fire are some of the popular terms used in the TikTok Slang. Even though you might be clueless as to what they mean, we bet any youngster from Gen Z will be able to easily understand it without the need to decipher it first. Jordan is one such TikTok slang that was initially started as an inside joke between Jordan Da Bo, a popular TikToker, and his followers.

How Did The Jordan Trend Begin?

What Does Jordan Mean On TikTok ?

On a warm April morning in 2020, Jordan Da Boo posted on his TikTok,

“Today is the big day you’ve all been waiting for; today is when we publish the internet’s biggest inside joke.”

Little did he know that what started as an inside joke will result in a whole new debate on racism and black lives matter. Later that day he posted that

“Use Jordan instead of the n-word.”

While the inside joke started out great and all his followers were having fun using Jordan, things took a deep dive when users of different colors and races joined the conversation. People were offended and downright appalled at what Jordan mean on TikTok and how it was misused by most users.

Within the very next day, the original post was deleted and Jordan Da Boo posted,

“How have people managed to ruin the inside joke? It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet.”

Who Is Jordan Da Boo?

What Does Jordan Mean On TikTok ?

Jordan Da Boo, who’s real name is Jordan Owens, is from Miami, Florida. He is now a trending TikTok content developer who specializes in sketch videos and lip sync. He now has over 1.6 million followers on TikTok with over 90.9 million likes for his content. He is now 19 years of age and is also active on Instagram and has a YouTube channel.

What Happened To The Jordan Trend?

Users can make use of Jordan when they refer to their friends from African communities. All was good when the word was used by Jordan Da Boo and his followers. Everything went haywire when people of other communities and nationalities started using Jordan as an alternative to the n-slur. 

Naturally, people from African communities were offended when they realized what Jordan mean on TikTok. They took to various social networking platforms voicing out their opinion on how the term was derogatory and should be immediately removed. Jordan Da Boo the creator of the term himself confessed that what started as an inside joke turned out to be a whole fiasco.

Wrap Up

Social networking idolizes freedom of speech and expression. Users can now become popular overnight for creating viral content that is viewed by people from all over the world. Just like Jordan, you can create a trend, start a challenge or coin a slang word that could gain recognition from all users. We hope that you understand what does Jordan mean on TikTok and use it at the expense of your morality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What Does Jordan On TikTok Mean?

If you wish to know what Jordan mean on TikTok, just open the app and browse around. You will notice that the word Jordan is used as an alternative to the n-word. Users who are not comfortable using the n slur, use Jordan in the context.

Q2 Who Is Jordan TikTok?

Jordan Da Boo whose real name is Jordan Owens is a trending TikToker, with over 90 million likes and 1.6 million followers. He is now a trending TikTok content developer who specializes in sketch videos and lip sync.

Q3 What’s Jordan Slang?

The Jordan Slang is an inside joke among the TikTokers, especially the followers of a trending TikToker Jordan Da Boo. They make use of the word Jordan instead of n slur.

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