What Does SMH Mean On TikTok? Know The Meaning Here!

What Does SMH Mean On TikTok

Are you disappointed with something that your friend said and are you finding ways to express your feeling in the form of an acronym? Well, simply use SMH in your response to convey your unhappiness and this guide has presented you with details on what does SMH mean on TikTok.

TikTok is mostly a video sharing platform popular among youngsters. Earlier, exchanging texts used to be in a formal way where people type the words in full form. Nowadays, acronyms have taken over the texting style of Gen Z. SMH is one such acronym which is commonly used among TikTokers.  

What does SMH mean on TikTok is one of the most frequently asked questions and it means, “Shaking My Head” which is a way of expressing dissatisfaction or displeasure. 

The best scenario to use SMH is when you want to express a feeling of disappointment, displeasure or disgust. Just mention SMH in your text and whoever reading it will know that you are expressing disappointment. What does SMH mean on TikTok is explained in detail in this article.  

What Does SMH Mean On Tiktok?

Shaking My Head is the abbreviation of what does SMH mean on TikTok. It means telling your friends in TikTok that you are feeling disappointed or unhappy with something. 

Using acronyms while texting has become a trend among new generation. It is generally used to convey the feeling in just one word instead of typing boring long sentences. Some of the widely used acronyms include LOL, BRB, TGIF, ROFL, TTYL, ILY, BFF, OOTD, LMR, HMU, ONG, SNR, DWS. New shortened terms have been coming into usage every now and then and it has become quite confusing to understand the meaning of all these acronyms. One such term is SMH which makes users wonder what does SMH mean on TikTok. The most relevant meaning for SMH is “Shaking My Head or Shake My Head”!

Shaking My Head refers to disappointment, dissatisfaction, displeasure, disgust, disagreement, frustration, disbelief, or disapproval. It is used to respond to the user that you are disappointed or unhappy as you shake your head when you are not happy with something. You will come across SMH in TikTok’s captions, comments, videos or photos. It can be used either in the beginning of a sentence or at the end of a sentence for a more clear understanding.

Also, SMH is used as a hashtag for the videos that you create on TikTok. Create a video of you doing something stupid and post it with the hashtag #SMH. What does SMH mean on Instagram and Snapchat also has the same meaning like that of TikTok. 

Example 1: I got a cold after walking in the rain. SMH!

In this example, the person is expressing his unhappiness as he fell sick after walking in the rain. It clearly shows that he is not happy and thus shaking his head sadly.

Example 2 : “SMH, who pays $300 for a Dress?” There are few people who spend a lot on clothes!

Here, the person expresses her feeling as she is not ready to pay a big amount of money for a dress by shaking her head in frustration. 

Example 3: “Wow! He has been awarded again for his good deeds! SMH”

This example conveys a sense of agreement by the person as he shakes his head as he is happy that someone has been awarded for their generosity and kindness. 

However, SMH can also be used to indicate empathy or agreement as we shake our heads for agreeing something. It is also used to indicate humor. Basically, SMH should be used whenever you want to shake your head. Though “Shaking My Head” is the most common meaning related to TikTok, there also exists other meanings for what does SMH mean in text which are subjected to change in different contexts. 

Other Meanings Of SMH

  • Scratching My Head
  • Smack My Head 
  • So Much Hate
  • Somehow
  • Somebody Hit Me
  • Stupid Minded Humans

Wrapping Up

Like other social media platform users, TikTokers also use acronyms as a way of expressing their thoughts in one word rather than dragging the explanation. We hope this article has given you a clear explanation on what does SMH mean on TikTok. Check out our website at Deasilex for many such articles associated with acronyms. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Does SFS Mean On Tiktok?

Ans. SFS means shoutout for shoutout. Whenever you come across a post with the hashtag SFS, it means the user is expecting you to give a shoutout for his product, and in turn he will give a shoutout for something that you are willing to promote. This is mainly used for promotional activities in social media. 

Q2. Who Owns TikTok Now?

Ans. The Chinese corporation ByteDance owns TikTok, which is available in over 150 countries. TikTok is for both content providers and audiences who equally enjoy using the app. 

Q3. What Does LMR Mean?

Ans. LMR is an abbreviation for ‘Like My Recent’ and ‘Recent’ refers to the most recent image post or video post uploaded. By mentioning LMR, you can request somebody to like their recent photo.

Q4. What Does PP Mean On TikTok?

Ans. PP stands for “pause please” in video games. It is a quick way to ask the other players to pause the game before proceeding. Players usually use this acronym to take a break from the game.

Q5. What Does IBF Stand For Tiktok?

Ans. IBF means internet best friend. An IBF is someone you have met online and become friends with. They may live in a different part of the world and even after knowing that you cannot meet the IBF in your lifetime, you will still feel the closeness with them. 

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